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  1. Coalville Tiffany’s in 75/6 run by Neil Rushton and others, think it was Heart of England Soul Club. Definitely before Chris Kings do’s there. Cool Off - Detroit Executives Jimmy Mack - My World Is On Fire
  2. Wanted Passions on Tower 424 Without a warning State price/condition if you have a copy. Regards
  3. UK issue of this in Ex condition Asking £180 inc p&p PM if interested please
  4. Mitch Ryder Breakout UK Stateside issue vg condition £100 inc p&p Please pm if interested
  5. Al De Lorey was played in 75 well before Phil Coulter was played.
  6. Nev Wherry played both Sounds Orchesthera and Phil Coulter as I recall around 1978 when piano instromentals were the in thing. Soul SAM followed with Soul Stomping (Heartbeart) and Feelings (Along Comes Mary) both covers of records that are still refreshing to hear.
  7. #3 on American BillBoard by orig artist. Soul City, owned by Johnny Rivers must have thought a cover of an instant hit would get his label off to a great start, but alas didn’t work out. But for us Brits that was fortunate (IMO). Regarding Red Issue, never seen one.
  8. Was Frank Wilson Sonny Daye on Long Long Road To Happiness, was told it was him a long time ago, he is also on credits.
  9. Willi J & Co Boogie with your baby ki ki label in mint condition £140 inc P&P PM if interested
  10. How much for an issue with no drill holes, any advice please.
  11. How much for an issue with no drill holes, any advice please.
  12. Any ideas how to spot an original, ie Styrene or other, run out groove scratches/stamps, etc
  13. Wow, didn't realise it was fetching that much. Shall have to rethink my priorities at present. Thanks for reply. Regards

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