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  1. Semi-official ? It will be interesting to see if there's any difference in repro quality.
  2. Mick Sway

    Rare UK Soul Releases

    Scans of rare soul and related U K 45 RPM releases.
  3. Excellent copy of this now rare 2000 Bridge's " Crying For Love" , previously unreleased US Bang recording from 1981. Record has a few light marks and one that causes a very light tick at the end of track 2, otherwise very clean. Still has it's original shrink wrap, hardly played. £130 including P&P (UK only), by Paypal F&F only. PM if interested.
  4. Mick Sway

    Rare UK Soul Releases

    Only just noticed your comment, sorry.Most have been in the box since the 60's and 70's Thanks for viewing. Mick
  5. A bit obscure this one, played it a few times on Youtube but can't afford the album: Betty Padget Sugar Daddy Alwa LP 1975, also give Gypsey of Love a spin.
  6. Having seen the "You Made" side advertised at silly money (my original copy £2 Wigan record bar) I decided to flip it over , not having listened it for years. Shame the sound quality on the pressing isn't great, a super cross over soul tune (there's one on discogs for £699): Ila Vann My Mother Said p.i.p Int 1972
  7. Chris Farlow "Don't Just look at me" Immediate Nice pick and story , great tune, unfortunately mine has noc.
  8. I'm from the same generation Dave,though I was never that keen on docker's , I bought a pair to wear on an Outward bound, where they promptly confiscated them and gave me a pair of Army boots. Happy New Year folks. Here's a fave of mine from the same club era, though I don't think it's been played out much, I love it: Joyce Bond Mrs Soul Airborne 1966:
  9. Thanks for the info. I wasn't trying to get into a controversy, by stating the availability of the 45, the "alternative version" escaped me.
  10. Though I did say that I do not know the provenance of this record, I have queried the legitimacy of Sonic Wax releases with them on a previous occasion and they vehemently assured me that all their releases are totally legit. I doubt if any one can prove otherwise, and imop ,people should be very careful in their responses. I'm not a member of the Soul police, so I won't loose any sleep over it. Sometimes you have to take things at face value.
  11. I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of the history of this one or the info referred to in the above links, however you can pick up a Sonic Wax legit re-issue copy for a reasonable £15 here.

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