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  1. Just up with our four year old grandson and he's got Saturday morning kids TV on. Toy adverts in between programmes and, low and behold, an advert for a toy called Smackerz! For those not of a certain age, this is the new version of Clackers from the 70s, the toy that had so many kids going to A&E with fractured wrists and which were banned in some schools! They were often seen hanging from telephone wires, usually as some older kid had nicked them and thrown them there! This version seems to be made from a softer material than the originals which were so hard they could have graced the arsenal of any self respecting 70s night club bouncer! 'By gum' what goes around comes around if one waits long enough! Regards. Drew.
  2. Who was the first member Mike? Regards. Drew (since Nov 2005).
  3. Just out of interest but at about 2.28 into the clip, a guy walks in front of the decks and he's wearing a back vest and I suspect flared 'baggy' trousers. Whilst such garb is not my own 'cup of tea' at all, it seems that some folks have always, since the 70's, dressed like this at soul events even when the scene was 'underground' and far more selective as to who was supposed to join in! Just sayin' like. Regards. Drew.
  4. Just thought I'd give an update to an earlier post. Longshanks passed his Direct Entry Sergeant's Course on Tuesday and we went down on Friday to RAF Cranwell in Lincs for the ceremony. Once again a dead proud dad, particularly as he could'nt make his own bed 10 months ago!!!
  5. As much as we should be out dancing, Susan and I have just watched a tribute to Dame Vera who is a hundred years old on Monday. Cracking old gal and a great programme celebrating her life. Many of us on here are old enough to have parents who fought or who lived through the war. My childhood was 'riddled' with the memories and remnants of that time and maybe yours was too. Vera was clearly an inspiration to those living through those days, a time when things looked very dark. Many happy returns for Monday Dame Vera. Regards. Drew and Susan.
  6. Received the disc yesterday Mike and looking forward to listening to it this evening. Thank you once again. Kind regards. Drew.
  7. It's a very old saying here Robbk. Loved your dad warning you off Jewish lasses. Regards, Drew.
  8. Regional veriations I'm sure but pretty similar in most places: Put your face straight; Straighten your face or it will stick in the wind. Dad talking about someone rudely; s(he's) got a face that could haunt houses! And, when someone brought trouble to the door or one of us had f'ed up "why the soddin' hell do I bother! Regards. Drew.
  9. So, what would be an educated guess as to how many original copies of BK's SSNTM are in circulation/collections? Regards. Drew.
  10. Excellent Mike, thank you very much. Pm on its way. Regards. Drew.
  11. Vamping machines have had me off the cigs for eleven months now. Within three weeks of being off the fags my wheezy chest was tons better. Never smoked in the house for donkeys years but I vape in the house. Only problem now is that I've never got the soddin' thing out of my mouth! The Mrs has stopped buying room fresheners as she likes the smell. Presently puffing on peaches and cream! Regards. Drew.
  12. Her to him "shut the door, it's cold outside". Him to her "if I shut the door it'll still be cold outside woman". Her to him when they were arguing "you pissin', gettin' swine". Him to her when they were arguing "Annie you don't even like ya self". Every mother to every kid (of a certain age) "If you fall off that shed roof and break your leg, don't come running to me". Mum to me when I'd just thrown a dart into my slightly older sisters' leg and she's screaming the house down and I'm legging it out of the back door "if I get my hands on you my lad your life won't be worth living". Happy days!!!! Regards. Drew.
  13. Indeed Dreamgirls was amazing Ed. Tears in the eyes, hairs on neck stood up and as you say, breath taking! Three standing ovations during the show we were at! Regards. Drew.
  14. We watched Saturday's first series final episode this evening not knowing that there is to be at least one further series. We have watched it intensively, loving every minute of its brooding brillance. Clearly, many sub-plots covering Delaney's need for revenge on a number of others and his manipulation of all and everything around him has kept the story moving along wonderfully in our opinion. However, am I right in thinking, without knowing as we watched that this wasn't to be the final (ever) episode, that Delaney's real reason for starting this immense ball rolling is still yet to be revealed or have we missed something along the way? Revenge on those that did wrong to him and his mother are part of Delaney's motivation for returning to England but helping the American Revolution, taking on the East India Company and pissing off the King and establishment do not, to me, seem the full explanation. Clearly, the fact that there is to be another series would suggest that more is to be revealed. I just hope that this is the case and that the next series doesn't just go off on some other tangent. Any thoughts? Regards. Drew.
  15. Sounds good. Will see if my better half fancies getting her dancing shoes on. Regards. Drew.