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  1. Robin Salter certainly had it in the early 80's Can only assume he played it too :)
  2. Andy Skelson

    Mick and Hayleys wedding

    Mick Pipe, the 'Soulmaster' and Hayley got hitched on Saturday 20th December. The reception was pretty much Northern Soul all night (obviously) Fantastic do
  3. Andy Skelson

    Six Hills 27-09-08

    All the musical creativity of Roundhill Youth Club Circa 1979, but still managed to have a good laugh.
  4. Andy Skelson

    Pete Lawsons memorial do

    And a good night was had by all..
  5. Joan, went to every one!! It was Fantastic. tommo and pete lawson taking the piss out of anything that moved back stage. 13 card bragg in the cloakroom. Got even better when the second room opened downstairs. See Ya!! Trill.
  6. From the left. Weird Wayne, Poo (Paul Clay) Bunny (at the back) Daz in the middle. Dennis Cains and Me on the far right. (ooh dont we all look young!!)

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