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  1. Yip seen this one but still brill.Thanks.
  2. Great stuff.Anybody got a time machine for sale.
  3. Probably been said Tan geers let my heart Younghearts little togetherness,Frankie & johnny ill hold you.
  4. Hi looking for a copy of the above must be M- condition issue or demo.Please pm.Thanks.
  5. Hi everybody just a quick question opinion on how to store this box set. Would it be better to take them out of the box and store them upright in record box or leave them in original box flat down? Thanks
  6. Yip lenny they have started to sell it again at a reduced price good luck mate hope yu get a goodin.
  7. Hi just a quick question is each single numbered with each box number or does all the singles in every boxs have the same number.The reason might try and order 3 boxes to make one decent box and send 2 back.Thanks.
  8. Amazon automatically stops selling the product and reviews it when they get a lot of returns on the said thing.
  9. Send it back toad yu should get back what yu paid,mind ive had two from amazon and both boxes had warped records.
  10. Yip bought mine inabout 76 from Callers Newcastle.Its now long gone.
  11. Just got mine. Anybody know how many its limited to my box set is numbered 2121.Or and just to add The Four Tops track is badly warped.New box arrived today 10/06/14 The Isley Brothers is warped well that's it had enough no more for me.Universal yu shite.

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