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  1. Is this the locally famous BUB?

    I was in Grimsby General hospital for a week in the next bed to him when we were both in the coach crash going to cleethorpes all dayer.what a week that was,just before we were both going into theatre,the nurse asked us if we had been taking any drugs,it must...
  2. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Great story Andy,it’s always good to get the true facts from the original source,J.O.T.S has never done it for me,however I think the flip side is tremendous and like yourself I thought it would have become more popular than it has.
  3. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Ps.I am positive the percussionist on I didn’t have to is Jack Ashford.
  4. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Hi Rob,this was recorded just prior to Dennis joining the Contours,on the I didn’t have to side is Ronnie Savoys brother Bob Reeco as producer.
  5. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    He wasn’t actually moonlighting as it was recorded before he joined the contours at Motown,however as far as the musicians are concerned that could be a different matter as I wouldn’t be surprised if members of the Funk Brothers are playing on it.
  6. Dennis Edwards R.I.P.

    Fave 2 tracks, I didn’t have to,Gotta find a way to get you back. I remember seeing him live along with David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks at Doncaster dome,simply amazing. RIP Dennis Edwards.
  7. Red Bull Interview - Dave Godin

    Ps I meant to say Parisians.
  8. Red Bull Interview - Dave Godin

    With regards to how black artists were treated by Parisians is amazing,they were absolutely idolised.I have a love of the great Josephine Baker,who made Paris here home.On the day of here funeral Paris came to a standstill,there were over 20 thousand partisan...
  9. Red Bull Interview - Dave Godin

    I totally agree with you,it was the Bands and solo artists of 60s GB love of R and B that helped promote Black artists of the u.s.a.
  10. It seems to me he will put anything on his site if he thinks he can make a Buck.
  11. Soulettes on scope

    Sorry I missed your reply,thanks for the info.
  12. Soulettes on scope

    I just wonderd if it was Barbara Mercer doing a moonlight because ofthe Dale Warren connection,Sidra and Scope?
  13. Soulettes on scope

    Thanks for the reply chalky,but the soulettes you are referring to are from Jamaica.
  14. Soulettes on scope

    Not sure if this topic has been brought up before,but does any one know who the lead singer of the Soulettes-Bring your fine self home-Scope was? I’ve often wonderd if it was Barbara Mercer,as she sounds very much like her. Any help on this would be appreciat...
  15. Milton and Winston-You Lied

    Milton and Winston-You Lied-Falstaff Beautiful copy mint - £425 pm me if interested. Thanks.

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