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    Adam Douglas
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    All sports - Head of PE Faculty in Sheldon School, Chippenham
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    Chippenham, Wiltshire
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    Mel Britt - She'll come running back - FIP

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  1. douglaschip

    Video: Bernadette Bascom by Dave Ripolles Dab of Soul Seaside`18

    Killer tune - Dave!
  2. douglaschip

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    Please put me down for a pre-order of the book Gilly. Thanks Adam
  3. Joe Armstead - got the wonderful - Won't you join the band (on my caravan) - on the flip - fantastic tune!!
  4. douglaschip

    Knee injury from dancing

    Seatone tablets - green lipped mussels - from New Zealand. great for joint pain - need to take them for a couple of months initially before they get working. You don't realise how much they help until you stop taking them!! All the retired pro rugby players with knackered bodies swear by them. Ageing PE teacher talking here!!
  5. douglaschip

    Car CD player

    Or you could transfer your cd's from computer to your phone really quickly or drop them onto an mp3 player / ipod and then play from your phone through the aux socket. Copying cd's onto a laptop / desk top takes a bit of time but once they are on the computer you can transfer them quickly to other equipment.
  6. douglaschip

    70s Collection Sale

    yes please for list Andy - cheers
  7. douglaschip

    Putting The Record Straight - Richard Searling

    Raresoulvinyl - Tim Brown
  8. douglaschip

    Young soul rebels

    I enjoyed it and am now reading part three of the trilogy which have all been interesting in my opinion - Its all about personal taste I guess. Adam.
  9. douglaschip

    Any good record shops in Bath?

    There is a record store in the old market in Green park station Mark Res - resolution records. Always has some soul. Where have you relocated to mal? Adam
  10. douglaschip

    Living Room DJ

    Spun a few tonight - a real mixed bag: Chi-lites - I'm so jealous - Blue Rock Phillip Mitchell - There's another in my life - Event (cheers to Adie Pountain for educating me on this one) Walter Jenkins - Back in my life - Faderkat Towana and Total Destruction - Wear your natural baby - Romark Bobby Hutton - Lovin you, needin' you etc - ABC Four Tops - It would almost drive me out of my mind - ABC The Enticers - Storyteller - Atlantic Johnny Taylor - What about my love - Beverly Glen Music Dynells - Let me prove that I love you - Blueberry Chubby and the Turnpikes - I didn't try - Capitol Deon Jackson - When your love has gone - Carla - Deon Jackson The Volumes - That same old feeling - Impact Irma Thomas - It's starting to get to me - Imperial Freddie Hughes & The Chevelles - I just found out - Janus Stoppers - Come back baby - Jubilee Betty Lavette - Almost - Karen Terry Collins - The show must go on - Kanza Jo Armstead - Won't you join the band (on my caravan)- Preacher Rose Bobby Reed - I'll find a way - Loma Roy Hamilton - The panic is on - MGM Have a great weekend! Adam.
  11. douglaschip

    Best Intro. To Record

    Staple Singers - Trippin' on your love' Love it!!
  12. douglaschip

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Short People - Why'd you put it to me baby - Gusto - massive for a while and even released on Inferno. Sounds pretty awful now. The B side 'Tall people' is hilarious!!
  13. douglaschip

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Plenty of the Hi Willie Mitchell produced stuff available for under 20 quid Syl Johnson - We did it Ann Peebles - If this is heaven Otis Clay - Jealousy Al Green - I tried to tell myself All fantastic!!!
  14. 'What's with this loneliness' for me too - can't believe it never got a release at the time. Adam.
  15. douglaschip


    What's a matter baby (is it hurting you) - LJ Reynolds


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