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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Patience Valentine Our Love

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  1. Twoshoes

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Never realised it was THE Billy Crystal Rick, I have this on one of those Disco Review albums, I'm probably wrong but I'm sure Robbie Vincent played this on one of his shows but that may be a memory/age thing. I'll have to check out the mix on the album as I'm sure there's not so much talking on mine.
  2. Twoshoes

    Talc - yes or no?

    I was aware of that, the Silicosis was diagnosed after the bypass (quad) the two problems had been fighting against eachother re treatment for over a year, can't do this until your heart is sorted, can't do your heart until your lungs are sorted kinda thing. My hope that the breathing would be improved was down to my brother being diagnosed with Asthma for several years then having a bypass himself after which his breathing was fine. I knew it was a long shot and was warned by the heart surgeon that the possibility was remote of any improvement in my breathing but hope springs eternal as they say. It's been hard coming to terms with how I feel as others I have spoken to like yourself felt like a new man after the bypass. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Twoshoes

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Long time favourite of mine that dropped through the door this week, always makes me feel good whatever day of the week, don't know whether I'm proud or ashamed to say at twenty quid it's the most I've ever paid for a record.
  4. Twoshoes

    Talc - yes or no?

    Very interesting post, I have Asthma and Silicosis and had a bypass last year that I had hoped would improve my breathlessness, I'd never considered that Talc could possibly make my breathing worse but I will monitor the proximity of any talc in future and the level of my breathlessness when dancing which is very limited sometimes struggling after half the record. Still coming to terms with the recent Silicosis diagnosis so maybe nothing may help but every little increment would be a good thing. Thanks for the input.
  5. Twoshoes

    Your best Soul experience of the year...

    First time at the Ukranain Club Ashton, brilliant night with far too many tunes new to me to pick out one though as a prodigious downloader they played a fair few I knew as well, wonderful to hear them played out at a venue instead of a cd or laptop. Managing to dance to three records on the trot for the first time after my heart bypass, sadly not managed it since. Rediscovering the joy of playing vinyl at home . (downside reading the "what system do you have" thread and finding I'm probably ruining my records on sub standard equipment, just as well I have nothing of any great value as the funds aren't there to upgrade.
  6. Twoshoes

    Beer of the year 2018

    Mine would have to be a bottle of Goose 312 Urban Wheat I'd left to mature when I was off work and not drinking, project I started after seeing a programme on TV where they mentioned maturing beer like wine. My bottle was eighteen months out of date , wish now I'd left it longer as it was as smooth as silk and had a really rich honey flavour nothing like an in date fresh one. I have about fifteen in a dark cupboard only flaw in my plan is some of them I won't be able to get when I decide to drink them so will not know if the maturing process was worth it. I got the Fullers 2018 Limited Edition as a present from my son which has a long use by date intended to be left to mature, prices rise as they age, if you're lucky enough to have a 1997 Edition lying forgotten in the back of a cupboard it's for sale on their website for £515,
  7. Twoshoes

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    I kid you not with this, when I was a kid the son of the landlord of the local pub got his foreskin well and truly caught in his zip, it must have been a slack day (no pun intended) when his dad phoned the fire brigade for advice they offered to help, no sooner had the fire engine parked up than us kids were there to see what had happened , no smoke, no hoses, first bloke out of the pub was asked what's happening for us to be told young Johns got his cock caught in his fly. needless to say it was a few days before said young John showed his face though to be fair once he showed us the scars our laughter soon turned to sympathy, I've been very careful ever since that day.
  8. Twoshoes

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    Peter Adamson's house was the last drop on my paper round when I was a kid, a few years before the swimming baths incidents, one Christmas he opened the door and give me a quid tip, I was just about to say thank you when he said it was off the old bloke at 987 across the road...tight bugger...and before you say it Steve it was a quid tip not a
  9. Twoshoes

    Soul Source guide to record collecting.

    On the subject of demos don't know if this adds anything to the pot or will even be of interest, in the early seventies I dated for alas too short a time lass who's older brother was a Dj at the Nevada in Bolton. She knew I collected Soul records and on my one and only visit to her house she let me into the caravan her brother used in the garden, can't remember why the caravan was there but that's by the by, the floor of said caravan was littered with demos of all genre's of music, literally hundreds of records. She told me to help myself, not having dated her for too long I showed admirable restraint thinking I would get a second chance of picking some stuff. I came away with several JayBoy Demos, a few Motown green and whites and some deep soul stuff by the likes of Dee Dee Warwicke and Irma Thomas on Atco and Atlantic respectively. From memory the Nevada was a general dance hall and skating rink so whoever sent out the demos wasn't concerned with sending out just the potential pop hits of the day as I think it very doubtful either Dee Dee or Irma would have got played there.
  10. Twoshoes

