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  1. I jocked a few times with Alan at The Oval Ball and had him as a guest at Jaspers 1979-81. His best York club without doubt was The Ebor Suite in York when I first started going in 1975. I always rated Alan, he wasn't afraid to mix it with 'Mecca' stuff either, I still have a couple of records that I bought from him. Barbara Pennington 24hrs a day on a demo 12" he got from Levine. Sadly not the Kenny Smith issue (£15!) I think that he had his hands tied to a degree at Wigan, but he's held in high regard still in York.
  2. Some great pictures there Derek, wish that I'd taken more back then! Take care Steve Barlow
  3. Another very sad day, R.I.P Lorraine you will be sadly missed but thanks for the fantastic quality soul records.
  4. Still have mine! Reminds me more of Wigan for some reason.
  5. Hi, I'm Steve Barlow. I co ran Jaspers with Gary Hepworth to start with until we had a spat. We ran Tuesday nights and a monthly dayer to start with, but Tuesday nights weren't that well attended. The dayers were the most attended soul events that York ever had, regular attendances broke 350-400, I enjoyed every minute! The record collection went in 2001 to Pat Brady who also did a spot there, I regret selling most of those records! (sigh) I also did spots with Derek at Bradford, also did a couple at The Oval Ball, Rudies in Scarborough, and who remembers the Nighter at The Forge on the A64? That was the last that I did. Thanks for the pictures Derek, and regards to Steve Bowman, Mr. James, Kim and all the York crew who knew me, fantastic memories of my years in the soul scene 1975-1982. I do have some tunes on youtube, check 'em out on the elvingtonred channel!
  6. Ha! So did I! Once had the original issue, then demo but sold both of them. Now only have the re issue. Great Mecca and Cleethorpes record.
  7. elvingtonred

    Hot Wax

    Nice to see that playlist loaded with Mecca & Cleethorpes stuff Brian, good luck with the gigs! Steve Barlow
  8. Still have my 12" (Oooer!) demo that Mr Brady turned his nose up at in 2001 when I sold my collection! HUGE memories of Cleethorpes!
  9. Have the issue from E Bay for £2.00 Mint Company sleeve! Hard to find on an issue, once owned the demo and it's still a great record!
  10. Such a fantastic Blue-Eyed Soul Philly record. Sure it was played at Blackpool Mecca?
  11. Rick is right. It was a Cleggy record that never used to surface for sale, but two were on E Bay this week £20-£25. I remember it being played at The Pier and Winter Gardens. I also played it when I ran Jaspers in York, it's a great record, someone with balls needs to play it again! Anyway even though I'm not supposed to be buying anymore, got a copy back for £15!

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