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  1. Wheelsville1

    Jamaican Soul

    Alton Ellis and Pat Kelley are artists to look at,they were both amazing singers.
  2. Does anyone have an idea as to why the running time on the west coast copy is 2.00 minutes and yet the east coast bell sound copy is 2.15. Many thanks.
  3. Wheelsville1

    Northern Soul Singer -- DORA HALL ?????

    I guess so chalky,on that note your right.
  4. Wheelsville1

    Northern Soul Singer -- DORA HALL ?????

    As I said in a topic a few months ago,when talking about what music I like,I always use the word Soul,never Northern Soul.Talking about a singer like this on a Soul forum is an absolute Joke.
  5. Wheelsville1

    Harvey "Any way you wanta" demo or boot ?

    Whilst on the subject of records pressed in Pittsburgh,I’ve always been dubious of the Tommy Neal- going to a happening on pink pamline.
  6. Wheelsville1

    Junior Mcants - Try Me For Your New Love

    I agree with you,it’s not worth it.Infact in my opinion any one paying $6500 for a record with a crack in it isn’t wired up right.
  7. Wheelsville1


  8. Roger Banks just sold one m- £300
  9. Just been thinking that myself,if he is it would be good to get the answer on LSH direct from Richard himself.
  10. No doubt John found them in the same way as he found Melvin Davis-Find a quite place,some years earlier.I remember discussing FAQP with Melvin himself,he said there were 500 copies pressed and it simply didn’t sell.
  11. Hi chalky,when Dave uses the word resources,this can mean as much about time and effort rather than finances.I agree with you about the two sounds being totally different and by that time I think Jackey Beavers would be seen as being dated.As you know,it would only be a year later when it was the start of what we all call crossover.
  12. Wheelsville1

    Best live performance

    Hi Falsetto Perfection.
  13. Another theory whilst on the subject,did Don Davis promote Steve Mancha Friday Night more than Jackey Beavers.
  14. Spot on as mentioned earlier,try getting hold of Kim Weston A little more love on us Tamla.Once again this was shelved to concentrate on a Marvin Gaye Hit.
  15. Personally I think you are spot on with your conclusion,when a record stands out as being far more scarce on a label than other recordings,it is usaly one of two reasons.Either it’s because it’s next to one that was a Hit as in this case or because it’s the last on the label when the label is winding up or has gone bust.