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  1. Robin S

    Sad news. Mark Clugston

    RIP Mark - sad news indeed. Nice memories in that photo Woolie Mark - must be upstairs Brum Locarno All Dayer 1980/81?
  2. Robin S

    R I P Lee Vowles

    Finding it so hard to believe this sad news. Many scene and football memories of a top lad. I first met him in 1979 when we jumped on a train (at Loughborough) from Leicester to Derby for an Assembly Rooms All Nighter - dived in a carriage and Lee was holding court in his inimitable style.. I’ll miss his unmistakeable greeting....”Oi Salty balls”... So pleased he saw the title win for his beloved Foxes. RIP Lee.
  3. Robin S

    Pretenders 'Be Yourself' on Carnival

    Birmingham Locarno - upstairs Modern room - 1981 is my first memory of it. As Rich says c/u as "The Quadrophonics" and played by Arthur/Mario. So no doubt a Snaith "Highwayman's Halt" record too...
  4. Robin S


    Sorry to hear this news - Tony was a knowledgeable lad and always helpful whenever I was in Fearnleys.
  5. Yeah great thanks Sean - trust you are too.. I listened to this whilst assembling some Ikea garden furniture - it helped keep me calm when the frustrations started to get too much!!
  6. Bloody brilliant Sean. Nice one.
  7. Robin S


    King Kasper...
  8. Robin S


    That's very true! Haven't seen them in ages which is a shame as being successful for a club like us is only likely to be fleeting and you've got to get the bragging rights in while you can!
  9. Robin S


    Hi Kev, we will have to be at our best - recent form suggests we are back on track - with that single minded attitude back...Will be a battle - don't think they'll blow us out of the water though which gives me hope for the home leg. Think I've got a ticket sorted too fingers crossed! Just really pleased we've done well in the competition and not been the embarrassment of English football ( as Champions) that some pundits and ..
  10. Robin S


    Pleased with the draw as if it had been Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern then there would have been less chance of going through... Keep it tight over there and anything could happen at the KP. I'll be desperate for a home ticket - if you Leicester lads have any leads please give me a shout!
  11. Very good Mark! On lots of levels including footy!! Trust the same with you..
  12. The two missing from a Simon's list above... SPENCER WIGGINS - TAKE TIME TO LOVE YOUR WOMAN ZINGARA - I SURRENDER Sean - what an archive! Doing justice to a wonderful time of the scene...
  13. Robin S


    We know what we are...Last 8 eh? Welcome to Dreamsville...
  14. Robin S

    Unknown Test Pressing.

    I might well have done Rich! I have had it a very long time - possibly reviewed in Blackbeat as well? Something makes me think it may have got a play or two at Cleethorpes but I'm not 100% on that. I don't know of any other version. Hope things are good with you Richard.