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  1. Demures Raining teardrops Brunswick demo condition M £700 paypal f&f including special delivery in the UK
  2. Tamala Lewis You won't say nothing Marton condition Vg++ £5500 pay pal f&f special delivery to the UK.
  3. Peoples Choice Savin my lovin for you Palmer promo vg++ £600 Chandlers Your love makes me lonely Col Soul vg++ £600 SOLD Brice Coefield Ain't that right Omen promo M- £400 Vince Apollo I bear witness Pentagon ex £275 Payment pay pal f&f UK special delivery included
  4. Inspirations Your wish is my command Midas condition excellent £2100 including special delivery in the UK, pay pal f&f
  5. Hyperions in M- condition £1000 and Troy Dodds in M- condition £1000 paypal f&f special delivery in the UK included.
  6. Jayne and I will be there great Dj lineup
  7. until

    We are gonna try and make it
  8. All quiet on the Woodbutcher front! maybe I will post some shrine records next for him or her lol
  9. As requested 3 more modern tunes, I hope mr woodbutcher is not offended.
  10. Sorry that you have taken offence, but here is 3 more for you. enjoy lol
  11. Jayne and I have just had a few bevies at our local The Kings Head and she suggested that we put these 3 up for the dick waving. lol
  12. $6 and found some nice cheapies that was the rarest tho.
  13. Back home now, what's the going rate for Andy Fisher.
  14. After my 3 Hotline records got some interest, how about these 3.
  15. great find with a few others what do you think is the current value.

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