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    All sports - Head of PE Faculty in Sheldon School, Chippenham
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  1. douglaschip

    RIP Aretha

    RIP Aretha - from her early Columbia output to brilliant Atlantic - a huge catalogue of memories. Just played her version of 'Oh no not my baby' - Rest easy.
  2. douglaschip

    recording vinyl onto cd

    I have a sony cd deck that digitalises vinyl - just like the old days of making tapes but with cd's - not sure it is still available - got it from Richer sounds. Just had a look and it appears they have a TEAC model - probably better technology now!!
  3. douglaschip

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    I've always liked this - Chollo Rivera and the Latin Soul Drivers - Black and Blues - Cotique Bonus is that the flip 'I could never hurt you girl' is a nice crossover tune. Adam.
  4. douglaschip


    Tim Brown has one on auction - Raresoulvinyl.
  5. douglaschip

    Soul Sale with Reductions

    Jerry Tiffe - great blue eyed soul - old Mel Britt cover up - and a great price. Someone get it bought!!
  6. douglaschip

    Any northern records

    These foolish things - not suggesting this was played at Northern venues - Just great soul!! Lost Someone (70's) has had plenty of plays at a variety of venues - certainly not going to fall out with you over it! Best Adam
  7. douglaschip

    Any northern records

    Not sure what you mean but it certainly did get plays!! Also a great version of 'These foolish things remind me of you' on the Hell album.
  8. douglaschip

    Any northern records

    James Brown - Lost someone - from the Hell album got plays. Great track!! Adam.
  9. douglaschip

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Soul Brothers Inc featuring Charles Conrad - That loving feeling- Commonwealth Perfect for the weekend. Adam
  10. douglaschip

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    I'm sure you are all watching it already - but have finally caught up with all the 'This Country' episodes. Brilliant - and reminiscent of 'The Office' in terms of style and 'cringeworthyness'! Adam.
  11. douglaschip

    sweeter than the day before

    Dave Thorley just put one up on his site. Adam
  12. douglaschip

    33 Assorted 45's

    Johnny Angel- lovely piece of crossover and cheap!! Get it bought someone!!
  13. douglaschip

    Memorable DJ set

    Remember Greety's spot at Lifeline - awesome!!
  14. douglaschip

    Mothers Day tunes....

    Terry Callier - A mother's love - from the Turn you to love album.
  15. douglaschip

    Ty Karim - Lightin' Up Romark or Car-A-Mel

    Definately a 'rare soul' scene for me and better for it. Of course the uptempo northern that was start of the journey for most of us still holds really fond memories but the scene is so much more now and the variety of music on offer is what makes it for me personally. Ty Karim being a prime example as well as things like Willie Tee - Teasin' you again and other in a similar vein. Adam


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