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  1. vynilhound

    The Courtyard Stanwick Hotel Sunday 2nd Sept 2018

    Andy Felts around 7.00 Great afternoon & evening thanks for the invite; The Magnificents Don't Take Your Love Soul Sensations When I Had You Baby Tony Ashley I Cant Put You Down Sea Shells Quiet Home The Autographs Love's Gonna do You In Keni Lewis Ain't Gonna Make it easy The Fabulous Kays It's Too Late Bobby Reed If I Don't Love You Ollie Nightingale I Don't Know Why I Love You The Four Perfections I'll Hold On Eldridge Holmes Worried Over You Deena Johnson The Breaking Point Skip Jackson Promise That You'll Wait Ronnie McCain This Time I'm Gone
  2. vynilhound

    Major Lance - long shot

    I know you want it on the Okeh label but it did come out on British Columbia on a 45. ( correct me if wrong) !
  3. Looking for a nice clean copy of The Autographs Love Is Gonna Do You In, please PM cost & condition. Cheers Andy
  4. vynilhound

    Larry Atkins Lighten Up Sorted

    Larry Atkins Lighten Up, for a nice clean copy of this please on Highland, please PM condition and sensible price, Cheers Andy
  5. vynilhound

    Charles Brimmer + John Parker

    thanks replied to pm
  6. vynilhound

    Charles Brimmer + John Parker

    Looking for clean original copies of Charles Brimmer ; The Feeling Is In My Heart and John Parker; A Big Mistake. At the usual fantastically reasonable prices !! Please PM me, many thanks Andy
  7. vynilhound


    What a great afternoon & evening, packed with soulies & great music, thanks Geoff & Hammie. Andy
  8. Looking for a nice clean copy ( both sides) of Calvin Williams Lonely You'll be / It Wont Matter at all, on either label. Please PM details. Condition, price & postage Thanks Andy
  9. vynilhound


    I see one for sale on the Soulmine latest list @ £80.00
  10. Looking for a decent copy on Jean Wells What Have I got To Lose On Carla. Please get in touch via PM with cost & condition plus postage and we can do a deal!! Cheers Andy
  11. vynilhound

    kenni lewis aint gonna make it easy SORTED THANKS

    Thanks Baz & Dylan, have replied, cheers.
  12. Anyone have a nice copy of Kenni Lewis for sale please could you PM me with cost and condition. Thank you Andy
  13. vynilhound

    Re listed with price drops

    pm incomming Nick, Andy
  14. vynilhound

    Esquire Bedford 30 April playlist

    they all sounded great Steve, and it was good to you and some of the familly. Cheers; Andy
  15. vynilhound

    NOW SORTED Fantastics Me & You

    Thanks Kev, please can I buy that, if you could just give me the total inc postage and I will paypal you friends and family and thank you very much for getting in touch, regards Andy


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