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  1. Just watched the whole fight on the Net. Can't take anything away from Fury, he boxed it perfectly, hardly a mark on him!!! Regards. Drew.
  2. I'll ask the grandkids!!! Xxx Regards. Drew.
  3. Hi Mike. No documentation now to tell me which model this iPad is! Bought as new in Oct 2012 so pretty old!!!! Works fine with YouTube links from sales pages, just not with the above mentioned type of link as it wouldn't open another sellers similar link!!! I suspect it is my pad. Thanks for everything you have tried Mike, much appreciated. Regards. Drew.
  4. Exactly the same Mike!!! Brings up exactly the same grey page. Regards. Drew.
  5. Morning Mike. Yes, as stated in my post, all looks normal. However, on the iPad, when I click the link it goes to the the attachment below. I've liaised with Des again, he is pretty convinced the prob is at his end. Regards. Drew.
  6. Hello Mike/site team. For several weeks now I have been unable to open Des Parker's links on his sales pages. At home on my iPad a click on the link brings up a grainy grey page with a small slim white line in the middle! Here at work the links don't do anything! Other links, such as YouTube links, work ok on both! I have liaised with Des and he originally thought that it might be something at his end and stated that he would look into it. I have informed Des that its still a problem but he hasn't really resolved anything or advised on what it might be. Des hasn't informed that others have raised this with him, which makes me think that the problem might be at my end! Has anyone else raised this with the SS team that they are having problems with certain types of links (I don't know the technical term for the type Des uses)? Has something changed on SS which means my iPad and work's computer need to change something in response? Any advice is much appreciated as I buy a lot of records from Des and being able to access the link is a real bonus. Thank you in anticipation. Regards. Drew.
  7. The big question is, who is the young fella paying no attention and clearly unimpressed! Not your good self by any chance Ezzie? All the best. Regards. Drew.
  8. Sorted on this one now thanks. Regards. Drew.
  9. Origional US Argo issue wanted. Ex or above. Please PM with price and condition. Payment by bank transfer if possible. Regards. Drew.
  10. Looking for the following please: Ronnie Walker- You're The One - US Phillips - Ex or above - original 60s turquoise with red lettering US issue - Not the 70s Navy Blue release. Please PM with condition and price. Bank transfer for payment preferred. Regards. Drew.
  11. Still after: Barbara Randolph - I Got A Feeling on US Soul, original first issue in Ex or above. Anyone with a decent copy for sale? Money can be bank transferred lunchtime any working Mon - Friday. Please PM responses. Regards. Drew.

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