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  1. Or something Happy birthday mate
    Culcheth went with a bang last night, we arrived early (uncharacteristically LOL) and the place just kept filling up! Great to see; partway through the night more tables and chairs were having to be being brought into play in the main room.......I'm sure someone will give us the lowdown musically but I heard good things about it. I spent the night in the back room listening to Phil, Alex and Mr Cunliffe playing to an appreciative crowd - never a dull moment. Well done to everyone who negotiated the local road closures to make it - I'm sure it was well worth it for you.
  2. A few to get the creaking bones warmed up
  3. Last one for tonight - not the least ZZ
  4. A very nice man put me onto this - didn't know it but I think it's awesome Thanks Mr Crampton
  5. A very recent release - always nice to see claas vinyl still being released (well I like it LOL)
  6. A c/u for my friend Lenny Dopson (as Walter & The Admirations) Chooooon
  7. Maybe one for the night
  8. Looking forwards to another great soulful (and romantic) instalment at Culcheth and WOW great to see Phil & Alex behind the decks so very special Had the pleasure of seeing them DJ at the Ukrainian Club in Ashton recently so I know the guys wont disappoint See you all there - here's one of the spins
    Exceeded expectation - well done guys, great night..... Quality as always.
  9. Jesse Johnson - Left Out, every time
    A very belated review, my lame excuse is a very busy Xmas period and rubbish admin skills LOL To echo Mr Maleadys post in the main thread; "Many thanks to all who made the effort on Boxing Day night, not the easiest of descisions when there are family do's and drinks in hand but you really did us all proud and showed your enthusiasm by filling the dance floor from start to finish, this was quite a last minute promotion and you all came out in force". We arrived before proceedings officially started (a world record) and I have to say that Baz played the perfect opening spot, a great selection of the kind of music to energise the dancefloor early on, get things moving and shaking without once reaching for the obvious - well done mate Scene set - the night progressed in the same vein; never an empty floor and a good festive atmosphere throughout; I'm looking forward to the next encounter where the team can build on these solid foundations - lots of great feedback (much appreciated) Watch out for the 2020 dates - to be set in stone very soon
  10. Confirmation Steve thet Bob (Lanky Bollox) Hinsley will have both with him for you! Bloody favouritism

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