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  1. Casimo matassa had his studio in the French quarter,that is where Donna King recorded Take Me Home. Chris.
  2. Majjestees-Take back all those things-Mutt £300 Martha Starr-No part time love-Thelma £150. Never been played,pm me if interested. Cheers Chris.
  3. The Shades of Blue got there name from being white,they were given that name by John Rhys the sound engineer. Chris.
  4. Yes you are right,I was told that by Keith Rylatt quite some time ago. Chris.
  5. Tony Hester is without doubt one of the greatest song writers of all time.If anyone feels like like putting there top three Tony Hester songs on here please do.I will start with mine- Tony Hestor-just cant leave you,Mighty Lovers-Mighty Lover,Jimmy Clarke-I,ll be your champion. Chris.
  6. Like so many I spoke to john each week hoping to grab something off his list before somebody else did.On several occasions however he would be in America leaving Marissa holding the fort,I found her to be extremely helpful and this is the first time I have seen a photo of her,thank you for posting this. Chris.
  7. I remember talking to John a good few years ago at cleethorpes weekender,I asked him if he had brought anything tasty with him.He handed me a 25 count box,when I saw what was in it my eyes nearly popped out on stalks.He was and will always remain The Man. Chris.
  8. Thanks for that Tony,that answers a question as I thought it was strange to have to groups with the same name in the same state. Chris.
  9. Hi Sean,it looks like there were two groups in California in the 60s called The Lovers.Eg The Lovers-Without a doubt-Frantic.Ps. the latest digging deep tracks are absolute corkers. Chris.
  10. For me personally,J.T. Rhythm and JJ. Barnes-Lonely no more, are some of Dave Hamiltons best work. Chris.
  11. You are spot on with with the years Robb,it was recorded in 1967. Chris.
  12. Beautiful M- copy of the above for sale. £425. PM me if interested. Cheers Chris.
  13. Cheers for that chalky,I thought it made more sense to be Ray Washington. Chris.
  14. Whilst reading the description of Donna King on j. Manships site,he credits the lyrics to Roger Washington.Is it more likely to be Raymond Washington(aka guitar ray)as he had several releases of his own on Hot Line. Chris.
  15. When Berry Gordy says in this trailer that he thought making music that reflected what was happening in the world at that time was a good idea,is contrary to what he actually thought.When Marvin Gaye initially wanted to do the What's Going on album,Berry was totally against it.He thought it was to political and feared it would damage Motown. Chris.

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