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    Long time Soul fan, mainly collect 70s and Soulful house these days, but don't hold that against me!

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  1. So many class tunes from this LP, its an essential for the collection, here's two that didn't come out as 45s
  2. Quality 70s from Love Commitee Law and Order LP from which the classic Tired of Being A Fool and Cheaters Never Win came out on 45, but this one never got a release.
  3. From the Pop era of 77/8 this one has remained in the box to this day and everytime I play it it makes me smile (sorry)
  4. Feelgood 70s from the Fingers LP
  5. Two from the same Toby King LP.
  6. Good spot Kirsty, had no idea it was booted, kinda weird its on the same label as the boot of Embers "Watch out Girl" which was booted around 76/77, makes you wonder what scene it was booted for especially given the flip is a 1960 blues tune.
  7. Was a massive Yate record, I think Clarkie discovered it or at least played it first, seem to remember it got booted as well.
  8. Another from the ever reliable Impressions, taken from their 81 Fan The Fire LP but more of a 70s style record.
  9. Yes, a real bonus for UK collectors, always wondered what the story was wth this sharing the backing track with Calvin Williams and I Can't Get Used To Sharing You sharing with the Tempos / Steptones. For me the Platters vocal qualities make for two superior versions!
  10. Has a Timeless Legend feel to this 70s gem from the Temps
  11. Mark, I haven't forgotten this, his tape was a C120 and despite precautions it got chewed up so I need to repair it before I check...
  12. One of my favourite Maxine Brown tracks
  13. Mark, Is Dancin on the same tape as the Honey Cone track from 78 that we finally sorted a few years back? If so I have just got some tapes from a friend who also taped that night and if I remember correctly my tape only had a short snippit, as he was taping next to me there is a good chance there will be more. If it is the same tape let me know and I'll check it out tomorrow.
  14. Pretty sure its Pamela Stanley - That'll Be The Day

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