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    Long time Soul fan, mainly collect 70s and Soulful house these days, but don't hold that against me!

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  1. You may already have checked this, but there are hundreds of live clips going back at least 5 years of lots of Soul nites on a youtube channel called Juds Northern Soul. If you know which venues she was still attending you can search in his channel by the event name or location and maybe find her dancing on them. Good luck and sorry to hear sad news.
  2. I remember meeting you there that night, I'm in the video a few times, mainly looking thru record boxes or talking records:-)
  3. Found this whilst looking for info on the Broadways and couldn't see it anywhere on the site, so enjoy them performing a classic.
  4. Yes the Legends was one of his and no I forgot all about it, joys of getting old, will try and sort this week
  5. Think Bobby Sheen is a very underated double A side, think I play the Sweet Sweet Love side far more these days!
  6. I might have mentioned this before, but I have his last Dj spot at Wigan on tape which I keep meaning to put on mixcloud, will see what I can do this week, definately underated imo. Cheers
  7. How did the Greater Experience go down Barry, one of my favourites but I managed to clear the floor with it at our old Cagneys nights, hopefully you'll play it at New Forest in July!
  8. Cracking record from his Are You Ready For Me Cd
  9. From her Equal Opportunity Cd, think it was also on a Modern compilation at some time
  10. One of those records that depending on which you heard first Jeannette Williams or this one will likely to be your favourite, but for me the vocals on this win and again it won't break the bank... yet.
  11. Stevecee


    Not too mention very entertaining spots from yourself, and when we saw Gene Toones being cued up on the screen, we had to stop for a breather to make sure we were fit for it! Cheers Steve
  12. This great 60s tune deserves more playtime and is another cheapie at the mo.
  13. The Impressions with a fine piece of 70s Soul, also on US Curtom and still around a fiver, grab one before they all go!

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