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    Hi, I've listened since my schooldays to all genres of Black Music and have been collecting since I was about fourteen, I've gone through phases buying 60's soul, Funk, Deep Soul ,Reggae, Ska, chart soul in the seventies, Jazz Funk in the 80's, stopped buying in the 80's when children came along and moved onto cd's as the record player gave up the ghost. Sold most of the good stuff over the years which I now regret since recently rediscovering the joy of playing vinyl again. With my fiancé Lou we attend several local nights her tastes being different to mine, she's more a top 500 girl whereas I lean towards rare and underplayed and rnb though we manage to find nights that suit us both.

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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Patience Valentine Our Love

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  1. Great post Rick, only other tune I was aware of from her the marvellous Come Out Of the Sandbox, thanks for posting
  2. Enjoyed listening to those, cheers
  3. Very nice mix Mal, different from the tunes I've been listening to of late, majority new to me, cheers. Don't know what the tune was, think it may have been Heather Small on vocals but could be a theme to the current situation we find ourselves in, What have you done today to make you proud. Great tune amongst many.
  4. Usual mix of recent buys, long time favourites, a few b sides and an absolute left fielder I heard on a podcast but could never find again which took me ages to find in the charity shops after wading through hundreds of the usual Val Doonican, Johnny Mathis, Classical etc, if you play it on youtube you'll probably think why bother but I quite like it, not a regular play by any means but it has a certain charm, and no self isolation isn't making me lose my mind, not yet anyway Dorothy Moore Girl Overboard Hazel Martin Out of My Life (now considering buying original version when he was with the Tempests) Stylistics Point of No Return Johnny Nash Strange Feeling Marion Black Who Knows Jenni Rae To Love Jimmy Helms Words and Music Renaldo Domino No Laggin No Draggin Donnie Elbert Too Far Gone James Royal When It Comes to My Baby Ernest Ernie She Won't Come Calling Judy Clay and William Bell My Baby Specializes Sons Of Robin Stone Got to Get You Back Ultra High Frequency We're On The Right Track Ecstasy Passion and Pain I Wouldn't Give You Up Nite Liters Cherish Every Precious Moment Millionaires Never For Me Earl Gaines The Best Of Luck to You Earl Gaines It's Worth Anything Smoke City Dreams and finally, all credibility going out the window...………...I'll get my coat, turn off the lights and close the door etc etc Klaus Wunderlich Summertime,...……….. go on you know you want to...… do don't you...….nobody will know...
  5. A few pics from India, returned last week just in the nick of time, 1 Chinese Fishing Nets 2 Tea Pickers 3 Indian health and safety, The bloke welcomed me into his workshop, started the lathe up and demonstrated it, imagine that over here. 4 self explanatory 5 Got a problem with my leccy , how do they sort that lot out.
  6. Hope this is OK Mike, a reflection on how the crisis is affecting people here. We are in India in the South. Kerala, hoping to fly home tonight, two couples from our party of eight had the option of staying a day later or going home a day early, they left last night. A group we talked to last night have had their hoilday cut short by a week. We were lucky, a few of the planned activities in our tour were cancelled. All the group had a British stiff upper lip and took all the cancellations in our stride. Our driver was desperately trying to fill the vacant time but as a group we tred to assure him it was out if his hands and we were happy to sit by the pool. Some people from our hotel had trouble in the town from locals blaming us Europeans for bring the virus to India. Never been here before so don't know if it has always been the way it is now with the locals desperate for tourists which are few and far between to spend any amount of money. Our driver told us his next two tours have been cancelled, hopefully the tip the group gave collectively will help him for a couple of weeks. We feel so sorry for the staff here in the hotels we have been in, they are lovely happy people, it has been a very humbling experience. Lou had a Sari demonstration in one hotel, the girl came to our room and dressed her. No tip was expected I had to rush to the door to stop her leaving. The 500rupees I gave her which amounts to just over a fiver you would have thought she'd won the lottery. Very sad to see and hear stories of panic buying back home when people here live on so little yet seem from the outside to be happy with their lot. A poem I wrote after a walk along the waters edge in the rural backwaters of Kerala where every person we passed said hello with a smile. We who have so much, often striving For more Walk amongst those we presume less fortunate, Should we question who between us has the widest, the easiest smile, Betwixt the two who sleeps the deepest sleep, Who walks the happiest walk, Who amongst us will take to the skies looking back And say,, My life is overflowing I have enough. Who when returning to the every day of our time filled lives Who will, look back and think of a little girl in yellow , of Harry, Sunny and Sadesh, of Anduran Surviving on a fraction of what we daily throw away Who amongst us will think back at the thousand smiling faces walking Dusty streets, hear the echoes of a thousand smiling hello's freely given and not smile at the memory My answer is this Though our aquaitence is short I feel you like me have felt something move inside A shift in perception as to what having entails. A reassessment of what truly matters in life, I believe each of us when our heads hit familiar pillows wiil fall to sleep a head full of memories eyes full of remembered sights, The sound of car horns ringing in our ears the widest of smiles on our lips, With eyes closing, smiling in the dark Each of us I belive will breathe a contented sigh Silently lost in thought Maybe, just maybe whispering I have more than enough
  7. At work but will look forward to digging that out when I get home, hopefully still in the rack, might cheer me up after a disappointing day, took a risk on a couple of records due to being cheap and both look unlikely to play, another lesson learnt, got another cheap that looks too good to be true, no mention of Reissue on Discogs but it don't look right to my un trained eye.
  8. One I loved from the first time I heard it, a million miles away from Northern or any kind of Soul, there's a great video somewhere showing them dancing to this,
  9. I'd have never guessed that to be Freda Payne, nice post
  10. One of my all time favourite tunes Russ but don't care for it speeded up at all, thanks for posting an example of pitching up.
  11. When I first started listening to popcorn I was unaware of the pitching up and down to get the required beat until I came across this, those of us of a certain age may remember our parents listening to Anne Shelton, when I saw the name and listened to the tune I thought that doesn't sound right ,I then searched the title and found the original, posting as an example of pitching for those unfamiliar with popcorn not because I particularly like the tune, popcorn version first as I heard them.
  12. This thread reminded me I had a file of downloaded Popcorn from when I first became aware of it quite a few years ago, by coincidence one of the tunes from then I bought this week, not this one which I can imagine Chuck Jackson doing a great job on.

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