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  1. .......weekend today to Sunday. Going to Forest Pines near Scunthorpe and wondered if there are any pub/bar soul nights near by? There will stuff going on in Sheffeild and Rotherham tonight and/or tomorrow but that's likely to be a bit far a field for the lads I'll be with. Anything going on in the towns/villages nearby, the Market Town of Brigg for instance? Regards. Drew.
  2. Ok, thanks Stevie. PM me if you find one. Regards. Drew.
  3. Drew3

    Northern For A Wednesday

    PMd you Des. Regards. Drew.
  4. From what I can tell there was no US single release for this so has anyone got a copy of the following for sale? Not an expensive record from what Discogs indicates; price and condition please. Regards. Drew.
  5. Drew3

    Northern For A Tuesday

    PMd you pal. Regards. Drew.
  6. Drew3

    Classic Bargains all original ALL SOLD

    PM'd you at around 9.40am re Freddy Scott. Regards. Drew.
  7. Drew3

    Any tips.....

    Thank you. Regards. Drew.
  8. Drew3

    Any tips.....

    Hi Mike. Thanks for the advice and links. I've followed them pretty much to the letter and no joy in trying to view the threads referred to. Looks like Susan's getting a new IPad for her birthday or Christmas!!!! Regards. Drew.
  9. Drew3

    Any tips.....

    .......for de-clogging my Ipad? Biggest problem is on SS where, if there is a thread with a lot of YouTube video links for records posted, the pages buffer and freeze and then after several attempts a 'safari can't open the page' notification comes up. Been getting worse over the last few years. The pad is a little over four years old, not got thousands of photos saved nor lots of other things attached. Any advice on clearing something within the pad's settings (or even if there is anything connected to SS that I can do) would be much appreciated? Regards. Drew.
  10. Drew3


    I think the line "someone needs to clean their ears out" and the emoticon at the end gives it away, does it not!!!! Regards. Drew.
  11. What's With This Loneliness but it could easily be several others. Regards. Drew.
  12. Drew3

    Youth Club Soul

    From memory Mark, Blazers had three incarnations in that it's first and longest period open is when my older sister and her mates were regulars and no alcohol and I'm guessing that's when you went. It then closed for a while with a reopen and still no booze, that's when me and a few mates went a couple of times just before it closed again. It's third opening didn't last long and I believe the owners tried it with a booze licence. Soon shut again and then went up flames. The photo you posted; the shop front was a car showroom or something like and the club was further back from the front of that building with its entrance down the side street if I remember correctly. Kind regards. Drew.
  13. Drew3

    Youth Club Soul

    Mark is absolutely right. In my home town of Stockport we were spoilt for choice in terms of 'youth club soul' I remember the latter end of Blazers before the place shut and the building was destroyed by fire; a place somewhere up Cheadle Heath way called The Den, which was just some sort of scout hut but was packed each time I went and where I loved hitting the floor to Dance, Dance, Dance. Brinington, or Brinny, Youth Club was a magnet for young soul inductees and being from that council estate I attended regularly. On most 'ordinary' nights we danced to the likes of There's A Ghost In My House, I Got Something Good, Baby Hit And Run and many of the records mentioned above. However, Thursday nights were massive in terms of 'the soul disco'. I'm not great with dates but probably sometime in 73/74 there was at least one, possibly more, Thursday nights were DJs who had played at established nighters played. I remember there must have been around two hundred people in or trying to get in, massive for a youth club!!!! The thing that always struck me about those Thursday nights at Brinny Youth Club was that there was not just us kids in attendance but men of nineteen into their early to mid twenties who attended and who were clearly aficionados of the music and who had attended places we had only heard and dreamt of. So, for me and I guess for most of my age (58) who are into this music, youth clubs were massive and so, so important!!!!!! Regards. Drew.
  14. Drew3

    Bargains - All Reduced To Clear

    PMd you Kev. Regards. Drew.
  15. Drew3

    Northern For A Thursday

    PM'd you Des. Regards. Drew.


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