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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Patience Valentine Our Love

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  1. Twoshoes

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Got to be up there somewhere.... miserable but so good
  2. Twoshoes

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Got that one Vance, another great film , World Cinema's been a passion since I saw Diva in the early eighties.
  3. Twoshoes

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Watched the Shape of Water last night, well worth a watch,
  4. I can't really add much as I don't remember a lot about the night other than having a great time,my main memory is setting off for home in the morning on two borrowed scooters and mine breaking down after about three miles. We got talking to Tony Cummings the journalist who took a shine to one of the girls we knew who ended up living with him in London for a time. I lost touch with the two mates I went with after a couple of years a..
  5. Twoshoes

    Modern day soul packs anyone?

    I've got one arriving soon, a gift from a mate in France who no longer has a record player, he tells me he sold his good stuff years ago but still has a few in the loft, he's warned me not to expect much but the anticipation and excitements still there,one mans rubbish hopefully becomes my treasure, I'm not interested in value by treasure just something that makes me smile and my ears sing.
  6. Twoshoes

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    The first non white person I ever saw was a little Sikh man who sold household stuff like dusters ,brushes etc from a suitcase and if your mum bought anything and you were lucky you'd get a free small tin of polish for polishing your bike, they used to call every two months or so. Somebody mentioned tramps earlier in the thread, my Dad could be a bit of a drinker and had a heart of gold he once brought a tramp home he'd come ..
  7. Twoshoes

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    As well as anyone throwing rolled up paper into the projector light beam and getting a clip round the ear then getting another off your Dad when you were stupid enough to tell him .
  8. Twoshoes

    harold soul club bradford no more

    Always sad to see a long established night end, as with Paul above never been to the Harold but heard you play at other venues and echo his sentiments.
  9. Not sure this is the correct forum Mods feel free to move if not, I know there is a level of interest in House with some members ,not seen this film myself, it's on Film 4 Thursday 12,30 am, brief description taken from Amazon. Spanning two decades across Paris, New York and Chicago, Eden is an epic story of euphoria, melancholia and passion. Paul is a teenager caught up in the rave scene of 90s Paris, rubbing shoulders..
  10. Twoshoes

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    What happened to Council gulley suckers clearing the drains on the road, now they just sweep edge of the pavement and not very well at that, when I wer a lad they used to stop at every grid and do a proper job , along the stretch of road where I live there's hardly a grid that aint blocked.
  11. Twoshoes

    The Temptations Story -- Theatre Show

    Odd that If You Don't Know Me By Now is one of the songs in the show, I checked you tube as I wasn't aware they had done a version the only one I could find was as backing to Jean Carne, with the size of their back catalogue you'd think there would be one of their own that would fit the storyline which I guess is why it is used or am I just being pedantic. Thanks for posting wasn't aware of the show which I guess will make it's way o..
  12. Twoshoes

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    My favourite track off the album, still have it somewhere..
  13. Twoshoes

    Buen Camino!

    Great Mal, I was hoping you would give us an overall view of the experience, whether you got anything out of it spiritually and if it had affected any views you held on people in general. Also are we going to see the poem from your friend you mentioned,?
  14. Twoshoes

    Buen Camino!

    Well done Mal, it's been a pleasure to read your daily blog and enjoy the pictures, thank you for taking the time to post during the walk, brilliant a most enjoyable thread.