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  1. The same thing goes with popcorn wylie releasing tommy neal on palmer and then having a second go on his own pamline label.
  2. The mala press is definatley the first label,Gino constantley tried to promote this record hence re releasing it on his own label.The white promo copies were an attempt to to promote it on the west coast.To my knowledge it never got past the promo stage.
  3. Ps. Ive just read an article where sonny munro says that it definatley was not the Falcons.
  4. I see what you mean,definatley sounds more like Deon Jackson than sonny Munro.
  5. I still stand my ground,i think that vault did the deal with decca through the back door hence by the time it was pressed on vocalion there is no mention of ala king at all. I am not saying that decca were dodgy but i definatly think vault were.
  6. I think they were a bunch of crooks at vault,firstly for not paying popcorn wylie and secondly for claiming it was a vault recording which as we all know it is ala king.
  7. Terminology for bootleg,to produce,reproduce or distribute without authorization.
  8. Surley if popcorn wylie was not paid by vault and gave no permision for this to be sold to u.k. decca and he had all bmi rights to this song then yes the vocalion copies are bootlegs.
  9. The pink copies are supposedly pitsburgh press,yes it does exist on palmer stock copy but it is very scarce and by far its rarest format.
  10. Yes Chalky,and if you look on the vocalion release it says vault recording with no mention of Ala King.
  11. Yes im sure he did as i was reading an article where popcorn was very upset about what vault had done and felt that they had stolen it from him. I think the ideal person to clarify this would be Gilly.
  12. Thats correct,popcorn was not paid by Vault records.Which means that the u.k. vocalion release is a bootleg due to the fact that vocalion got it off vault and not popcorn himself.
  13. Yes it certainly was a night to remember.
  14. Just been looking at photos on soul source of stafford downloaded by Chalky and other people.Not a pair of baggy trousers or a stupid vest with badges in sight.What i wouldnt do to go back to just one of those nights,i guess it would have to be the Eddie Parker/Lorraine Chandler night.

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