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    News: Soul Source - 18 Years On The Road

    Well done Mike, 18 years is a loooong time1
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    Alfreton Leisure Centre Reunion 2015 100% of Profits To Terminally Ill Cancer Care (Macmillan and Marie Curie) Sat 29th August 2015 - 8pm - 1am DJ's: Dave Evison, Nev Shooter, Pete Taylor, Mark Mellors, Glyn Williams In 2015 it's 18 years since the regular soul nights began at Alfreton Leisure Centre. At it's height there were more that 1000 people through the door from across the country every month. For one night only I invite you to come along and experience The Best In Northern Soul - Alfreton Style! Admission will be a mere £5 on the door and the venue is The Bowls Hall. Holding up to 1500 people and with a low ceiling for great acoustics The Bowls Hall is where it all started back in 1997. A professional 8k sound system is being installed for the event and the floor and management are talc friendly. Do come along, help raise some money and dance your bits off!
  4. Glyn Williams


    Hope that everyone enjoyed last night - the place was rammed. Sincere apologies for the problems with the bar - this was made worse when during a barrel change on the lager the thing that you stick in the barrel sheared off and couldn't be removed. - they managed to do a 'Heath Robinson' fix to get it going again. The centre sends strong apologies. I haven't done the full numbers yet but I'm guessing that after costs we made around a grand on the door and £340 from the raffle for our chosen charities Marie Curie and Macmillan. Once I have the figures I'll publicise all costs and profits in here and as promised last night whatever you all raised will be made up to a £2000 donation by my personal funds. That's £1000 each to each charity. It's fantastic that we can all enjoy ourselves AND do some good for people and their families facing the last weeks and days of a terminal illness. Once again, thanks to everyone for coming and having such a great time. *************** UPDATE **************************** For those who judge people on their own standards, the full breakdown of income and costs are below should you wish to dissect them. Breakdown: Cash Count all door inc raffle notes 2130 coins 130 total 2260 costs pa system 250 doorstaff (3) 175 Leisure Ctr 325 leaflets (5000) 75 DJ's 190 advertising 183 flyer delivery 35 wristbands 15 Total Costs 1248 Nett raised 1012 Personal Donation from Glyn 988 Total donation £2000 Any questions please don't hesitate to ask
  5. Glyn Williams


    DJ Times For Saturday - spreading them out! 8pm - 8:30 Mark Mellors 8:30 - 9:00 Pete Taylor 9pm - 9:30 Mark Mellors 9:30 - 10:00 Pete Taylor 10pm - 10:30 Glyn Williams 10:30 - 11:00 Nev Shooter 11pm - 12 midnight Dave Evison 12 - 12:30 Nev Shooter 12:30 - Close Glyn Williams
  6. Glyn Williams

    Soul Source Cd

    good luck with securing the rights lol
  7. Glyn Williams

    How To Advertise?

    Hey, who do i contect about advertising with Soul-Source?
  8. Glyn Williams

    How To Advertise?

    ignore, finally found contact us page
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  10. Glyn Williams


    Hey guys, looking forward to this one. Why I LOVE Blackhearts: 1) great atmosphere 2) open minded crowd - they LOVE underplayed oldies 3) good, talc friendly dance floor 4) A whole bottle of wine for less than a tenner keeps the wife happy 5) Pete & Sue run it - two of the most genuine people on the scene (even tho pete still has sideburns) In August 1997 I was approached by Ian Marriott with an idea of a soul night. Ian was convinced it would be a good time to resurrect a scene that was currently dead. - After looking around at several venues we settled on Alfreton Leisure Centre. I arranged to borrow a PA system, reached a deal with the leisure centre and The 'Soultastic' Soul Club was born. At the time there was only one soul night for 30 miles. Trotters had closed (i think) and the Hollingwood at Chesterfield was the only one left. We had a hall that would hold 1000+ people and i don't think there were 1000 soulies left in the local scene at that time. I advertised in the local rag, got mentions on several radio stations in Nottingham and Derby. there was nowhere to drop flyers. At 7:30 to say we were nervous was an understatement. Ian's wife Pat wife did the door and as Ian opened the doors for business I slipped the first record on the decks - you'll find out what it was on the 13th at Blackhearts along with lots more tracks that hadn't seen the point of a stylus for years at that point. 237 people walked through the door on that first night. At the height of Alfreton's success we tipped almost 1000 through the doors from the length and breadth of the UK. Many of the soul nights that are celebrating double digit anniversaries were born from the success of those nights. I was involved in Alfreton for the first two years, Ian took the reins alone in 2000 and kept the faith for a further 3(?) years until the scene was so saturated that the numbers no longer justified such a large venue and sadly closed it's doors. If you want to listen to the tracks that made Alfreton unique at the time, come along on the 13th Feb to Blackhearts. Looking forward to it.
  11. Glyn Williams

