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  1. Couldn't agree more , even though I've been told off a couple of times , well done .. Monny
  2. Mine also arrived Saturday, had a quick flick through, looks good great idea cheers Stephen
  3. Missing dancing to tunes I LOVE ,, what northern soul was made for ,, Monny
  4. Pele , santos , New York cosmos , hardly great teams
  5. Best footballer who ever lived ,, RIP .
  6. Hi Mark,, we hope you have the best day possible, don't let Kim spoil you , God Bless Stephen & Christine
  7. John Poole didn't retire through covid ,, he told me over a year ago that this was his final year ,, Stephen
  8. Take a bow Mr Glenn Bellamy one of the originals still going strong,, Happy Birthday Glenn have a great day ,,,, Monny
  9. I would also like to mention marks original co promoting buddy IAN a lovely fella
  10. Hi Mark, myself and Christine spent at least 10 wonderful years attending your brilliant niters ,made some wonderful friends, listened to some amazing music played by some great DJs , your help to others is probably second to none, we will cherish every moment, God Bless, Stephen
  11. until

    Social distancing, table serving, track n trace , general pandemic rules ?
  12. until

    What are the rules for this trip please regards Stephen
  13. Sorry didn't see the original thrust of this topic, so my answer is NO ,,, Reason ,, we are resilient 50+ years and counting,, God Bless Monny My sentiments exactly,
  14. One of the first things I learned as a young apprentice was ( never work on assumption) Apologies accepted, thanks
  15. Great story, great choice of gear ,, I used to love st Ives , still do the reunions ,, not quite the same for some reason ,, filon was my choice in 75 ,
  16. Happy birthday for tomorrow Len , the northern soul road has taken so many twists and turns since my induction as a 15 year old but I only have one regret and (I have said this to all the young ones that have came on the scene since ) my friend from Kettering, Paul Panton took me to the Torch and apparently I was classed as quite a mover , but I felt so in awe I could not move ,, please anyone reading don't be afraid to get on the floor it's there for dancing on,, it's not STRICTLY,, Monny
  17. Oh ?. So I said I was there at the beginning did I?. I'm sure I said I went to the Torch as a 15 year old + etc etc I did not say I was there at the beginning, my wife was at kelmarsh check out the photos in Norman Rogers book or bletsoe FB page
  18. So am I just hate all this nonsense about elitism,, I just wanna dance
  19. Hi kathryn, I know everyone wasn't there at the beginning, the point i was making was people that never joined the scene until the-late 70s early 80s think they should be the guardians of northern soul and dictate to others what should be, I live in Corby Northamptonshire, I went to The Torch as a 15 year old which in them days it was a 3 hour journey, Bletsoe,Mkt Harboro also as a 15 year old, myself and my wife were until 2 years ago doing a niter weekly, The scene will never go back to being underground, so just enjoy what you have ,,good luck with your soul nights we may even pay a visit
  20. You weren't even there at the beginning when it was underground,
  21. Double sided tape ,,, but don't peel the backing
  22. until

    Surely has to be 8am

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