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  1. until

    We are gonna try and make it
  2. All quiet on the Woodbutcher front! maybe I will post some shrine records next for him or her lol
  3. As requested 3 more modern tunes, I hope mr woodbutcher is not offended.
  4. Sorry that you have taken offence, but here is 3 more for you. enjoy lol
  5. Jayne and I have just had a few bevies at our local The Kings Head and she suggested that we put these 3 up for the dick waving. lol
  6. $6 and found some nice cheapies that was the rarest tho.
  7. Back home now, what's the going rate for Andy Fisher.
  8. After my 3 Hotline records got some interest, how about these 3.
  9. great find with a few others what do you think is the current value.
  10. Sorry RareMusicDirec if my opinion offends you, I can't be there as I am in the states at the moment on the hunt for dusty's.
  11. Hope you are successful, but it ok having a few big tunes it's how the dj's put their set together, was never impressed at va va voom thought the original dome was far better with Greg, Carl, Alan and Matt as the front man, Lens Wellingborough was great as was Kempston rovers.
  12. The boss my wife Jayne likes yellow labels, so here's her 3.
  13. Just talking to my wife Jayne and she said we came over to one of your do's many years ago in Wellingborough she said Mick Smith was djing.

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