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  1. JOHNNY518

  2. 1976 Dewsbury Photo. Any Clues On The Names?

    The girl with the scarf,directly behind the guy on the front row with glasses and green shirt is Maureen from Dewsbury.She used to hang around with Lesley and Adele frm York
  3. I do remember the Hypnotique - it was my favourite place at the time - even though I was still at school and only 15/16 years old.We used to get in without any bother.Al Rhodes did the northern nights and Roy Hughes was the resident DJ. I saw some good acts t...
  4. Hi Trevor.This a picture of you,me,Paddy Hebblethwaite,Tina Rossiter and Joe from Tadcaster many moons ago at Wigan.I dont remember giving you a copy but it is a long time ago!!How are you?Helen
  5. Hi.Does anyone have a contact number for Matchy or Rich and Gill Hillel.Swish needs to contact them about Saturday Torch Reunion.Thanks all.
  6. Matchy And Rich Hillel

    Hi.Does anyone have a contact number for Matchy or Rich and Gill Hillel? Needed urgently for Torch Reunion night.Thanks.

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