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    Hi, I've listened since my schooldays to all genres of Black Music and have been collecting since I was about fourteen, I've gone through phases buying 60's soul, Funk, Deep Soul ,Reggae, Ska, chart soul in the seventies, Jazz Funk in the 80's, stopped buying in the 80's when children came along and moved onto cd's as the record player gave up the ghost. Sold most of the good stuff over the years which I now regret since recently rediscovering the joy of playing vinyl again. With my fiancé Lou we attend several local nights her tastes being different to mine, she's more a top 500 girl whereas I lean towards rare and underplayed and rnb though we manage to find nights that suit us both.

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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Patience Valentine Our Love

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  1. I'm coming to the end of a mini spending spree from the sale of a record a few weeks back mentioned on another thread, buying again for the first time in over twenty years, I've found the whole thing both exhilarating and frustrating from the minefield of wildly differing prices for the same record, trawling ebay and the fanciful descriptions by sellers, I wasn't aware Hold Back the Night was very rare Northern Soul stock photos of records then reading the description this is not original, the anticipation of the records arrival and the fear when behind the door you find it's sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard wrapped with a reel of parcel tape. I've possibly been lucky and not had anything a mile off the listed grading. I've been buying tunes raging from new stuff recommended by you guys down to the popcorn one posted today, had a great time but now it's back to my normal small monthly budget hunting for those elusive bargains.
  2. Morning everybody, wishing you all a happy bank holiday weekend
  3. Yes , I'm not a great fan ,a mate told me about the track, never thought about the Al green connection, I'll have to give it another listen with that in mind.
  4. Sorry can't find a you tube video for this one, Lemar, Come On Over, bonus track on his It's Not Easy cd, there's a cover version by someone else nowhere near as good.
  5. Nice, new to me but then most things are
  6. Can't remember where I heard this, hope it wasn't on this thread ,recent purchase, tother side none to shabby either,
  7. This thread reminded me I had this cd given to me some time ago lying somewhere in the house, not sure I have ever played it,
  8. Listening to some of the Funky stuff on this thread the last week had me digging out the funk box, completely forgot about this one, one of those where postage is more than the record.
  9. Didn't know that one, there was a time the lyrics could have been the theme tune to my life, Sixteen Tons brought back happy memories of my youth , couldn't find the version I used to listen to before I was old enough to actually buy records which puzzled me, age has taken its toll on parts of my recall. Nice selection.
  10. Jerry Fuller, fabulous tune
  11. I can't remember the thread ,it was some time ago but John Cooper Clarke became a hot topic within the thread, I know there were several fans of Dr Clarke on that thread ,I have been a long time fan myself and an avid collector of poetry books so I was quite surprised last Sunday to see in my local Waterstones that John Cooper Clarke has had a new book out since last October, The Luckiest Guy Alive, I remember some of the poems from seeing him live earlier last year, only half way through but he's lost none of his wit and verve. If like me you missed it check it out it's a cracker.
  12. My tale of selling up, not selling up, selling, giving and regret. Around 15yrs ago I considered selling up, I hadn't played any vinyl for years, the vast majority of my collection was and still is Motown, early sixties , Atlantic, stuff from soul packs, general chart soul from the 70's and early 80's, I didn't think I had anything of great value , a bloke I met in my local pub a few months earlier showed an interest , came and had a look at the records said he'd make me an offer, I got cold feet went to his house to tell him I'd changed my mind ,he wasn't in but his wife said he'd be very disappointed he had just drawn out two grand, far more than I expected to be offered. Move on to about 7 yrs ago (which is frightening in itself a it seems like yesterday) I needed money for a holiday, a good mate and respected Dj came and had a look ,not wanting to fall soft again and knowing him to be a genuine guy I told him to take what he wanted and give me a fair price, I was happy with what I got even though I had no idea what I had sold, sold some more to another Dj mate and regrettably gave some to another. Move on again to two years ago and illness meant I had time on my hands ,off work for eighteen months I fixed up a deck and started playing my vinyl, this is where the regret kicked in, not so much for the ones sold at least I got something but the ones I gave away. Not a Northern night passes were I don't say to my mate "I used to have that" or "I think I've got that" only to get home and find I've either sold it or given it away. Move on to today and I'm back in the game so to speak, buying vinyl again on a small budget so some of the stuff I sold and would like to own again I can't afford, that small budget has slowly increased as the bug has bitten deeper, thanks to some of the audio threads on here I'm buying a mix new releases, bits and bobs of stuff I've always liked but thought were out of my price range but have been happy to find they aren't. I'm still in a quandary over Ovo, does it matter if I'm only playing them in the house, should I buy stuff on Kent, Outtasight etc when there's enough original releases for the same price that I like, does it really matter, probably not and enough people have told me that. Finally as a believer in Karma, the respected Dj and still a good mate finding out I was buying again has gifted me several great sounds ,as he says you were good to me back then.
  13. I don't know where this rates as regards a jump in price I read the Wants thread on here last week not something I normally do and saw someone was looking for Eula Cooper Try, I thought I'm sure I've got that somewhere, got it in a soul pack back in the day, can't remember ever playing it past the initial don't like that but it's been there gathering dust for years. I was intrigued so looked it up on Discogs and Popsike ,fluctuated over the years from around £80 to the last one sold last Feb for upwards of £400 with an average of around £230. Still no wiser as to the reason for the price, is it a minor rarity or is it being played out, any of you more knowledgeable guys know. Haven't decided what to do with it as I don't like the record but a couple of hundred quid could seriously diminish my wants list.
  14. My mate works in a couple of charity shops and gets some pretty decent British stuff on a regular basis. Trying to find something is a thankless task as he tells me you are up against dealers and collectors with time on their hands who do the rounds of the charity shops sometimes several times a week. It's a case of just being lucky, it's always worth asking have they anything in the back as stuff is brought in all the time. You never know next time it might be your turn to be lucky......we live in hope. I did get a couple of early Expansion cd's the other week, obviously not rare or anything but nice to find in a charity shop.
  15. Nice mellow start to a sunny Sunday

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