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    Hi, I've listened since my schooldays to all genres of Black Music and have been collecting since I was about fourteen, I've gone through phases buying 60's soul, Funk, Deep Soul ,Reggae, Ska, chart soul in the seventies, Jazz Funk in the 80's, stopped buying in the 80's when children came along and moved onto cd's as the record player gave up the ghost. Sold most of the good stuff over the years which I now regret since recently rediscovering the joy of playing vinyl again. With my fiancé Lou we attend several local nights her tastes being different to mine, she's more a top 500 girl whereas I lean towards rare and underplayed and rnb though we manage to find nights that suit us both.

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    Country walking, reading and writing poetry (yeah I know), World Cinema (Audrey Tautou, oo la la), real ale and pies.
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    Patience Valentine Our Love

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  1. Maybe a subject for discussion on a new thread but the off road bikes are a real problem on the moor opposite my house, there are signs everywhere saying they are not permitted which always has me wondering where do people draw the line as to where the law doesn't apply to them. Paths are becoming unwalkable in some places. Another factor is unless you know the footpaths it is becoming harder for walkers from out of the area I would imagine to distinguish what is a legitimate path and what is a cycle track These photos don't really convey the amount of damage actually being done. I have spoke
  2. Good Times Jerry Butler, seller had one on Uk Fontana Mint £5 cheaper than everyone else but accepting offers so cheekily I offered £8 which he refused and promptly relisted at £14.99 . Kicked myself and bought from someone else graded conservative VG+ for £9.99.
  3. 94.Alarm? 97. EVIL ONE, oops sorry, song title
  4. A few to end the year from walks in the last couple of days, the tunnel one is the of the subway to Stubbins Halt station on the ELR , you can just about make out the blue tiles, I've passed the large tree one many times and never noticed the size of the branches which are the size of tree trunks on there own.
  5. Tempted to post that sentiment as my highlight of the year soul wise in that thread on here, still some gentleman around thankfully ,restored a bit of faith in human nature on a scene where all too often it's the fast buck that matters
  6. Moody sunset sky behind Holcolmbe Hill Ramsbottom earlier today.
  7. Speaking purely as a listener I wouldn't pay to listen. I already find it annoying that you now cannot backtrack when listening if someone plays a tune you like which I assume you can still do if you pay. I'd be disappointed if someone like Mal whose shows I listen to became unavailable unless I paid as his themed selections are always an interesting mix and much enjoyed. Maybe in time we will have no choice but to pay if not enough people voluntarily cough up, hope it does not come to that
  8. Cheers for that Steve, I did wonder if different seeds attracted different birds, I've noticed the Robin doesn't use the feeder but does use a small log I hollowed out and hung on the feeding pole. I'll look into some Sunflower hearts,
  9. As we are coming to the end of another year and a particularly difficult one at that I'd just like to say thank you to all who have contributed to this thread for the brightening of days with your great photographs. I've always had a respect for nature but watching this thread over the last few years has made me realise how little I actually know in regards to actual names of plants, trees and birds. Thanks to this thread I at least now know not all little brown birds are Sparrows even if I still can't recognise what they are. I was actually quite proud of myself last week walking through a lo
  10. Belated birthday wishes , always a pleasure to read a post from you, long may they continue, hope you had a great day.
  11. Looking at his feedback there will be another for certain, £92 was the highest price he's achieved so far for Lisa. In the past month alone he's sold five Cliff Nobles, four Turley Richards, plus two Barbara Coopers. Always from his own collection of course. I guess whilst people keep buying them he'll keep selling them, he was at one time selling Lillie Bryant as well.
  12. I had a Lisa for sale belonging to mate earlier this year ,rightly or wrongly at the time going price was around £50, the week he gave me some records to sell one was sold on ebay for I think £148 if memory serves. Out of respect I told him even though I thought it a ridiculous price, I held on to it eventually selling it on to another mate for I think £70, may have been £60 ,that could have been his initial offer. Both parties were happy with the deal. If the Lisa has people steamed up he also had a Sonic Wax Tribute that I was surprised to see was offered on Discogs for £50, I told h
  13. New to me, brilliant tune , thanks for posting

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