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  1. 'Little' Johnny Blair - Momma's gone - House of the Fox - tough for the family!! Winstons - Colour me father - Nice story.
  2. Great idea and please support it - but let us not forget that the government have not kept the promise of delivering on this and schools are still waiting for the laptops they were promised for the pupils we are talking about - in many areas of the country less than 40% of the laptops promised have been delivered. This has to be a priority with schools closed for the majority of pupils again.
  3. This is a nice track with an xmas theme.
  4. Ady Pountain - Sam Dees - 'Lonely for you baby' Think Ady first with this covered up!
  5. A little taste of soul - Nat Hendrix Band and Sugar Pie Desanto???? Holiday advert??
  6. Went to petrol 4 years ago from diesel - but just gone second hand back to diesel again due to mileage. Still waiting for a real understanding of how battery production and disposal and electricity production required will be so much more environmentally friendly then modern diesel / petrol engines. I am sure there will come a time when this will be the case but think I will hang on for a bit!
  7. Well done on another great release mark and Des - the 'She's so confused' side does it for me!! Adam.
  8. Absolutely spot on - both sound much better out on a sound system with a full dancefloor!!! Hopefully something we can appreciate all the more in the not too distant future. Stay safe folks!! Adam
  9. Couple I always enjoy: Chollo Rivera and the Latin Soul Drivers - Black and Blues - Cotique Jobell and the Orchestra de Salsa - Never gonna let you go - Jan The Chollo Rivera track also has a superb crossover flip - I could never hurt you girl.
  10. Brilliant version by The Big Cheese Allstars on their Prawns album. Runs them both close imo of course.
  11. So sorry to hear this - always had time to speak to everyone and a true gentleman of the scene.
  12. Just had a listen and mine seems to be fine - never noticed it before. Adam

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