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  1. Have PMd the winner but with no response yet. Anyone who knows Soulmitch please give them a nudge. Regards. Drew.
  2. Sorted now thanks. Regards. Drew.
  3. Looking for an original US copy of Vernon Harrel - Slick Chick - Lescay Records. There are copies/boots of this so it needs to be a nailed on original. Please PM with condition and price, needs to be a good player. Regards. Drew.
  4. Thanks Dave and Graham but clearly two conflicting views above!!! It was sold to me (not the copy in the scans) as an original by a seller on here and at the time I checked as many bits of info on the Net as I could including this thread and other threads on SS and I settled that it was a 60s original due to a number of views that this version is simply another original press/design. Not suggesting I was sold something knowingly 'wrong' by the way as this is clearly one of those issues that there is/has been some mystery and confusion about over the years for many who have owned it.
  5. This was not answered clearly six years ago. What is this version with the scratched in matrix and the scratched in R please? Regards. Drew.
  6. After a nice playing US Atlantic original. Please PM with condition and price. Regards. Drew.
  7. If you mean no mention on here (SS), there was a thread started in this section on February 9th!! Don't know how to merge the threads so maybe Mods will. Regards. Drew.
  8. Thanks for the reply sir. So Bloomie is 60s and Number One 70s? Regards. Drew.
  9. Which was the first please, Bloomie or Number One? I can't find a definitive answer via the Net!! Regards. Drew.
  10. Just missed out on one!!! Anyone else got one for sale? Please PM. Regards. Drew.
  11. Hello Adele. If this is still available, would you consider an offer of £30 plus P&P costs? No worries if not. If ok, please are you ok with bank transfer for payment as I don't have PayPal? If that is ok, then the full money would be paid into your account tomorrow lunchtime when I can get to the bank. Please check me out in feedback on here, genuine buyer and payer. Regards. Drew.
  12. Still looking and wanted folks! Regards. Drew.

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