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  1. Drew3


    PM sent. Regards. Drew.
  2. There was a record a few years ago in the charts, some young American girl and one of the lines in the song was something like "punks with flowers in their hair"!!!!!! Always made me raise my eyes to the heavens when I heard that line! Clueless modern yooof! Regards. Drew.
  3. Hi. We are presently on holiday in Corfu and I became aware yesterday of a week long soul event on the island called Sun In Your Soul. The flyer on SS has a contact name of Amanda Bradford, avatar on SS Mandym. I PMd Mandym last night asking if we got over to where the Sunday night session is would we get in. Nothing back so far and I am hoping that someone who knows Amanda/Mandym might see this, contact her via Facebook (w..
  4. Drew3



    Message for Mandym or Amanda Bradford. Please check your SS PMs. Regards. Drew. Ok, it's Tuesday 22nd May and I've got nowhere with my efforts so far to get a response from Mandym (contact name on the flyer). No problem. Here's the rub, we are on holiday here in Corfu and would like to attend one of the nights at Sun In Your Soul. Next night, according to the flyer, is the last night on Wednesday. However, we don't want to make the journey from Barbati to Benitses, a round journey of forty miles in a cab, if we cannot gain entrance. So, in the vain hope that someone attending the event reads this, would you be so kind as to ask one of the organisers to PM me on Soul Source today (Tuesday) with the nod, one way or another, that it is worth us making the journey. Any help would be much appreciated. Otherwise, hope everyone had a great time and maybe next time. Regards. Drew.
  5. Drew3

    Bargain Mid Tempo 60's!!

    PMd you Des. Regards. Drew.
  6. Drew3

    my Northern Soul Moan

    This is starting to read like a Dr Seuss book!!!! Green eggs and ham anyone? Regards. Drew.
  7. Drew3

    my Northern Soul Moan

    I may be wrong but I'm not sure that Sheddd has made his own poem up. I think that little ditty might have been posted on here before; or something very similar has!!! The sentiment it is meant to convey, well, that has been debated before on here many, many, many times. Regards. Drew.
  8. Drew3

    Talking pies- your best

    From the chippy its still Holland's for me!!!! Regards. Drew.
  9. Drew3

    Sunday Southern Soul Grooves

    PM'd you last night sir. Regards. Drew.
  10. Appreciated sir. Regards. Drew.
  11. Giving this a bump! Regards. Drew.
  12. Thanks for your reply Stu. For the moment I'm happy to look to buy from sellers on SS. Anyone? Regards. Drew.
  13. Had a really good offer of a mint UK issue for a tenner inc P&P (thanks Baz. ) but I'm trying to collect US stock/first issues. Anyone? Regards. Drew.
  14. Hi folks. Love T.K.O. / I Just Called To Say ‎(7", Single) Philadelphia International Records ZS9 3116 US 1980 Heard this on Eddy Edmondson's show a few weeks ago and he described it as being "about a fiver". Anyone got a good condition copy for sale for around that mark? Regards. Drew.
  15. PM sent to you Andy. Regards. Drew.