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  1. eddiefoster

    Wrong Crowd

    Well done to the Wrong Crowd team - they delivered exactly what was on the tin! It was brilliant to arrive to an already electric atmosphere at 20:30 (can't say that for many venues nowadays). Really nice venue, sound equipment setup properly and the crowd were great; dancing along to pretty much everything thrown at them - a much needed breath of fresh air LOVE IT. Keep up the good work
  2. Are we supposed to comment on the funny looking OVO decks Bazzzzz
  3. Something a bit different for a Friday at Culcheth maybe:
  4. Aim high - always a good policy:
  5. Why not?
  6. Soulful with some extra soul sprinkled on top for good measure!
  7. One of my favourites from the great unissued tracks uncovered in recent years:
  8. Such a great track from the Incredibles - ramp it up! There's nothin' else to say baby
  9. WOW - this has come around so quickly, panic stations all hands to the playbox and all that! Here goes:
  10. Have you sorted your playlist for tonite Mick? And can I borrow it please (I'll lend you Robbos!)
  11. I've got a carver, will that do?
  12. Play summat we know Mick
  13. OOPS: I forgot to mention - please direct any complaints, issues around the line-up or timings, general advice or opinion and guidance on music policy etc. directly to Lenny Dopson (brother of Mark), he'll be very keen to respond and engage with you personally as our nominated spokesperson and public relations officer.
  14. Bury Town Hall DJ Times - (latest update, subject to the usual T&Cs): 21:00 - 22:00 - Chris Waterman (no requests for instrumentals will be tolerated) 22:00 - 22:50 Simon Ingham 22:50 - 23:40 Ray North 23:40 - 00:40 Bob Hinsley & Robbo 00:40 - 01:30 Colin James 01:30 - 02:30 Andy Dyson 02:30 - 03:20 Mick Howard 03:20 - 04:20 Dick Krop 04:20 - 05:10 Matt Sneath 05:10 - 06:00 Calvin Lee Hughes Kenwood Suite meets the Main Hall - gonna be a great night, see you all there
  15. Go Mick - you de man

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