    Updated List - Mainly 60's Northern

    take £25 for the sapphires?
  12. Glyn Williams

    Alfreton Reunion 2014

    Hiya, I'm trying to gauge interest in a reunion at Alfreton Leisure Centre. Date would more than likely be 30th August on an 8pm - 1am slot Interested to know your views. Have not yet decided to go for it, the room and PA hire is expensive. Would be looking at £6 on the door £5 in advance. Music policy would be as Alfreton used to be in the early days, simply 60's and 70's northern with a splattering ..
  13. Glyn Williams

    Alfreton Reunion 2014

    Decided based on the feedback not to do this for 2014. Thanks for the comments everyone
  14. Glyn Williams

    Alfreton Reunion 2014

    Not that much interest then lol. Byrney, it would be like Alfreton used to be when I ran it with Ian. Good wide range of northern from 60's 70's. we didn't overplay oldies and don't intend to start now. If you had attended in the 90's then you would know what I meant. But by the looks of the lack of responses it may be a non starter. break even is around a grand and i'd like to have seen a bigger reaction to enable me..
  15. Glyn Williams


    My 50th on your date lads - get some good choons ready!
  16. Glyn Williams

    List Of Sales

    bunch of pressings / 2nd issues for sale as follows: Postage £2.95 ea royal mail. pay via ppal Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle - Goldies 45 EX £7 Charades - Key to my happiness - MGM EX £5 The Group feat Cecil Washington - I dont like to lose Soul Sounds clear vinyl EX £10 Little Joe Cook - I'm falling in love with you baby - Two-Jay VG+ £15 Bellboys - I dont want to lose you - Jammer VG+ £10 Inticers - Since you..
  17. Glyn Williams

    FREE Derbyshire Classic Soul & Motown Night

    The first of possibly many classic soul and motown nights. Club soul, tamla, common northern tracks Yes, it's a general soul fan night. Handbags welcome 8:30 - midnight - FREE admission great venue, lovely floor, talc accepted and soul friendly owners recently rebuilt this venue is fantasic, working on putting an across the board night on too. DJ Glyn Williams The White Hart Inn, Inns Lane, Moorwood Moor, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7NU
  18. Glyn Williams

    Dj Starting Off - Your Top Tip ?

    Learn what to do with bass feedback / sound problems
  19. Yep, in answer to the earier post I did have the first northern site on the net. It was 1993 and designed on my trusty 286pc using my free webspace from compuserve. Not long after came a fella in germany called hannes and there was also yoni and his "soul of the web" site. I used scans of my old wigan badges as the wallpaper behind the text lol. I also believe (but could be wrong) that I did the very first dedicated northern so..
  20. Glyn Williams

    Alfreton All-Dayer

    NOTE: Ticket sales are OK up to Noon on Sunday - from this point on Tickets will not be posted, you'll receive an email with full instructions. Limited Number of Tickets Now available online Paypal, Credit Cards / Debit cards Click Here If you don't want to use Paypal we can process debit cards over the phone on Friday only from 9am to 5pm call 07943 002181 All-Dayer for some Summ..
  21. Glyn Williams

    Alfreton Alldayer 10Th July

    Ok, here goes. Some days have passed since tezza initial post, i try very hard these days not to react knee jerk and to do some deep thinking and attach some empathy when something sour comes my way. Since the post ive spoken to a lot of people in Alfreton on the day, i've had very frank conversation with some who i know and trust would tell me the truth without blowing smoke up my backside. I asked them if i really did get it ..
  22. Glyn Williams

    Alfreton All-Dayer

    no worries Si, just heard Manifesto cameraman coming up so look your best all
  23. Glyn Williams

    Alfreton All-Dayer

    half way setup then, im cream crackered!
  24. Glyn Williams

    North Wings 9Th July Saturday

    If i dont get Casper has some tickets left for the all-dayer - give him a shout out if we dont make it. hoping to get there myself tho

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