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    Its an uphill climb to the bottom-walter jackson/ not all time fav but bloody brilliant.

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  1. The Metros - Since I Found My Baby

    If it's not classed as an original? then 3/4 of my collection isn't 😀
  2. Appreciations - Can't Hide It

    Sold mine for £35, it was 1980 though
  3. Blackpool weekenders tickets NOW SOLD

    Ill take them mate if still available? I might have sorted some now but I wont know until later if so sorry for putting the post on.


    Yes RULES single sided demo, well mine was.
  6. Interplay

    No,got the one i had more recently i think off Ian O H when he'd been to the states.
  7. Interplay

    And me
  8. That would go nicely with my Eddie holman- I surrender-Lebanon.
  9. Gladys At The 02 Appolo

    Saw her a few years back H in Manchester, fantastic.

    My take on the night. Good to see my mate Harry, sorry i missed your spot. Having never really left the scene but rarely venturing out i thought this was the perfect venue to go to,i went a couple of times in the 70's including the last nighter. Well done to the promoter for putting this on. The first thing i noticed that had changed- years ago when dancing you might occasionally bump into someone or vice versa you then quickly apologize and carry on,etiquette. Now i don't dance a lot these days but when i did decide to take to the floor i must have been bumped into by about 5 different people in a 3 minute record no apology nothing and i don't move much from the same spot,maybe not a major issue but annoying non the less. As with other people i saw beer etc on the dance floor and yes the handbags?? I suppose this is the legacy of the film, the bar ques were also horrendous but non of this can be blamed on the promoter and as pointed out on other posts- teething problems that im sure will be addressed. On the plus side, still a great venue, great music but for me most of all i met up with some great friends i had not seen for 30+ years and really that's what its all about. 7 out of 10 but looking forward to the next one.
  11. Bobby Womack R.i.p

    What really sad sad news, absolutely gutted. I was lucky enough to see him quite a few times over the years from the hammersmith odean gig mentioned earlier to most recently a few years ago in Blackburn and ok that night his voice maybe wasn't quite as good ...
  12. Chris, Thanks for the reply,didn't Joey heatherton come out in Belgium?
  13. Thanks Russell, i should have known really with it being on Philips
  14. Thanks Chris, Just had another look at the T.S.U and on the sleeve it says distribution Barclay, didn't Barclay release a lot of stuff in France? so it would seem as you say its french. On the label of the EH it says stemra(i think bad eyesight) does that h...

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