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  1. if I remember correctly it was 76 at the 3rd aniv ?
  2. cecil the unwanted frenchfry is an absolute gem that everyone should listen to, its a bit sad though
  3. I am sure that everyone will agree that there has been so, so many great recordings from Motown over the best period of soul music, I must have heard them all, but my favourite backing vocals, and lead, will always be.. jimmy mack, I never get tired of hearing it, I guess, because it was such a commercial best seller that it gets overlooked? just my opinion
  4. we would love to turn up at a Banbury soul night, always one of our favourites over the years, one day maybe...…. jules and Sandra
  5. first time I have heard the jean carter track, wow, superb
  6. I prefer….if I could move I`d get my gun and put her in the ground
  7. George, should I get the beads...….oh shut up woman and get back in the wagon ! from 3 wheels on my wagon
  8. Feliz Navidad y un feliz año nuevo para todos ustedes from Ecuador
  9. Eddie Holman, great vocal range and a sweet voice,
  10. not much better than this for £20, some voice !
  11. proper feel good, cant say I ever remember hearing it played out
  12. very little in this, the artistics to sit and listen to, tother for the floor, two great recordings though
  13. dusty wins this by a light year, far better voice, sounds great in a big venue.

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