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  1. until

    Folks I've added last nights Wigan Casino 1980 Special to the Mixcloud page (our thanks to Dave Holt for his permission to share with everyone).
  2. until

    You scared him Tom - that's the truth mate
  3. until

    he's like that Tom - it's just a feeling of inferiority don't worry LOL
  4. until

    We've had a few questions about the "Bury Re-Loaded sets" - these are for the 18th July and not tonights BVAN Special
  5. until

    7:30pm - All-Requests 8:30 - Wigan Warm-up (Get your shoes ready) 9pm - Wigan Casino 1980 Special with Richard Searling & Gary Rushbrooke 9:45pm - Soul Source All Request continued 11pm - 1am Bury Producers selections 1am - Bury DJs mixup
  6. until

  7. until

    The show will be available on Mixcloud Steve along with all the sets from every week eventually as I work through them for uploading. I'll get the Wigan 1980 special uploaded early next week (subject to approval from Mr Holt)
  8. until

    read the list Mick
  9. until

    song for princess?
  10. until

    The Soul Source All Requet section is back, please post your selections for Saturday 11th July here, we're looking to fill 2 hours for this one; either 1 hour either side of the Casino special or 2 hours from 7pm 'til 9pm??? (comments welcome) - get diggin' We're about half way there now - keep 'em comin' Precisions - My Sense Of Direction Emmit Long - Call Me Ron Holden - I'll Forgive and Forget Edwin Starr - Headline News Eula Cooper - Let Our Love Go Higher Tasha Thomas - I Saw The Sky Cameo - Find My Way Tiaras - Foolish Girl Tommy Tate - What's The Matter Tokays -Baby Baby Baby (You're My Hearts Desire) Seminoles -You Can Lump It Rick Nichols - I Know The Feeling Ann Perry - That's The Way He Is Ghetto Kitty -Stand Up And Be Counted Harvey Scales- Trying To Survive Earl English and The Apachees -Making Ends Meet Tommy Rodgers - Pass The Word Jr, Walker - What Does It Take J.D. Bryant - I Won't Be Coming Back Papa Bear & The Cubs - You're So Fine Nathaniel Mayer - Summertime Johnny Watson - It's Better To Cry Mad Dog & The Pups - Why Did You Leave Me Girl TSU Toronadoes - Song For Princess US Everyday People - Without Your Sweet Lovin' Janice - I Need You Like A Baby On and On - Artistics Marke Jackson - Since You Used To Be My Girl Donny Burdick - Whatcha Gunna Do Four Tops - I There Anything That I Can Do Joyce Davies - Hello Heartaches, Goodbye Love Bill Brandon - Something Wonderful Sandy Sheldon - Your Gonna Make Me Love You Paula Durante - If He Were Mine ZZ & Company - Gettin ready for the get down Baby Washington - I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby Danny Moore - Somebody New The Passions - If You See My Baby Montclairs - I need You More Than Ever Joe Tex - You Better Believe It Baby Jackie Lee -Darkest Days Mel Britt She'll - Come Running Back
  11. until

  12. until

    I'll slot it in for next one on 1st Aug Tom thanks
  13. until

    Rob Messer and Phil Dick it is then folks - sorted
  14. until

    I'm ignoring Mick LOL
  15. until

    Ask Lou - she knows best Steve

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