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  1. Whitchurch Soul Club - Chic,Chris Anderton,Mark J

    Missed last one, and was looking forward to this one.. but unforeseen problems due to the dog having to have an opp next week there's our cash gone for this month, so hope to catch you all in November..xx
  2. Whitchurch Soul Club -Carl&Maria/Simon Hunt/ Pat W

    Was really looking forward to this tonight but unfortunately something's cropped up last min and not able to make it..so will see you all next time..xxx

    sorry can't make this one so hopefully will see you all next month...even going to miss a lovely meal there as well, oh never mind..xxx
  4. Whitchurch Soul Club 3rd Anniversary - T Massey -

    Lucky for me on 2 weeks holls from work...so bring it on can't wait..

    Cant wait for this one, being a long time since January to hear Pat and Kev...see ya all there..

    Had a great time last night, great to see everyone and the meal before was good...

    Really looking forward t this..and a meal there befor the start...see ya all on the night....

    Was just about going to say we weren't going to chance te traveling in case of getting cought up in the middle of nowhere in the snow..but having read the above...will pass on to others on another web site...xx
  9. WHITCHURCH SOUL CLUB (shropshire)

    Recived a letter yesteday Saturday 12th Jan, thanking me for the kind donation made to Mr Crawford, only for all involved at the night and family and friends this wouuld not have hapend Many many thanks to you all..xxx
  10. Untitled Album


    Liked PAT BLEASEDALE set she played at the Whitchirch soul night last November30th..
  12. WHITCHURCH SOUL CLUB (shropshire)

    As promised I would let you all know about the GRAND TOTAL raised at this event and The White Barn..All in all a cheque of £576 was handed over to Maesdu Ward yesterday, they have decided to donate it towards Mr Crawford's Breast Cancer Reserch..(Mr Crawford is the main surgeon in bothe Llandudno and Gwynedd Hospital).. Once again thank's to everyone involved at bothe venues..very very much appreciated...xxxxx

    If all goes well hope to be there on the day, really enjoyed myself last time... Just an update to the last one in November, and also the Whitchurch event on the 30th of November, would like to thank everone at bothe event on your generousety with the donations and raffle ticket that you bought the grand total of it all was £576.. Today I have being to the Hospital and handed over the cheque to them, and they have decided to give it to Mr Crawford's Breast Cancer Reserch, Mr Crawford is the head sergon at Llandudnol and Gwynedd Hospital's..so once again a very big big thank's to you all..
  14. My 1/2 hour spot..Not in the correct order... Lynda Pense / I'll forgive you then forget you / Invader The Divines / I gotta make it / A.O.A The Shades Of Jades / Why does it feel so right / Dare Sly Johnson / Do you know what love is / Sp...
  15. WHITCHURCH SOUL CLUB (shropshire)

    Right!!!! Where do I start???? it was such a moving, and overwhelming night for me. And what a night, A big thank you to each and every one of you that made it what it was. Also & especially to Errol and Keith for sharing their night with me, and the charity of my choice. Secondly: to each and every one of you who were there and also those that wanted to be there but could not, due to unforseen curcumstances. Thirdly: to all that donated a gift to the raffle, & who bought raffle tickets and who even donated cash to Errol on the night of the door. But for the generousity of you all, many people like myself who have suffered from Breast Cancer, or even any type of Cancer, would not be here now to talk about such things. Lastly to all the DJ's too many this time to name, that did a fantastic spot. You know how much appreciated you were. The most important part is that at the end you all raised £516 including what was given by Ann and Steve Jenks from The White Barn 2 weeks ago, but at the moment this is not the final total as there are still more donations on the way, so when I get the final total will re post the amount on here.! Finally, give yourself a really good pat on the back for being so generous. Many Many thanks to you all.!! Ann Andrew.