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  1. Semi-official ? It will be interesting to see if there's any difference in repro quality.
  2. Mick Sway

    Rare UK Soul Releases

    Scans of rare soul and related U K 45 RPM releases.
  3. Excellent copy of this now rare 2000 Bridge's " Crying For Love" , previously unreleased US Bang recording from 1981. Record has a few light marks and one that causes a very light tick at the end of track 2, otherwise very clean. Still has it's original shrink wrap, hardly played. £130 including P&P (UK only), by Paypal F&F only. PM if interested.
  4. Only just noticed your comment, sorry.Most have been in the box since the 60's and 70's Thanks for viewing. Mick
  5. A bit obscure this one, played it a few times on Youtube but can't afford the album: Betty Padget Sugar Daddy Alwa LP 1975, also give Gypsey of Love a spin.
  6. Having seen the "You Made" side advertised at silly money (my original copy £2 Wigan record bar) I decided to flip it over , not having listened it for years. Shame the sound quality on the pressing isn't great, a super cross over soul tune (there's one on discogs for £699): Ila Vann My Mother Said p.i.p Int 1972
  7. Chris Farlow "Don't Just look at me" Immediate Nice pick and story , great tune, unfortunately mine has noc.
  8. I'm from the same generation Dave,though I was never that keen on docker's , I bought a pair to wear on an Outward bound, where they promptly confiscated them and gave me a pair of Army boots. Happy New Year folks. Here's a fave of mine from the same club era, though I don't think it's been played out much, I love it: Joyce Bond Mrs Soul Airborne 1966:
  9. Thanks for the info. I wasn't trying to get into a controversy, by stating the availability of the 45, the "alternative version" escaped me.
  10. Though I did say that I do not know the provenance of this record, I have queried the legitimacy of Sonic Wax releases with them on a previous occasion and they vehemently assured me that all their releases are totally legit. I doubt if any one can prove otherwise, and imop ,people should be very careful in their responses. I'm not a member of the Soul police, so I won't loose any sleep over it. Sometimes you have to take things at face value.
  11. I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of the history of this one or the info referred to in the above links, however you can pick up a Sonic Wax legit re-issue copy for a reasonable £15 here.
  12. Thought I'd revive this as word of warning, since I've been hammered twice, in the past 3 weeks. Today I've been charged £23 , including the Royal Mail £8 collection fee, on an Ebay order from sudz-53 valued £67 + £11 postage. Before Christmas it was £13.50 on an order for a beaten up copy of Soft Walkin', £17+£11 postage, from seller jemo6470 . I guess that it's my own fault for not reading their listings properly, as they state that payment of the Customs liabilities is the buyers responsibility. Nevertheless, despite having bought from the US since the 80's, I

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