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  1. Just been listening to my copy of Tsu Torenados-what good am I on ovide.Pure class.
  2. The late Great Paul Williams,what a voice.
  3. The Greatest pound for pound boxer of all Time.
  4. You are right in what you say Chalky,The Royal Imperials are defiantly not the Servicemen.They are Billy Butler and the enchanters,it is simply a more up tempo version of his release on Okeh.
  5. Absolutely stinks,not a black person in sight.Just goes to show what they were up against back in the 60s. Chris.
  6. Hi Ady,Tim Brown has just put one up for auction,you shouldn't have to much problem getting one.Ive seen more copies up for sale in the last few years than you can shake a stick at. Chris.
  7. Totally agree with you on that Dave,I've dropped a few clangers over the years by only playing one side and then selling,only to have to buy it back for the other side. Chris.
  8. Hi Tim,As Mike Terrys real name is Andrew.Ive always wondered where the name Mike came from. Do you have the answer to this? Cheers Chris.
  9. The Magic Tones is extremely rare,I've only ever seen one copy in the flesh,I think it was Dave Flynns I sore.
  10. As with RIC Tic,going from plane colour to multicolour in 67.
  11. My apologies,I didn't realize it was on the other design.It defiantly is far more scarce. Chris.
  12. As far as I'm aware it only exists on the one label design. Chris.
  13. Your welcome Tim,just keep em coming.
  14. Another fantastic photo Tim. Thanks for sharing them with us. Chris.

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