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  1. Hi you still got the rosebuds ?Im working at moment but if you have could you send me details of payment and I’ll get back ASAP thanks John could you send me a scan of record I know it’s vg ++ would like to see vinyl and label
  2. You don’t still have this promo three degrees are you satisfied ?
  3. Hi Dave you still got Isley brothers why when love is gone if so send me details of PayPal etc thanks John
  4. Looking for a M- or Ex+ of Joe Tex I Wanna Be Free on Demo or Issue, Thanks and pm if available
  5. Sorted now mate but thanks
  6. You don’t still have this do you ?
  7. Marjorie Black one more hurt Sue,looking for a M- or Ex++ copy of issue or demo thanks pm me if available
  8. Hi Andy is Mary Love still available? If so would you accept 130 mate ?
  9. Looking for a ex+ or Nr M copy of The three degrees Are you satisfied Swan. Thanks
  10. Looking for The Three Degrees Are You Satisfied on Swan Ex or better
  11. Hi there would you accept 300 for checkmates ltd and jeannete Williams ?
  12. I want both those records I’m new to this forum

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