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  1. Sad news in deed and condolences to the family, I too, have enjoyed the pain and joy of phone calls at 8 in a morning, but was always very pleased when the "mint" record arrived. Enjoyed chatting to John at Cleethorpes in the record room and his stories were amazing, wish I had recorded them, went to see what John had first before going to the other dealers his records were always quality and with the green Soul Bowl sleeve, you will be solely missed. Top dealer and Gentleman, Ronnie
  2. Whats the story behind the L B Charles I Worship You (Bell Sound Acetate) is it a one off?
  3. Hi All, just spotted this on the internet see link not sure why its only on Spotify, worth a listen disc 3 and 4 are the best, stuff from Junior Walker, Edwin Starr, Joe Stubbs, Ivy Jo, Temptations worth a listen, must be others on second listening. Some poor stuff. Enjoy hopefully, R
  4. Sad news in deed, will miss Jim, great bloke spent some brilliant times with him, heard some great records in van at Cleethorpes, our thoughts are with Liz and family. Ronnie, Andy, Glynn, Dave
  5. Hi Kenb, Do like the idea behind these connections, think they are really difficult to do, but think its a good start, the most obvious connection to me would shrine label/eddie singleton/motown which Andy Rix has researched extensively. Although its the ones that surprise you the most which have the biggest impact! Great stuff Ronnie
  6. Hi Johnny, Listened to your mixcloud, good stuff, will look out for future mixes and catch up with the others, not heard E.J. Chandler for ages, look forward to listening to the Motown tracks once theyre available. Ronnie
  7. The much anticipated unreleased Motown 1966 has not appeared yet, although have done a search on the internet and some information is available, previous release of unreleased 1965 was 11th December 2015 (according to Amazon) wondered whether anyone had further information on tracks and release date, says 80 tracks on Soulful Detroit? http://soulfuldetroit.com/showthread.php?17853-Any-info-on-motown-unreleased-1966-yet
  8. 2 wristbands spare, no accommodation. Should be there about 3pm on the Friday for you to collect. Please email me if you are interested £30 each - ideally sell together. email robertsrjjm@tiscali.co.uk Ron
  9. I was dissapointed also, mine was from reflex in Newcastle via Amazon and contained the mod 45s box set 1965-1967 which is odd. Ron
  10. Two Prestatyn passes for sale £50 the pair no accomodation, for pick up after 3pm friday please pm me
  11. 2 wrist bands available pick up Friday please email robertsrjjm@tiscali.co.uk or PM me £25 each
  12. This is really hard to take Glenn (Bunner) was such an inspiring soul fan, extremely knowledgeable and allways willing to share will really miss his chats. Allways had such great stories about record hunting and the artists he met which was a passion, the record he allways was most proud of was Love Friends and Money James Lately (What a record !) Glenn was allways with us at Prestatyn at the pub on a Saturday afternoon where we had such a good laugh Jim Smirk, Andy Roberts, Ron Roberts, Dave Gosling, Glyn Genders, Johnny Vare, Dave Pointon(another one gone) so wont be the same. Quote from Gle
  13. What can I say great lad will be soreley missed, total shock ! Dave has allways been with us at Cleethorpes, Prestatyn and at lots of soul events. Was a regular supporter of Macc Town and he will be missed at the games, collector of rare motown from around the world and was collecting lots of rare northern recently. We will miss him from the pub on Saturday at Prestatyn, we had such a brilliant laugh, its sort of legendary with Jim Smirk, Glenn Hunter, Johnny Vare, Me, Glynn Genders, Andy Roberts and Dave Gosling, wont be the same next year. Too Young ! Ron, Andy, Glynn, Dave.
  14. Have two wristbands, no accomodation, can be picked up Friday to be arranged, please PM me

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