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  1. Might not be appropriate to your particular situation but this was the best advice I was given. Rescued a near on mint record from an irritable "skip" a few years ago. https://everyrecordtellsastory.com/2014/05/12/how-to-mend-a-record-that-skips-and-jumps-with-a-toothpick/
  2. Hi Karl. Do you still have Gene Redding – I need your lovin’ – Bell
  3. Hi Donna. I'll take Check Yourself by the Intruders if you still have it. Thanks.
  4. Carlisle


    Hi Tony. I'll have the Claude Huey if it is still for sale. Cheers
  5. Thanks for trying to help. Think that more than me is having problems. I'm experiencing exactly the same as Purist. My teenage Grand daughter will be over at the weekend so maybe she will be able to weave the magic like in the Speedlimit family. Don't know if your wife can offer any tips on solution Speedlimit?
  6. Thanks both for the advice. I knew that something had changed. I've searched for a filter option that offers either USA or North America and all I can find under location is "worldwide", however when I select that it continues to offer UK within the selection. Where can I find the option North America? Don't see it under the advanced search facility either. Any help welcome. Thanks
  7. Can anyone help. The filters on the worldwide web appear to have changed and now include 1000s of UK sellers. Trekking through loads of bootlegs and counterfeit records is no fun. Has anyone else experienced this change? I've tried to alter the filters but the UK stuff still appears. Any ideas?
  8. Hi Fred. Can I have the Spinners on TMG 523 please.

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