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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Irma Thomas Anyone Who Knows What Love Is

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  1. RobbK. Birthday

    The Happiest of birthdays to you Sir
  2. The last record you would sell

    Now you've thrown that thought into the mix I'll have to stick with Johnny Moore You Fixed it For Me, either that or suffer the wrath of she who must be listened to
  3. The last record you would sell

    That's the phrase I was searching for in my post Robb, well put Sir!!
  4. The last record you would sell

    That's a great question a bit like name your top three, what would be there one day could be gone the next, I've been giving it some thought since you first posted and still haven't come up with an answer. I do know it would be down to gut instinct as I held ...
  5. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    I don't mind the subtitles, found the first episode a tad confusing as to what was going on but by the fourth episode it's all becoming clear, very good though. I notice it's billed as series one so hopefully series two will follow pretty quickly.
  6. Local car boot find

    Found it on Popsike Vance, not a site I've looked at before, sixty quid in 2011 so must be a small profit there somewhere.
  7. Local car boot find

    Just about to leave a charity shop last week after wading through for the second time last weekend a raft of Jim Reeves and James Last albums the woman behind the counter placed a bag in front of me saying "noticed you looking through the records have a look ...
  8. Records that never quite made it....

    Always loved this one, thanks for posting , I can't recall ever hearing it in the last few years at least.
  9. Beer

    New series of Olly Smith's Ale Trail has started on the Travel Channel, he travels around America visiting Craft Breweries, last night he was in Texas. He tries to pack too much in rather than concentrating on one place but still an interesting watch. Last ni...
  10. J Manship Auction Results 01/11/2017

    Hey no apologies needed great that you take the time to post the results and much appreciated.
  11. Is it me, but?

    Which in far fewer words is what I was clumsily trying to say
  12. Is it me, but?

    I think you make a very valid point going off my own experience. I have never really been aware of record prices until I joined this site, my knowledge has increased thanks to the guys on here though I'm largely still in the dark as to what most of my remaini...
  13. Possibly the wrong forum, just came across this on YouTube, not sure how well known it is probably well known but it made me smile, mods feel free to remove if deemed unsuitble https://youtu.be/iA64mhwfoZc
  14. Chalky. Birthday

    Don't know you personally Chalky but always find your views interesting and to the point, have a happy soulful birthday
  15. Selling my collection help wanted.

    This is more a view of how you might feel after selling rather than any kind of advice, I have never been more aware of the prices of what I have or have had than I am now but for me the price of the record has never been a factor. I've sold records in batche...