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  1. I don't think a pressure fault/line in styrene actually weakens the record. It isn't a crack and there is no separation. In terms of value there are a small minority of people would regard it as a crack. But, there are some folk who would say a record with 1 millimeter of lift is warped. So, the vast majority wouldn't be bothered and it shouldn't really devalue the record if it is only a pressure fault.
  2. Really looking forward to dj'ing again at Orrell. Always a great night.
  3. I have the following for sale - Vince Apollo - I bear witness (Pentagon) M- £300 Bobby Paris - I walked away (Capital D) Ex+ £400 Grand Prixs - roar of the crowd (Tina) Ex £225 P&P UK Special Delivery £7 Please pm me if interested. Thanks Carl
  4. CarlF

    Orrell St James, Wigan

    Looking forward to Saturday. Kev Jenks 70th birthday on the 11th, so a few of us going.
  5. CarlF

    Follow Your Heart. Alldayer

    Looking forward to this one. And only 15 minutes walk.
  6. I'll second that Tony. Looking forward to a top night.
  7. I didn't notice anything wrong with the old surfaces. In fact they were better than most road surfaces. No pot holes, sunken grids or botched resurfacing.
  8. I have the following for sale - The Grand Prixs - roar of the crowd/lost love (Tina) £250 Ex Patti Austin - take away the pain stain (Coral D) £250 M- Gerri Taylor - empty arms and bitter tears (Constellation WD) £90 M- Sold Detroit Executives - cool off (Orange Pameline) £75 M- Exciters - blowing up my mind (RCA) £50 M- (1972 reissue) Tate - love shop (cloverstreet) £125 Ex+ Ray Scott & the Scottsmen - love piled on top of love (Decca D) £100 M- Emanuel Lasky - lucky to be loved by you (Wild Deuce) £50 M- Payment by PayPal as friends or UK ban
  9. Roll on tomorrow night. Have you got the DJ times Tony.
  10. I was only joking Simon. Don't even like it. Cheating Kind will do just fine.
  11. Can't wait. I haven't heard 'my baby likes to boogaloo' for ages.
  12. Looking forward to another really good night out at Orrell.
  13. I'm looking for the following originals in clean ex+/m- condition, issue or demo. Willie Tee - please don't go (Nola) Topics - Hey Girl (Chadwick) Innersection - let me love yuh (Group 5) Please pm me with offers. Thanks Carl
  14. Have to agree about last month at Orrell. Really looking forward to dj'ing and a top night out.
  15. I have the following for sale - Appreciations - its better to cry (Sport WD) M- £1,500 On Hold Includes royal mail special delivery. Payment by PayPal as a gift. Please pm me if interested. Thanks Carl

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