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  1. The Counts What's It All About T M Records NM just small sticker on label see pic Not often seen for sale £600 inc UK post NOW SOLD Prefer bank transfer. Paypal +4% The Counts - 01. Whats it all about.MP3
  2. The easiest way to find out if it's a genuine message from discogs is check the message sender on your account they always have staff in a blue box after the senders name. But this is a very convincing scam message that's probably caught a few out.
  3. Frank Dell He Broke Your Game Wide Open Valise M- £850 Prefer bank transfer, Paypal plus 4% Frank Dell - 01. He Broke Your Game Wide Open.MP3
  4. Not sure if you know but the YouTube link is a different version to the 45 you have for sale
  5. Sandra Lopez ‎– I'm So Lonely - Phil L.A. Of Soul Ex £60 inc UK post A few white promo's around but rare on issue. Sandra Lopez - 01. I'm so lonely.MP3
  6. Mel Britt She'll Come Running Back FIP 1976 Legit Press £40 inc UK post Although mint like most of these it plays with a hiss all the way through. You will need to have a play with your mixer to get it good enough to play out. The recording I've done has the treble turned right down. Mel Britt - 01. she'll come running.MP3
  7. All seven are M- £55 inc UK postage Roz Ryan Boy Where Have You Been Mirage Promo Roz Ryan - 01. boy where have you been.MP3 Esther Phillips I've Never Found A Man Kudu Esther Phillips - 01. i've never found a man.MP3 The Contours Just A Little Misunderstanding TMG 723 the Contous - 01. just a little misunderstanding.MP3 Jackie Wilson This Love Is Real Brunswick Jackie Wilson - 01. this love is real.MP3 Aretha Franklin Integrity Arista Clear Wax and Picture Sleeve Aretha Franklin - 01. integrity.MP3 Gene Chandler Let Me Make Love To You Chi-Sound Gene Chandler - 01. let me make love to you.MP3 Jr Walker & The All Stars Gotta Hold On To This Feeling SOUL Jr Walker - 01. gotta hold on to feeling.MP3
  8. The Lovelites My Conscience / Man In My Life Lovelite Records Hard to find in this pristine condition playing through perfect "LISTEN" £40 inc UK postage SOLD The Lovelites - 01. My Conscience.MP3
  9. Darrow Fletcher It's No Mistake Crossover some audible light marks "Listen" £85 inc UK post SOLD Darrow Fletcher - 01. It's No Mistake.MP3
  10. John Edwards – It’s Those Little Things That Count / The Look On Your Face - Bell Promo Vinyl is mint labels have some bubbling and light date stamp £300 inc UK post SOLD John Edwards - 01. The look on your face.MP3 John Edwards - 01. It's those little things.MP3
  11. Sensational Little Doc - Looking for my baby - Music-GO-Round Mint except for very slight warp. Plays perfect £260 Post special delivery £7.65 Sensational little doc - 01. Looking for my baby.MP3
  12. Gil Billingsley - I'm me Just Me - Landy Bug M- £300 inc UK post Gil Billingsley - 01. I'm Me Just Me.MP3
  13. Sandra Wright - Wounded Woman / Midnight Affair - Truth Ex £300 inc UK post Bank transfer only Sandra Wright - 01. Midnight Affair.MP3 Sandra Wright - 01. Wounded Woman.MP3
  14. The Four Pro's - Everybody's Got Some Soul / You Can't Keep A Good Man Down - Carla Promo Ex £85 inc UK post SOLD The Four Pro's - 01. Everybody's Got some Soul.MP3 The Four Pro's - 01. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down.MP3

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