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    Listening and buying northen soul records, real ale and walking the dog. Hate that swearing 4 letter word (WORK)
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    Llandudno, North Wales
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    Gwen Owens Mystery man

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  1. Missed last one, and was looking forward to this one.. but unforeseen problems due to the dog having to have an opp next week there's our cash gone for this month, so hope to catch you all in November..xx
  2. Was really looking forward to this tonight but unfortunately something's cropped up last min and not able to make it..so will see you all next time..xxx
  3. asboannie


    sorry can't make this one so hopefully will see you all next month...even going to miss a lovely meal there as well, oh never mind..xxx
  4. Lucky for me on 2 weeks holls from work...so bring it on can't wait..
  5. asboannie


    Cant wait for this one, being a long time since January to hear Pat and Kev...see ya all there..
  6. asboannie


    Had a great time last night, great to see everyone and the meal before was good...
  7. asboannie


    Really looking forward t this..and a meal there befor the start...see ya all on the night....
  8. asboannie

    Untitled Album

  9. My 1/2 hour spot..Not in the correct order... Lynda Pense / I'll forgive you then forget you / Invader The Divines / I gotta make it / A.O.A The Shades Of Jades / Why does it feel so right / Dare Sly Johnson / Do you know what love is / Special agent Yvonne Vaughn / When you gonna tell her about me / Dot The Enchanters / There's a look about you / Tee Pee The Uptight / Shy Guy / Columbia Theola Kilgore / It's gonna' be all right / Mercury Sonny Parker / Mr romance / Hits Lillian Dupree / Hide and seek / D-Town Truley Richards / I just can'
  10. Theola Kilgore / It's gonna be all right / Mercury Lillian Dupree / Hide and seek / D-Town The Internationals / Beautiful philosophy / D'ar records Mamie P Galore / No right to cry / Sack Sandra Philips / 'You succeeded / Broadway The Enchanters / There's a look about you / Tee Pee The sophisticates / I can't stand it / Mutt Sheila Ferguson / "Heartbroken memories" / swany Yvonne Vaughn / When you gonna tell her about me / Dot George blackwell / Can't lose my head / Smoke Tamiko Jones / Cross my heart / Metromedia Pointer Sisters / Send hi
  11. All's goes well hope to be at the BAT CAVE on Sat night , with the dreaded CAMERA lol.... Annie..
  12. Well just tried on my sheepskinn!!!! and gues what it fit so I've lost more weight than I thought .... Will be on the road in our Batmobile in the next 1/2 hour....Bat cave here we cone
  13. I've just being watching football forcus, if John Motson turnes up in Burnley tonight wearing his sheepskin he'll put the rest of us to shame....
  14. Got anothere stone in weight before I can get into my sheepskin , but all I'm woried about is that I dont fall asleep for 2 hours in the car again outside the venue this time
  15. Will be booking time off from work again for the next one..Good luck with your venture Mark.. Annie

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