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  1. Scans of rare soul and related U K 45 RPM releases.
  2. Chris Farlow "Don't Just look at me" Immediate Nice pick and story , great tune, unfortunately mine has noc.
  3. I'm from the same generation Dave,though I was never that keen on docker's , I bought a pair to wear on an Outward bound, where they promptly confiscated them and gave me a pair of Army boots. Happy New Year folks. Here's a fave of mine from the same club era, though I don't think it's been played out much, I love it: Joyce Bond Mrs Soul Airborne 1966:
  4. Mick Sway

    Sandy Golden - Your Love Is Everything on CD?

    Thanks for the info. I wasn't trying to get into a controversy, by stating the availability of the 45, the "alternative version" escaped me.
  5. Mick Sway

    Sandy Golden - Your Love Is Everything on CD?

    Though I did say that I do not know the provenance of this record, I have queried the legitimacy of Sonic Wax releases with them on a previous occasion and they vehemently assured me that all their releases are totally legit. I doubt if any one can prove otherwise, and imop ,people should be very careful in their responses. I'm not a member of the Soul police, so I won't loose any sleep over it. Sometimes you have to take things at face value.
  6. Mick Sway

    Sandy Golden - Your Love Is Everything on CD?

    I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of the history of this one or the info referred to in the above links, however you can pick up a Sonic Wax legit re-issue copy for a reasonable £15 here.
  7. Thought I'd revive this as word of warning, since I've been hammered twice, in the past 3 weeks. Today I've been charged £23 , including the Royal Mail £8 collection fee, on an Ebay order from sudz-53 valued £67 + £11 postage. Before Christmas it was £13.50 on an order for a beaten up copy of Soft Walkin', £17+£11 postage, from seller jemo6470 . I guess that it's my own fault for not reading their listings properly, as they state that payment of the Customs liabilities is the buyers responsibility. Nevertheless, despite having bought from the US since the 80's, I must have been lucky, since I've never come across these charges before. The falling dollar doesn't help, I guess. On top of paying, you also have to wait an additional two working days for delivery. In case anyone's interested, click here , for the latest Tax and Customs , regulations.
  8. No , I'll certainly look it up,thanks.
  9. Dino & Doc A woman Can't do Volt
  10. I love the classic oldies too, but there's a world o soul out there.
  11. Hate to be a fly in't ointment, but great as the records are, personally I look for things I don't know, not necessarily rare. Sorry , but those are my thought anyways.
  12. When these pressings started appearing on eBay, years back now, a few members Soulsource tried to bring that corporations attention to these booters, but gave up after getting zero reaction from the company, despite the fact that at the time it was against eBay policy (it still probably is) to sell bootlegs on their site. I wonder whether anyone's pursuing either eBay or Amazon for their share of the profits and or their failure to adequately police the products that are selling. As the BBC's watchdog program so often uncovers, these sites are rife with counterfeit products , often proving to be falsely CE marked and dangerous to the public. In the course of the trial of these guys it has apparently been stated by the authorities that there has been "no complaint from members of the public". Given that some of the DJ personalities involved in the music industry have on occasion expressed their concerns about the counterfeiting business, I find this difficult to believe. I guess that it is beyond the governance of any authority to bring the web sites themselves to book.
  13. Nice double sider on UK Action or Sansu , you takes your pick. Betty Harris ‎– Ride Your Pony b/w Trouble With My Lover Action 4535 1969 I'm opting for the b/w cos I like the way it swings.
  14. Has anyone played the flip to Lezli Valentine "I'll do Anything" , it's backed with a beautiful Bert Keys produced, crossover tune ? Lezli Valentine I've got to keep on Loving You All Platinum 1968
  15. Here's one that's new to me, my copies on the Barclay, French issue Frankie Gee Date with The Rain


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