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  1. Two good sides with this one which was surprisingly new to me until I heard it on one of Ian Levine's excellent pod casts. Hence acquisition became a priority, £10-£20 should secure a decent copy. Sounding a little on the Detroit funky side a la Parliaments , no surprise with Don Davis being involved. The Mad Lads - Love is Here Today and Gone Tomorrow Volt
  2. Sorry if my post is perceived by you as negative and causes any offence. I havn't posted anything that is factually incorrect, which may be of interest to any potential buyer. However Chalky/Admin feel free to delete it, as I don't seem to be able to. My apologies.
  3. Sorry to say they obviously couldn't be arsed to trawl the net. FYI Manship has a minter for sale for £75. Worth about twenty quid in that condition I'm afraid, great record though it is. I believe that there are also second issues, very similar to the first, as it was re-pressed by the company following demand from the Torch & Cats, so it may also depend on the label design.
  4. Great stuff, mine's ordered. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Mick Sway

    Rare UK Releases by Mick Sway

    Scans of rare soul and related U K 45 RPM releases.
  6. Very to-day, as you say the intro of "we people" is very Lou Pride. Also came out on Watts USA Nice one PS still suffering, hope the one in doors is feeling better.
  7. Before the sciatica laid me low, I played the other side of The Power of Love, which is actually the A. Struck me as a nice RnB fingersnapper, if such a thing exists: Amanda Humphrey Call on Me:
  8. African Music Machine The Dapp A great alternative take on Archie Bell's Tighten Up, also came out on Contempo in the UK. Nice
  9. Why not invest in half a dozen underplayed tunes if you've got the dosh, with respect there's plenty of scope to add to the collection out there. A UK Maxi single copy is good enough for me these days, which was still technically, a first UK issue anyway. Not that I've got that kind of auction money sadly.
  10. Wasn't aware until last week that this alternative version was getting played out. More of a psych rocker, but tasty nevertheless, once again sorry if it's been featured here recently. Cold Blood - I'm a Good woman - San Fransisco
  11. A little bit of Northern Soul Mike Finnigan And The Serfs Bread & Water Rhythm & Soul
  12. Where dust think me bro, got from Kev? Dunna let on that ha said though.
  13. More meyther for me, no doubt when it arrives. Some call it crossover, I guess. Missed this first time round, when it came out. May have featured here before, sorry if so. Unreleased album track, according to the blurb: James Reese & The Progressions ‎– Joker - NAJAMA
  14. A nice demo arrived this morning, unfortunately the wife signed for it, so it didn't go down too well with her. Ah well, thanks for sharing Martyn, it's got legs no doubt about it. Here's another cheapo: Jackie Beavers Hold On , mines SS7 DJ, but it also came out on Jaber:
  15. Not rare on Twin Stacks I know, but a beautiful piece of crossover soul that Dave Godin put out on his Deep Soul label. The Emotions Somebody New Deep Soul DS 9104 1969 Probably posted here before, but what the heck.


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