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  1. Should be sorted now. Thanks to all who got in touch. Regards. Drew.
  2. Hi Richard. Price please if possible as I've had another offer? Regards. Drew.
  3. Nothing yet. One lead came to nothing so still looking. PM if you can help. Regards. Drew.
  4. Still looking folks!!! Regards. Drew.
  5. Hi all. Having missed out on a copy on here earlier this week, putting out a request for an original of: David Coleman - Drown My Heart- Barry. Issue (preferred) or demo, Ex or above. Nice playing copy wanted. Please PM with condition and price. Payment via bank transfer please. Regards. Drew.
  6. Sorted! Thanks for the replies. Regards. Drew.
  7. Looking for a nice clean US original of: Jimmy Holiday & Clydie King ‎– Ready, Willing And Able - Minit - Issue or Promo - Ex or above please. Please PM with condition and price. Regards. Drew.
  8. Top notch tune!!! Sorry Mods!!! Regards. Drew.
  9. Still looking. Amending grading requirement to Ex to M-. Looking for a nice clean copy. Regards. Drew.
  10. Nothing so far!!!! Money waiting! Regards. Drew.
  11. I'm after a copy of: Gene Chandler - Mr Big Shot - Constellation C172 dark blue (no stars) original in at least VG+ or above playing and physical condition. Please PM me with price and condition. A scan would be much appreciated. Bank transfer is my preferred method of payment and the funds will be transfered the same or next working day after the deal is agreed. Regards. Drew.
  12. Just ordered a copy from JM. Seems from his site that Conduc 101 Red is the first press with a second run 102 for which there is a red issue and white promo. Yellow seems to be 102 from what I can make out from images on the Net!!! Either way, it's a fantastic record that I can't stop listening to!!!! Regards. Drew.
  13. Thanks for the replies fellas. Any other knowledge re this record please? Regards. Drew.
  14. Please can anyone answer some questions regarding this record. Firstly, there are several video's of this record on YouTube but there seems to be a difference in the speed of a least one, the yellow one compared to the red label video by JM and another showing a white demo. The latter two are a lot faster. Does anyone know which indicates the correct speed as the 'slower version' isn't half as good, to my ears at least?!!! Secondly, which is the first issue or is there no difference in that regard between the red and yellow copies (JM has two different red copies also!!!). And

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