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  1. SteveCee

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Being playing this one a bit recently, reminds me of Willie Williams "Fool", still cheap as chips and of course has the beautiful flip side
  2. SteveCee

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    Maxine on Trindad and Tobago National, anyone know if any of her other Wand items came out over there?
  3. SteveCee


  4. SteveCee

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    Forgot I had this 45, Jackie Trent You Baby / Send her Away on NZ Pye!
  5. SteveCee

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    Yes the shop was on the outskirts of Zurich, but both owners were Swiss, they had lots of Northern there and I picked up about 50 45s from them but Roy Roberts stood out and I actually scanned it and put a sound file up on my website which must have been late 90s. I have a vague recollection of trading it for Rivage "Strung Out" but its a long time ago, I think it had a slight warp if thats any help, but equally it may have been Marc, the joy of time eroding memory!
  6. SteveCee

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    Did I sell/trade you that Benji, couldn't remember where it went and like you I regret moving it on, found mine in a Swiss reggae shop, makes sense I guess.
  7. SteveCee

    Bedford Modern Soul Allnighter

    Thanks for this, loved this era, so many new or recent releases to choose from and I'm sure there are many that deserve an outing again.
  8. SteveCee

    Unusual Places You Found Imported 45s

    hehe, I think we've all done that Mike or gone back to a place only to find the stock hasn't changed. One of the other unusual places I got records out of was a Fishing shop near the Quay where I live, musta been 75/76 maybe and me and my mates all used to fish off the Quay. Anyway went to get some bait and there was a plastic box with 45s on floor outsisde the shop next to a stand of postcards all 5P each or 5 for 20p but as I was still young I didn't have much cash and even less knowledge about Soul so I just took pot luck and 10 records and most were terrible, but I did get Legends "Fear Not", Visitors "I'm In Danger and Educators Band "Everybodies Doing Their Thing"
  9. SteveCee

    New 70s Soul Mix

    Hi Volume 2 of my Seventies Shufflers on Mixcloud 1. Johnnie Taylor - You're The Best In The World 2. Natural Four - Love's So Wonderful 3. Jerry Butler - Let's Make Love 4. Joe Tex - Under Your Powerful Love 5. Joe Simon - Easy To Love 6. Melba Moore - The Way You Make Me Feel 7. Delegation - One More Step 8. Impressions - I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love 9. Harold Melvin - Keep On Lovin Me 10 Dells - Don't Trick Me, Treat Me 11. Seville - Show Me The Way 12. Brand New - 1000 Years 13. Bobby Hutton - Watch Where You're Going 14. California PLayboys - She's A Real Sweet Woman 15. OC Smith - I'm Glad I Fell In Love With You 16. Veda - What's It All About
  10. Reading through the drill holes topic I suddenly remembered how back in the 70s all the Fairgrounds in my area always had stacks of import 45s as consolation prizes on their stalls hung up on a line or in boxes and how as a Soul fan I was always torn between trying to win and losing to get a 45 which may be decent. I once asked a stall owner if I could look through the box of 45s and I'd pay him for any I liked, but he just laughed and said, they're all crap son, just play the game. The thing is there were never any British labels, just imports, and years later someone told me the major fairgrounds tend to group up to buy their items in bulk, so did they get deleted US stock in bulk from somewhere? Steve
  11. SteveCee

    Drill holes in records

    There was a story that they were used for Ballast on ships and were threaded through with wire and suspended below decks and as someone who lives in a major harbour and used to get stacks of imports from the junk shops in my area I used to believe it, sadly the deletion story is true, shame has a nice touch to it.
  12. SteveCee

    Uptown Down South Playlist Late 90s

    Just uploaded the 3rd Tape to Mixcloud, if anyone can identify the 2 missing it would be appreciated, esp the slower female track. Tracklisting Tangeers - Let My Heart Chuck Holiday - Just Can't Trust Nobody Terry Callier - Ordinary Joe (Request for Poole contingent) Dynells - Call On Me Herb Ward - Strange Change Dynamics - I Need Your Love Ruby Winters- Better Teddy Randazzo - You Don't Need A Hurt Rosie Grier - Beautiful People Black & Blue - What I Got Magic Night - If You And I Unknown - Unknown - Spinners - I Just Want To Fall In Love Bottom & Co - Gonna Find A Try Melvin Moore - All Of A Sudden Esther Phillips - Home Is Where The Hatred Is Little Beaver - Concrete Jungle Temptations - The Jones (Remix) Solo - Blowing My Mind
  13. First in a selection of 70s soul style records in the spirit of the Blackpool Mecca, Cleethorpes etc 1 Make It Up To You by Lifestyle 2 Trying To Love Two Women by Persuaders 3 Dreamin' by Lolleata Holloway 4 Love Is The Answer by Jay Player 5 Get It Over With by Natural Four 6 Why Must We Say Goodbye by Al Hudson 7 Keep On Gettin' Down by Le Frank O 8 We Got Love by Ben E King 9 You Make My Life by Bill Brandon 10 The Love Bug by Skyliners 11 I Believe In Love by Rockgazers 12 The Perfect Pair by Imaginations 13 Who Loves You by Joneses 14 We'll Go On by Eon 15 Just A Minute by Sun 16 All About Love by Niteflyte 17 Leaving You by Vernon Birch 18 Just As Sure by Sam Dees & Bettye Swann
  14. SteveCee

    Uptown Down South Playlist Late 90s

    Yes there was a buzz about them, I always felt that over the course of a night you could hear just about anything and the list of guest DJs was very strong and thats before we touch on the Niters held there and the live artist performances. There was even a short tv feature with Mark Randell, couldn't find it on youtube tho.
  15. SteveCee

    Uptown Down South Playlist Late 90s

    Yeah definately from late 90s, Dramatics, Pat Brown, Jeff Floyd & Aleshure were all 90s releases. I think the second upload was more of an oldies spot until Eddie Hubbard Djs, but its funny because on the 1st upload you can hear people talking about there is too much modern stuff and this wouldn't got played at Wigan! Glad you enjoyed them. Steve


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