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    Hi, I've listened since my schooldays to all genres of Black Music and have been collecting since I was about fourteen, I've gone through phases buying 60's soul, Funk, Deep Soul ,Reggae, Ska, chart soul in the seventies, Jazz Funk in the 80's, stopped buying in the 80's when children came along and moved onto cd's as the record player gave up the ghost. Sold most of the good stuff over the years which I now regret since recently rediscovering the joy of playing vinyl again. With my fiancé Lou we attend several local nights her tastes being different to mine, she's more a top 500 girl whereas I lean towards rare and underplayed and rnb though we manage to find nights that suit us both.

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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Patience Valentine Our Love

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  1. Like that Mike , bugging me now as soon as it started it reminded me of something else, possibly something by Adele but not sure, going to be running through my head all day.
  2. As this thread has highlighted quite a few times some of those charting soul hits have hidden gems on their B sides, Gloria Gaynor and Jimmy James to name two. As Rick says posting new tunes gives others a chance to hear something that might otherwise pass them by. Thanks to this thread in particular I've bought some crackers in the last year or so, long may it continue or maybe not for me, early retirement beckons for the sake of my health and my pension pot is not going to fund the kind of money I've been spending.
  3. I don't follow celebrity news so can only comment from the small amount I've read and from discussions with Lou who is vehemently anti Megan. I think it was always going to happen sooner or later, one of the high profile Royals wanting to jump ship, maybe Megan has forced Harry's hand maybe not, it does appear she is getting all the blame for the situation they find themselves in. If they want to run their own lives fair play to them but they should realise and accept that like the rest of us support yourself. If they are going to earn and I use the term loosely "a living" which presumably will be from their "celebrity" status then do as other celebs who assume they require protection pay for it yourself. They have wealth we can only dream about, As to the original question Who'd be a Royal, I guess that depends on your personality and outlook on life , whether you like to be in control of your life which appears to be the root of their troubles, personally it would not be for me, I could take the money, the luxury, the privilege but I think I'd pretty soon tire of being told "on this day you will be in such and such a place opening a rebuilt Wigan Casino, then in the evening you'll be guest of honour at the Baggy Pants makers Ball" .
  4. Saw this while trawling ebay with five mins to go on auction, didn't know it, gave it a listen just got a bid in on time, sadly though looking mint plays with a bit of background noise in places, did get offered refund if I sent it back but for what I paid not worth the hassle, neighbours on holiday for two weeks so it's up with the volume, tother side pretty good too
  5. First purchase of 2020, mines the cheaper 70's re issue
  6. Last word from me on Cilla, the one I heard was Baby It's You, won't post a link before we are reminded this is a soul music forum, I had a conversation with a Dj mate on NYE regarding the playing of white British pop, Petula Clark was brought up which has been discussed elsewhere, it's not what I'd choose to hear played at an event but people do dance to it and accept it so live and let live, funny thing for me some I know accept Pet but would look aghast if Josh Hoyer were played. The wonderful world of Northern Soul, I was accused of being part of the Soul Police on the same night for expressing an opinion. (Petula is in my 60's collection along with a couple more of hers, I remember vividly being fascinated as a kid when she sang in French, maybe she stirred my later passion for French cinema).
  7. Turns out I have the Cilla Black and it wasn't the one I heard last year, that one was listed on YouTube as Popcorn, started buying records I remember enjoying as a kid before Soul Music took a hold, having older brothers and a sister I was much influenced by them, used to watch all the variety shows with my Mum, funny how some of the artists I enjoyed kind of paved the way for my future love of soul. After hearing Gloria Lynne Tower of Strength at last nights event and playing Cilla I had to give Frankie Vaughan's version a spin. Pic is some of my 60's collection which thankfully come far far cheaper than the Northern stuff
  8. Getting ready for work yesterday morning found myself singing Boogaloo Party, thought I'll dig out some stuff I've not played for a while when I get back home, as usual ended up all over the place with some new buys and dodgy b sides Kim Weston I Got what you Need Ruth Brown Say It Again Cletus Marland Every Now and Then Dee Dee Warwick We're Doin Fine James Lately Love Friends an Money Jason Anthony Wright Reset to Zero Josh Hoyer Better Days Issac Hayes and David Porter Aint That Lovin You Johnny Copeland Sufferin City Margie Joseph Let's Stay Together Ben E King We Got Love William Bell Trying to Love Two Percy Sledge Standing on a Mountain Syl Johnson Back for a Taste of Your Love Kenny Young Aint it Funny Finished off with a trio of instrumentals The Brothers Were You Ready for That Jasper St Co Till I found You (Hornstrumental) Jr Walker Tally Ho Going back now to play what I originally intended yesterday, the tunes that originally got me hooked
  9. Kenny Young and James Lately two I played yesterday afternoon after finishing work before going out later, full list to follow, Righteous Bros, great tune, not sure I know the Cilla Black, I did check out one of hers I heard on a podcast early last year and pondered whether to buy.
  10. Merry Christmas to all and a happy Soulful New Year, big thanks for all the pointers to great records both old and new
  11. Proof positive that a great tune doesn't have to cost a fortune as people have said many times on here.
  12. One of the first tunes I bought when I started buying again late last year, brilliant!
  13. I bought this on impulse last minute off the evil bay thinking it was a different version of another record, my disappointment when I dropped the needle to find it was clearly a totally different record in every way turned to pleasant surprise

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