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  1. Hi there, Here are 45s for sale. I'm in California at the moment. Please write if you'd like additional sound files or photos of the records. You can find me here or on the facebook or my e-mail address is soultastic@aol.com. People used to call me but that doesn't happen much now. 949 332 9180 Best soulful wishes, Nancy (Yahiro) Billy Butler "Right Track" (OKeh) WD EX+ light paper scuffs $125 Sam Fletcher "I'd Think It Over" (Tol..
  2. Hi there, these are my records for sale. Any questions please message me or e-mail me at soultastic@aol.com or you can even call me in the US at 949 332 9180 (that's a cell phone and can get text messages). I'm also on the facebook. I accept paypal as a gift or personal checks from the US. Postage is from California. Thanks for looking, Nancy Chuck Wood "Seven Days Too Long" (Roulette) WHITE DEMO MINT 100 Euro Four Below Zero ..
  3. The following records are for sale. Postage will be from Italy. Paypal as gift or contact me to arrange another payment method. Please message me for information. Write me if you need sound files and scans of records. Some have sound files available, you might need to download them if they don't immediately play for you. Thank you. Nancy Roy Roberts Got To Have Your Love (Ninandy) EX++ (probably M- to some) $350 Lorenzo Holden..
  4. Hi Everyone. These records at the top are not mint but I have undergraded so anyone buying them will be very pleasantly surprised. Included are sound files so you can hear how cleanly they play. I believe the links do not play on phones, and it might be you'll need to download the file to your computer to hear it. Let me know if you need help hearing anything. Please write for label scans, I have them available. Paypal as gift p..
  5. Hi there, Sorry I tricked you into looking at this short list. I don't actually know if these qualify as "sweet soul" but I thought I'd take a shot at it. Here they are: Ron and the Embracers "You came into my heart" b/w "Latin Blood" (Spectrum) EX++ $200 Smokey 007 and the Exciters "We've got the same kind of thing going on" b/w "I'm sorry please accept my apology" (Sonesta) VG $500 (video of actual record on the youtub..
  6. Hi there! Here are some 45s for sale. I have some sound files available on my googledrive, and some videos are on my youtube channel that you can find if you enter my full name in the search field (Nancy Yahiro). Paypal as "gift" preferred unless you don't know me/are wary/don't trust me. Postage from England until May 30th only, after that I'll be selling from Italy. Please message me for information, thanks! Nancy Eddie B..
  7. Records for sale. Paypal as "gift" preferred unless you don't know me/are wary/don't trust me. Postage from Italy. Registered postage also available. As ever, my records are always guaranteed. Please PM for information, thanks! The Fasades "Take It Like I Give It"/Willie B. And Lera" (Shelly) M-/EX++ wear from storage? $125 San Bernardino's got the funk. 2 instrumental sides The Soul-Fay "Young Girl"/"Who Will be Ther..
  8. NancyYahiro

    Plink! * Northern 70S Funk R&b

  9. NancyYahiro

    Plink! * Northern 70S Funk R&b

    Hi there, For sale, all records guaranteed. Postage from Italy. Please message me for information. Paypal as gift unless you don't know me/are wary/don't trust me. Other payment options accepted too. The Fasades "Take It Like I Give It"/Willie B. And Lera" (Shelly) M-/EX++ wear from storage? $125 Linda Lloyd "Breakaway"/"Little Things Like That" (Columbia) WD M- $200 Nolan Porter "If I Could Only Be Sure"/same (AB..
  10. Hi there! Condition is everything, don't you think? Major company sleeves are original to the record. Immaculate condition, every one. Paypal as "gift" preferred unless you don't know me/are wary/don't trust me. Postage from Italy to Europe is an additonal $6.50. Please message me for information, thanks! Nancy Barbara Mills "Queen Of Fools "/"(Make It Last) Take Your Time" (Hickory) WD M- $300 Rufus Lumley "I'm Stand..
  11. For sale, these incredibly clean M- records' prices do not include postage from Italy (where I currently am located). Paypal as "gift" preferred unless you really don't know me. Other payment options certainly accepted. Thank you for looking at this brief list... James Lewis and The Case Of Tyme "Manifesto"/"Some Call It Love" (Legend) M- $150 Billy Davis "Stanky" (Get Funky)/"I've Tried" (Cobblestone) M- $250 Ra..
  12. Thanks everyone for your interest in this Gene Townsel record. I will end the period of accepting offers at 6 pm West Coast time (I think that's -8 GMT). Nancy
  13. Yay! Thanks Matt Are we NOT supposed to leave comments on these "sales" threads? I'm confused!
  14. Offers starting at $1600: Gene Townsel "Mr. Boon Tang"/"Can't Stop A Poor Man From Makin' Love" (Ah-La-Vi Records) Conservative EX+ condition (but closer to M-). Please contact me for more information. My phone number in the US is 949-332-9180. Or message me on the facebook or the soul-source. This record can be mailed from the US, or from Italy in early May. I know of 4 copies, one of which is mine. My friend Gab sold 3 mint copies ..
  15. Hi there, these records come with free postage in the US. I prefer personal checks whenever possible. Please message me if you are interested in anything. All records are guaranteed. Rene & Rene "Mira!"/"Verdad Amarga" (East Bend) EX $40 Cherro King "The Writing On The Wall"/I'm So Afraid I've Lost You" (Commerce) visual EX, plays perfectly $100 Chollo Rivera & Latin Soul Drivers "Black & Blues"/"I Could Never Hu..

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