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  1. Bought the CD when it came out and hammered it then put it away. I forgot just how lovely it was.
  2. It's the Lou Rawls "Feelin Good" Capitol 1968 LP. Barnum & Axelrod produced. The track is "Gotta Find A Way" , written by Larry Williams , I guess there must be a version by him somewhere as it's sounds like a track that should have been by him and Johnny on the "Two For " LP:
  3. Hey Geese, Do You mean his Let's Clean Up The Ghetto, response track "You Can't Go Home" from the "At Last" Blue Note LP ? Brilliant LP, mainly jazz, this is just great and cheap as chips :
  4. Lot's of great stuff , new to me here. Hope that this is not too cheesy for you. From the Show Must Go On LP, Four Tops :
  5. Ruby Andrews Merry Go Round from Genuine Ruby
  6. Gloria Lynne from "The Other Side of" Fontana LP : "open the door to your heart" ( Can't be Darrell before anyone says) :
  7. Good luck Gaz with the Latin thing, I'd be the first to admit that there is a fit for some latin 45's and I'd welcome "Silent Heart" to my box if I could afford it, but for me the stuff that you're posting here may be regarded as progressive but, it's not for me. I feel the same way about house records, many of which have a soulful feel. I had my own engagement with House in the late 80s early 90s and have a boxes of soulful 12's from that era though I would never suggest that they had a place on the scene.
  8. The propensity for Latin instrumentals to cross over has muddied the Northern Scene. Although it has it's place, personally I don't have the patience for it. Not Northern Soul for me, sorry.
  9. From his 1966 Soul Galore LP and IMOP a significant omission from the 2020 "unreleased" box set of 45's , most of which, if not all , are to the best of my knowledge are album tracks. Jackie Wilson Everything's Gonna Be Fine
  10. Bruce Cloud , California Soul , Capitol LP, Walk In My Shoes & Why Can't I Be Born Again :
  11. No expert but I'm not aware of any 45. The Track was originally from the Cloud Nine LP , also on 16 Big Hits and the Temptations "Motown Special" and 16 Big Hits Vol 7 , which are what you are referring to no doubt. Great tune.
  12. There are loads of versions of this out there but this is much overlooked : B J Thomas - What Does It Take " from "Everybody's Out Of Town"
  13. Two original versions of Teddy Randazzo songs on this LP, the 45 covers recorded by Timi Yuro and Annabelle Fox these are found on the ;The Royalettes ‎– The Elegant Sound Of The Royalettes : Can't Stop Running Away : Lonely Girl Also worth a listen : Gettin' Through To Me :
  14. New to me an LP I've never owned. Love it, thanks for sharing.
  15. Sonny Jim I had no idea that this had come out as a 45 , why would I when I own the LP ? Listen young man , how can anyone keep up with the number of limited edition pressings of these and other tracks.? Does this mean that Alice Clark, Barbara Lewis, the Tempests "Someday" and the various Capitol and Motown Box Set 45's etc culled from LP's mean they wouldn't be a fit here ? I give up. I'm woked up

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