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    Hi, I've listened since my schooldays to all genres of Black Music and have been collecting since I was about fourteen, I've gone through phases buying 60's soul, Funk, Deep Soul ,Reggae, Ska, chart soul in the seventies, Jazz Funk in the 80's, stopped buying in the 80's when children came along and moved onto cd's as the record player gave up the ghost. Sold most of the good stuff over the years which I now regret since recently rediscovering the joy of playing vinyl again. With my fiancé Lou we attend several local nights her tastes being different to mine, she's more a top 500 girl whereas I lean towards rare and underplayed and rnb though we manage to find nights that suit us both.

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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Patience Valentine Our Love

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  1. Lovely area Andy, I stayed in Plockton about 15 yrs ago, my former neighbours were Scottish and her parents had a holiday home just above the Loch. We had a memorable night in the Plockton Inn with local musicians playing being joined by young people from if memory serves me right a nearby music school. Cheated just looked it up and for once my memory did serve, Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd (National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music) at Plockton High School Highland.
  2. Apart from the actual joy of listening to the music those few words some up one of the other delights of collecting, I remember back when I first started my own journey into soul music and the missed heartbeat coming across a Blue Stax record which though common to find were for me as a fourteen year old new to the music with little money was true treasure. Seeing the label today still warms my heart and brings a smile.
  3. Frankie Saunders, great tune and one that had completely slipped my mind, added to wants list cheers Mal
  4. Mate of mine bought some small strong magnets off ebay I think, glued to the beer tops made good fridge magnets.
  5. Those were the ones I bought Steve, I found they had good reviews across several sites, I bought the RSPB guide which hopefully should arrive tomorrow. I honestly didn't think I would get as much pleasure as I have done from getting closer to wildlife.
  6. Cheers Andy, thanks for reminding me, I thought about that when I was out walking and looked up some intending to download one when I got home, completely forgot.
  7. I had my first jab about a month ago and had side effects, same as others, chills, couldn't get warm lethargic the following day, heard from a few mates who had the same. My son had his, didn't know why he got the appointment other than possibly having epilepsy when he was younger, phoned me to say he was fine until later that night the same chills and lethargy. Ready and waiting for the second jab, if I get a reaction again better that than full blown covid.
  8. Not adding much to the thread but I've seen it listed as such somewhere on Discogs, obviously I mean it's me not adding much to the thread not you.
  9. Down to the photos posted on here I reckoned I didn't need any more records for a day or two so spent my birthday money on a pair of binoculars. Did some research on a few birding sites and followed the advice, didn't want to do my usual trick of buying something expensive then never using it/them so went for one with good reviews. Happy with the ones I bought but maybe would have bought bigger magnification if I'd had the opportunity to test them first. So a big thanks to Steve, Martyn, Russ and everyone who posts up pics, made my walks a lot more enjoyable, resulted in a few conversa
  10. It was toss up between Keep and Depends for me. As Russ says it's down to the promoter who should know whether his night and the crowd he caters for warrants a second room. If the promoter knows from the get go that the main room always has a good crowd and there is also a demand for a room playing in whatever way something different plus the Dj's playing in that room are aware they will be playing to a limited audience I see no problem. I've seen it work with the same Dj's playing both rooms, some of the Dj's I know were happy to play and try out tunes in the second room they know w
  11. Mate sent me a link to this today, I'm guessing it will be ok to post, if no mods please remove, description of record by seller Davemotown on ebay, cheered me up anyway. The Seven Souls I Still Love You b/w Billy Butler Right Track Pressing ,carver,reissue,bootleg,lookalike,repro call it what you want but it ain't a original,it was possibly made in someones garden shed/garage/spare room but I can't verify this as I wasn't present when the record was made. The record is a round flat piece of plastic,this one is black but I believe other colours have been used t
  12. Very informative Mike and good to know how much work goes into placing an article, I would guess most like myself assume these things just appear not realising the amount of action that goes on in the shadows so to speak. Thank you for giving us an insight into the workings of the site.
  13. Me too, I once wrote a poem based on it, it's called Pareidolia if you weren't aware, hope the link works https://www.lenstore.co.uk/eyecare/pareidolia-science

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