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  1. Request from my good friend Darren Exportations - I Want You
  2. One for me please Martin if I'm allowed? Coke Escovedo - Make It Sweet
  3. Montclairs Ste - one of those choons I've had in my box for ever (27 years 3 months 11 days) and still love it today (more than ever LOL)
  4. .
  5. OOPS - no my butterfingers on the calendar LOL, corrected now thanks buddy
  6. As always your requests for this event will be most welcome - Martin is awaiting them in hightened anticipation Ann Bogus - Don't Ask Me To Love Again Shirley Alston - Can't Stop Singin' ( 'Bout The Boy I Love) John Edwards - Tin Man Charles Brimmer - The Feeling Is In My Heart Jive five - If I Had A Chance To Love You Montclairs - I Need You More Than Ever The Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command Frank Johnson - Love Slave Jo Jo Benson - You're Losing Me Coke Escovedo - Make It Sweet (subject to All-Request producers confirmation)
  7. BURY TOWN HALL VIRTUAL ALL-NIGHTER The BURY TOWN HALL VIRTUAL ALL-NIGHTER keeps rolling on, we bring you in all their glory, Live on MIXCLOUD and RADIO KING, the BVAN DJ team that’s been entertaining you since the first Saturday, of the first lockdown in March 2020! With the end in sight we'll be warming you all up for a long awaited return to the live scene over the next few month-end shows So join us on Mixcloud https://mixcloud.com/live/bury_virtual_allnighter/ or Radio King https://www.radioking.com/radio/soulallniter/
  8. Well done Martin_L pulling another great requests night together for the Soul Source crew and don't they derserve it
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