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  1. Days in the old cafe

    Showing my age now would that have been Jays Café on Stafford St.
  2. Big Sam, good luck to him

    Big Sam is a lifelong Wolves fan ..from Dudley ..... All the best Sam. Up the Wolves ..... Jenko.
  3. Jenko

  4. John Venn (Esher) R.I.P

    Sad loss to the soul scene , we had some great nights with him and the 86 club crowd at Swancote. God bless R.I.P . Paddy and Mary Jennings.
  5. Jethros Email Address

    Don't do Facebook myself but would love to contact jethro by e mail if anyone would pm me his e mail address please
  6. Micky Moonshine ?

    I would swear the rumours doing the rounds at the time was that it was recorded by Barry Blue ???
  7. As a 17yr old I was searched on the car park after getting off the Wolves coach and busted .I was put into ds car always remember it was a mini and told to put my hands up till we got to Wigan cop shop. Charged with possession and intent to supply and put in ...
  8. Tunes That Can Bring You To Tears

    Ben.e.king.... don't play that song.......does it for me
  9. Gladys At The 02 Appolo

    Went to watch England at,Wembley a few years ago , touts knocking out tickets at way over the odds , the Wolves Lads turned hi m over and gave the tickets awayin the pub to anyone who hadn't got one, and invested his ill gotten gains behind the bar,
  10. Gladys At The 02 Appolo

    I'm with you on this one Pete ridiculous pricing nowadays for concerts and don't start me on ticket touts. Grieves me to pay over the odds to watch my beloved Wolves.
  11. The Film - Reviews

    Just watched the film, saw flashes of my own past .....even down to the long leather .thought the casino toilets looked a bit clean and empty of obligatory nutters. Would love the film to have put across more of the friendships you make with people from other...
  12. Soul Source Favourite Motown Song

    four tops ask the lonely ....... reduces me to tears ...
  13. Wonderful words well written, we go back a long way........ as I said in an earlier post had many a bollocking off Helen ( always deserved lol ). Keep your chin up mate, sure H is very proud of you ............... a wonderful lady , God bless . ...
  14. Come On All You Collectors

    Pretty sure I had one from Pep with Pointer Sisters - Send him back , other side was Zola - KIng Errison must have been end of 76 at a guess .. Jenko