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  1. CarlF

    Follow Your Heart. Alldayer

    Looking forward to this one. And only 15 minutes walk.
  2. I'll second that Tony. Looking forward to a top night.
  3. I didn't notice anything wrong with the old surfaces. In fact they were better than most road surfaces. No pot holes, sunken grids or botched resurfacing.
  4. I have the following for sale - The Grand Prixs - roar of the crowd/lost love (Tina) £250 Ex Patti Austin - take away the pain stain (Coral D) £250 M- Gerri Taylor - empty arms and bitter tears (Constellation WD) £90 M- Sold Detroit Executives - cool off (Orange Pameline) £75 M- Exciters - blowing up my mind (RCA) £50 M- (1972 reissue) Tate - love shop (cloverstreet) £125 Ex+ Ray Scott & the Scottsmen - love piled on top of love (Decca D) £100 M- Emanuel Lasky - lucky to be loved by you (Wild Deuce) £50 M- Payment by PayPal as friends or UK bank transfer Postage £2.75 signed, £7 special Please pm me if interested. Thanks Carl
  5. Roll on tomorrow night. Have you got the DJ times Tony.
  6. I was only joking Simon. Don't even like it. Cheating Kind will do just fine.
  7. Can't wait. I haven't heard 'my baby likes to boogaloo' for ages.
  8. CarlF


    Looking forward to another really good night out at Orrell.
  9. I'm looking for the following originals in clean ex+/m- condition, issue or demo. Willie Tee - please don't go (Nola) Topics - Hey Girl (Chadwick) Innersection - let me love yuh (Group 5) Please pm me with offers. Thanks Carl
  10. CarlF


    Have to agree about last month at Orrell. Really looking forward to dj'ing and a top night out.
  11. I have the following for sale - Appreciations - its better to cry (Sport WD) M- £1,500 On Hold Includes royal mail special delivery. Payment by PayPal as a gift. Please pm me if interested. Thanks Carl
  12. Another night at the Legion, and playing a couple of sets. Can't be bad. Phil T. was excellent at Culcheth a few weeks back. So. looking forward to listening to his sets. Plus Dave and Dolly. Sounds like a night not to be missed.
  13. CarlF


    Looking forward to another top night out at Orrell.
  14. Very sad news. Pete was a very good person and a top soul man. Rest in Peace. Deepest condolences to Viv and all the family and friends.
  15. Not been anywhere for the past couple of weeks, so looking forward to this one. Always a top soul night out.

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