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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Patience Valentine Our Love

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  1. Very best wishes, hope you've had a great day
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  2. Three on Discogs from Japan £40 to £50 plus postage if ovo is of no concern
  3. Hopefully we'll get that from Walter Russ, enjoyed the first series .
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  4. , Puttin' the Best on the Outside Jean Wells Along Came Pride Donnie Elbert It Takes Both of Us Act 1 Sinful Mr Bloe My Conscience The Lovelites
  5. Bugger, can I cheat and list my five favourite poetry books which is hard enough on its own and come back with five non poetry later...… In no particular order Rapture Carol Ann Duffy Laying Something Down Jim Burns Collected poems 1962-2007 (if I had to choose a single book of his it would be Streetsinger. The Mersey Sound which allows me to get in three of my favourite poets, Roger McGough, Brian Patten and Adrian Henri. Straight Ahead Claire Shaw Black Roses Simon Armitage Pink Mist Owen Sheers. The last two I'd recommend to anyone whether they like poetry or not, in the first Simon Armitage takes on the voice of Sophie Lancaster the Goth girl murdered in Bacup Lancashire, very moving, the Owen Sheers Pink Mist is a verse drama about three young soldiers from Bristol who end up in Afghanistan again it will move you. As with all these things ask me in half an hour and another will spring to mind...
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  6. I haven't been on here much this week so I'm sorry to see you go Simon, never thought I'd say that as when you first came on and you mentioned your many talents I thought this bloke must collect trumpets as well as all the other stuff you've mentioned. I have grown to respect you even more so when you became a moderator and showed common sense and fairness in the way you handled a fair few threads as they became fractious. As others have said I would imagine it is a thankless task and your contributions have been many and varied, your passion for whatever subject you have posted on be it Muscle Cars, Guitars ,Land Rovers and of course the music shines through. Shame to see you leave your moderators post Simon hopefully you are staying around and continuing to contribute. Thank you for all your efforts and the many smiles your posts have brought.
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  7. This one seemed to have no fear Martyn, we were outside the workshop when the driver waiting for his truck suddenly said where did that come from, when I turned around the bird was perched on one of the parcels, it flew out of the back of the truck onto the drum store roof, sat there for a few seconds then flew back into the truck and perched about two feet behind me on another parcel, I started to talk to it and it flew toward me landing on my shoulder, the apprentice just got the photo before it flew off, when I went inside to show the lads the photo our female mechanic who was working on an engine said it had landed near her ten minutes earlier and been flying around the workshop. I'd have been gutted if it had flown off before Harry the apprentice had the chance to take the photo, I'm sure it will certainly never happen again.
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  8. It was quite a fat little thing Steve, I tried to edit the photo so the bird was clearer this was the best I could manage.
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  9. Minding my own business repairing a shutter at work today when this little fella flew into the back of the wagon, perched itself on one of the parcels and decided to sit on my shoulder, lucky for me the apprentice was stood outside the truck and just had time to take the photograph before it flew out... and no not as someone has said I'm not wearing a new wig of overdone it with the Grecian 2000 it's a wooly hat
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  10. Happy Birthday Steve, have a good one
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  11. One from the youth club.....
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  12. 1. Lives of Others 2 John De Florette 3 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 4 Downfall 5 La Famille Beleier
  13. Never realised it was THE Billy Crystal Rick, I have this on one of those Disco Review albums, I'm probably wrong but I'm sure Robbie Vincent played this on one of his shows but that may be a memory/age thing. I'll have to check out the mix on the album as I'm sure there's not so much talking on mine.
  14. I was aware of that, the Silicosis was diagnosed after the bypass (quad) the two problems had been fighting against eachother re treatment for over a year, can't do this until your heart is sorted, can't do your heart until your lungs are sorted kinda thing. My hope that the breathing would be improved was down to my brother being diagnosed with Asthma for several years then having a bypass himself after which his breathing was fine. I knew it was a long shot and was warned by the heart surgeon that the possibility was remote of any improvement in my breathing but hope springs eternal as they say. It's been hard coming to terms with how I feel as others I have spoken to like yourself felt like a new man after the bypass. Thanks for the reply.
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  15. Long time favourite of mine that dropped through the door this week, always makes me feel good whatever day of the week, don't know whether I'm proud or ashamed to say at twenty quid it's the most I've ever paid for a record.

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