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    northern soul and modern soul 

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    Stratford upon Avon
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  1. Gonna be a Packer
  2. Taz man’s birthday so let’s party
  3. Hi buddy Im interested in gabin and roscoe pm me pal cheers
  4. £85 demo here ex condition give me a shout if interested Taz
  5. Lookin forward to playing here top night in stall
  6. Clarence Murray Lets get on with it SSS promo or issue Vg+ or better PM with price and condition now sorted thanks Best Taz
  7. Looking forward to spinning here Taz
  8. Clarence Murray-lets get on with it on sss demo or issue Barbara Lynn-I don’t want a playboy on Tribe demo or issue (now sorted) Both in Vg+ condition or better Pm me Thanks in Advance Taz

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