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  1. Joe Dunlop List 16/1/2018

    PM sent. Regards. Drew.
  2. The Dansette King........

    .......anyone know details of this person's business/shop telephone number? I don't do eBay but I'm looking to buy something from this business if anyone can help with a contact number; I think he may be in Wigan. Any help would be much appreciated. ...
  3. How you got into northern soul

    There was a similar thread in 2012 under the heading of Which Record Got You Hooked. Below is my contribution to that thread as to how it happened for me: "I can remember it well. My sister is almost 3yrs older than me and was into Soul from around ...

    Hi Paul. I googled www.richardjonphotography.co.uk and it keeps bringing up www.jimrichardsonphotography.com! Can you post a link please. Regards. Drew.
  5. .......regarding the purchase of ground rent/leaseholds? If able/willing, I'd appreciate a pm discussion. Regards in anticipation. Drew.
  6. They're back!!!

    Just up with our four year old grandson and he's got Saturday morning kids TV on. Toy adverts in between programmes and, low and behold, an advert for a toy called Smackerz! For those not of a certain age, this is the new version of Clackers from t...
  7. Soul Source : The begining??

    Who was the first member Mike? Regards. Drew (since Nov 2005).
  8. Rarest of the rare allnighter 1994

    Just out of interest but at about 2.28 into the clip, a guy walks in front of the decks and he's wearing a back vest and I suspect flared 'baggy' trousers. Whilst such garb is not my own 'cup of tea' at all, it seems that some folks have always, since the 70...
  9. Just thought I'd give an update to an earlier post. Longshanks passed his Direct Entry Sergeant's Course on Tuesday and we went down on Friday to RAF Cranwell in Lincs for the ceremony. Once again a dead proud dad, particularly as he could'nt make his ow...
  10. Dame Vera Lynn.

    As much as we should be out dancing, Susan and I have just watched a tribute to Dame Vera who is a hundred years old on Monday. Cracking old gal and a great programme celebrating her life. Many of us on here are old enough to have parents who fought...
  11. News: Comp - Win Manhattan Soul 3 Kent CD

    Received the disc yesterday Mike and looking forward to listening to it this evening. Thank you once again. Kind regards. Drew.
  12. What your mother said

    It's a very old saying here Robbk. Loved your dad warning you off Jewish lasses. Regards, Drew.
  13. What your mother said

    Regional veriations I'm sure but pretty similar in most places: Put your face straight; Straighten your face or it will stick in the wind. Dad talking about someone rudely; s(he's) got a face that could haunt houses! And, when someone bro...
  14. Price - Bobby Kline

    So, what would be an educated guess as to how many original copies of BK's SSNTM are in circulation/collections? Regards. Drew.
  15. News: Comp - Win Manhattan Soul 3 Kent CD

    Excellent Mike, thank you very much. Pm on its way. Regards. Drew.