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  1. Val (Chunky)

  2. Rubaiyats WDJ plus others

    ummm thought one of them was put by for me
  3. Features: Soulbowl

    List No:125
  4. Features: Soulbowl

    list No: 212
  5. Features: Soulbowl

    Great read Mark love these tales of old. I've still got quite a few old 'Soul Bowl' lists somewhere (find them quite depressing these days seeing what I missed) interesting how times have changed eg you could get 4 copies of Two People for 1 Wynder K Frog
  6. Ballads - Butterfly

    The Music City release takes it to another level later in the mix......
  7. Your Favourite 100 Club Single

    Mayberry Movement - I Can See Him Making Love To You is very inoffensive too......infact it's THE version for me
  8. Reggie Soul My World Of Ecstasy

    was this ever covered up and if so what as?
  9. The O'jays Live At The O2 Arena

    don't know where we're staying Jock, talk to my 'Social Secretary' coz it's a secret
  10. The O'jays Live At The O2 Arena

    so looking forward to this....Elaine secretly booked tickets and hotel for my birthday treat
  11. The True Soul Scottish Soul Weekender 2014


    bloody hell not long now kids......looking forward to seeing some of you lovely people real soon
  12. Originals Young Train / Young Ideas Question

    Here's a photo of the flip Bob
  13. Originals Young Train / Young Ideas Question

    I'll take a look when I get home Bob
  14. Jobell & Orchestra De Salsa