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  1. Choon, I like this one by her too
  2. I'm scheduled to arrive early - but I do have to collect Robbo
  3. Bury Town Hall magic
  4. Does anyone remember if there were any ????
  5. Hopefully we'll get some of the Kenwood Suite faves on the 30th
  6. Won't take too much diggin' but I'm gonna make sure this hits the decks for Steve
  7. Maybe a 70s bomb for the Kenwood Suite on the 30th (feel good soul)
  8. Folks what a great gesture from Chris & Marcelle - a FREE ENTRY all nighter in way of a thank you to all that have supported NCS over the years, it will obviously an emotional night for them and we should all do out best to reciprocate by attending....let's make it a farewell to remember From me, a massive personal thankyou to them for having faith in the concept of the Kenwood Suite and now a chance on the 30th to run it one last time and remember “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”
  9. eddiefoster

    Wrong Crowd

    I had a whirlwind of a week that culminated in night to sooth all my stresses (only downside was having to drive up to Scotland on Sunday eve LOL). What can I say – well firstly a great big thanks to the WC team; that’s WRONG CROWD not Water Closet, although the toilets were very nice! I know how much work the guys/gals put into getting things just right and that often goes unnoticed, other than the fact that everything was great! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, great to see Paul Johnson, Gis & Ian Cunliffe; Chalky & my hero Dean; Steve; my friend Lenny Dopson making a massive effort to travel up was so appreciated (thanks Len); what seemed like 5 mins but was probably over an hour in the bar talking nonsense (me) with Mr Gibbons and that other nice chap (sorry I’m rubbish with names) all of that made it another special night for me – bring on WC IV
  10. eddiefoster

    Wrong Crowd

  11. eddiefoster

    Wrong Crowd

    Wrong Crowd is so close I can taste it
  12. eddiefoster

    Wrong Crowd

  13. eddiefoster

    Wrong Crowd

    That's what Robbo said , See you in Newcastle

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