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  1. Good question,it will also be interesting to see what john gets for the masqueraders.
  2. Its going to be interesting to see if there will be much difference between what Tim gets for Earl Jackson as to what John gets for the copy he is selling,both are M- condition.
  3. Your spot on with the price of these two,the Falcons has been £400 for a while and the Arabians has slowley crept up to the same. Chris.
  4. Thanks for posting this Andy,i thought what Mable John had to say about Raynoma was very touching and i do wonder if there had been a Motown as we know it without Raynoma,and secondly as much as the recording artist said they were a big happy family,it was clear to see the rivalry that there had been amongst them. Chris.
  5. Jackie Beavers and Tammy Levon are the same person. Chris.
  6. Stanley was Miss Rays half brother,so if Alice and Ray were full sisters,then yes. Chris.
  7. Great article Andy,ive always loved the sparkels even though its sparce in places.As Robb K once said,i wonder what it would have sounded like if Motown had gone with it and had the velvelettes record it. Chris.
  8. Thanks for the reply,i assumed it was a typing error.I am aware of the Norma Jenkins version and i like both. Once again thanks. Chris.
  9. I have noticed that on the Sparkels Try Love,the wrighting credits are Barnes and Carr.Is this simply a typing error or did George Kerr do this deliberately? Chris.
  10. Thanks for all the replies,much appreciated. Chris.
  11. Ive just been looking on John Manships auction site and he mentions James Hendrix being involved with both Carrie and La beat. I was always led to believe that James Hendrix had parted company with Lou Beatty before La Beat was formed. Any advice on this. Chris.
  12. Thanks for the reply Dave,hope you and Bri are keeping well. Chris.
  13. Just as a matter of interest,what would be the going rate for Bobby Kline with the b side label on both sides.The overall condition of the record is mint- Cheers. Chris.
  14. Legrande, its the first press. Chris.

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