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    All sports - Head of PE Faculty in Sheldon School, Chippenham
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    Chippenham, Wiltshire
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    Mel Britt - She'll come running back - FIP

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  1. Hi Dan - Would pay £300 with slight warp - money ready to go. Or if you have any wants might do a trade and cash deal. Let me know what you think. Best regards - Adam.
  2. Rhonda Davis - Can you remember - Duke VG+ or better. Cheers - Adam
  3. Just did a cd yesterday for a couple of mates at work so this was my playlist: Easter CD – Mixed bag of rare Soul – ‘Keep your heart right’ 1. Friday, Saturday and Sunday – There must be something – Dig 2. Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities – Do Something – It’s Soul Time 3. Sandra Richardson – After you give your all – Kent Anniversary 4. Aretha Franklin – Integrity – Arista 5. Carlton Jumel Smith – This is what love looks like – Timmion 6. The Lamont Cranston Band – Takin’ a chance – Waterhouse Records 7. Al Green – I tried to tell myself – Hi 8. The Staple Singers – Trippin’ on your love – Stax unreleased album 9. Durand Jones & the Indications – Don’t you know – Colemine 10. Bobby Womack – Can’t stop a man in love – UA Facts of life Album 11. Darrow Fletcher – (Love is my) Secret weapon – Kent Select Series 12. Walter Jenkins – Back in my life – Faderkat 13. Wilson Pickett – Let me be your boy – CUB 14. Solid Solution – Think about it girl – Silver Spoon Album 15. The Ogletree Brothers – Gonna keep a check on you – Treetop 16. Johnny Adams – You’re a bad habit baby – SSS International 17. Bobby Womack – I don’t Know – United Artists 18. Ann Peebles – Didn’t take your man – Hi 19. The Masqueraders – How big is big – Bell 20. Johnnie Taylor – What about my love – Beverly Glen Music 21. Bill Harris – Am I cold, Am I hot – RCA 22. James Simpson Band Penetration – Can’t get over you – Penco 23. Clydie King – Missing my baby – Imperial records An enjoyable morning!!
  4. Great we agree that it's all nonsense then Still can't read the writing on tbe label though!
  5. Mine arrived yesterday from Juno records - yellow and the type is misprinted for title and artist and makes your eyes hurt when you look at it. Must be the really rare release worth loads Adam.
  6. Presumably when I got a notification it was back in stock and assumed it was a new second press they had found a few of the first press!! Anyway glad I waited and didn't pay silly money for it!! Adam
  7. Assumed mine was second press but no sign of small light red New York apple on flip side?? So not sure - anyway - great record!! Adam.
  8. I'm your pimp I wear my hat to the side and I walk with a limp.
  9. My 'second issue' arrived from rough trade today - looks identical to the first 500 that were pressed!! Adam
  10. Samsung galaxy J3 cheap and works
  11. Lovely set of Detroit Wilxy Take care Adam.
  12. Absolute class - I was lucky enough to do some coaching with him in the 80's and the first thing he did was make myself and a couple of the other coaches a cup tea. No airs and graces - just a gentleman!! RIP Gordon
  13. Just had an update from Rough Trade records that this is coming back in stock and have been able to place a pre-order from them. The picture is exactly the same and no suggestion that it is a new pressing / or different colour. Adam
  14. I didn't think to do that - but I do like this as well so will try to get in touch with them to see if they can add it. Thanks again for the heads up!! Adam

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