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    Believe it or not Northern Soul music. Motown.Dancing, night's out ,meeting people, My family first.
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    Towcester northants
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    Driving beat.. Willy Mitchell

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  1. Soulhock

    Soul & Motown Night at Towcester Football Club

    Yes a good night at Towie dispite the heatwave.4 great sets.Along
  2. Soulhock

    Song title. Please

    Phil it is thanks
  3. Soulhock

    Song title. Please

    Was out last night and got the artist but not title. Help! The forum ....???????????????? Thanks folk
  4. Soulhock

    Leather sole dance shoes

    Steve . I have got my last 3 pairs courtesy of the air ambulance ! Always searching for the right pair of trouseres. I did use candle was also.Soaps ok until you hit a wet patch and start foaming. !!!!!!!!
  5. Soulhock

    Leather sole dance shoes

    KGood call guys I go along and have do all you say lucky the loos are fine where I go. Just the chip fat to do Good buy those shoes. Mine are below 10 quid
  6. Soulhock

    Leather sole dance shoes

    I haven't in 3 yrs just asking.Trying to save all I can lol. Thanks for repling
  7. Soulhock

    Wellingborough Soul Weekender 2018


    I have been for the 2 Sundays always good music. Will be back again. KTF
  8. Soulhock

    Leather sole dance shoes

    I am asking what to put on leather soles other than Talc .thanks in advance.
  9. Soulhock

    Soul & Motown Night at Towcester Football Club

    With these DJ's. This has a good night all over it.
  10. Soulhock

    Bicester Soul Club

    What a great night . Walking into a chilled room So rare these days. The tunes were spot on a good mix and a great floor to dance on. Top it of a friendly crowd. KTF
  11. Soulhock


  12. Soulhock

    MK Soul Club - New Venue - Deanshanger

    It was a good night top tunes. Folk travelled from Hitchen,Aylesbury,Kettering,Raunds,Wellingbrough,Brackley,Biecester,Towcester,and close by.. What a great job done by the Organisers who put so much work to make stage and room look the very best
  13. Soulhock

    MK Soul Club - New Venue - Deanshanger

    New venue. With tried and tested Top DJ's playing top tunes. Come along and help make it a good night.
  14. With these top DJ.s  it can't fail to be top night . KTF 

  15. Soulhock

    Northampton Spinners

    Is this event still on tonight


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