    Folding phone available - world first

    off topic of thread but connected to your reply there was a programme on the BBC a few weeks ago investigating the history of our waste where they gave facts for the amount of precious materials thrown into landfill in mobile phones etc , the fact that wars are fought in some African countries to control those resources, the amount of gold thrown away in phones and computers against the amount of rock that has to be dug up to obtain the gold in the first place. Thy dug up a section of known landfill sites from four different periods in history one I think from memory from the eighties. The perception was that paper by now would have decomposed yet they found because of the lack of oxygen in the ground a newspaper from the eighties that although damp was still readable. I'm wary of facts but they claimed there are now more mobile phones in the world than people. Near the end of the programme they questioned whether we need to look at how we dispose of material and whether better use could be made of things we don't consider, they showed in an area where lots of people walked their dogs a pilot scheme where a guy to show the principle had invented machine that converted dog poo into energy that then ran a street lamp.
  11. Twoshoes

    Ukrainian Club - Ashton Under Lyne

    first time visit for us and what a great night, friendly welcome on the door, cheerful chatty bar staff, decent sized dancefloor, fabulous sets by all the,Dj's playing rare and underplayed , one of our best nights out for the music in ages, highly recommend a visit to anyone tired of the same old same o, one minor quibble a couple of the Dj's turned the music up far too loud but that's a concern of mine having tinitus and purely personal, my ears were still ringing in the morning. A wonderful night, thanks to all, promoters, guests and the cheerful attentive bar staff.
  12. Twoshoes

    Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    scan casino right view.pdf
  13. Twoshoes

    Timepix uk map

    had a quick look before setting out to work, just my kind of site Mal, looks like I'll be whiling away a few hours this afternoon browsing the site , praise be to a phased return to work.
  14. Twoshoes

    Precisely what is it...?

    Bit of background and a lot of rambling before getting into the soul,I love music, always have done from an early age, we always had brass instruments in the house as my Dad played in several brass bands, one of big regrets not learning to play myself even more so as my uncle was bandmaster in the local Salvation Army and used to teach, watching variety shows on Tv with my mum, I used to enjoy Petula Clarke oddly especially when she sang in French, Frankie Vaughan, Tommy Bruce, Dusty etc. Having older brothers and sisters who listened to the pop music of the day and bought a few records introduced me to the Small Faces, Kinks etc. Got a guitar for my tenth birthday and like a lot of things in my life I just didn't have the will to progress further than pissing about, always been a problem applying myself with any conviction to anything. Reading this thread before setting off on my walk to work one morning this week then listening to my mp3 on the short walk several tunes came up that brought me back to this thread, strangely one in particular which also took me back over fifty years was from Mireille Mathieu singing in French, hadn't a clue what she was singing about but the emotion in her voice was magnificent followed by Bettye Swanns slow version of This Old Heart Of Mine in which in her spoken intro she says something along these lines (we all know this song but do we really listen to the words) this led me to ponder on how much attention we pay to the lyrics in a song or is the emotion enough, and what it is I love about a particular tune. Is it the voice, the instrumentation, a particular section of a tune, by this time my head was full of what I was going to write in reply to this thread. Days later most of that has gone. So what is it I love about the music. It would be easier to say what I don't like, there's tunes from every facet of the music I love bar one, I can't explain it very well but it's a particular group harmony sound that just does not do it for me. What does it for me, where do I start, the brass, not only the sound but seeing a brass section in a live band swing from side to side , up and down (you know what I mean) has always brought the biggest smile to my face. Only the other night switching the tv over and catching the end of Nigella cooks something or other my ears pricked up, could that be Jr Walker, don't know that tune, out with Shazam, Tally Ho, must have that somewhere and I did, it was like I'd won the lottery (well not quite). On my walk to work Earl Wright ,not heard it in ages then comes the Sax break, brilliant. Julian Covay, the whole thing, music, lyric, voice, a record I've never owned but always loved and maybe that's another thing I love about it all, the wanting, no doubt over the years I could have obtained the record scores of times but does the not owning increase the pleasure of hearing it, (proper rambling now). Basically I could have answered with one word EVERYTHING, apologies for rambling and possibly not even answering the bloody question. No doubt I'll be back to press the edit button.
  15. Twoshoes

    Postman's knock?

    Finally back to work after long illness so still have to be careful with the pennies hence this cheapie dropping on the matt this week


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