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    how to fit mor vinyl into my house
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  1. got one sold the istrumental version pure quality
  2. Hello Record Collector's You used a label for the return transaction related to Willie Tee I AM NOT HAVING FUN ex+/ex+ #666 We have attached an invoice for the VAT associated to the cost of the label. Please download the label and save it in your records for any tax related purposes. getting strange .............tax on soul
  3. its happening just paid for a disc from usa VAT still a nice cheap item its a SOUL TAX buy in the UK ...
  4. frankie and classicals ,lord thunder ,whats it gonna be (DUSTY) paula parfitt,rat race + all the torch classics
  5. was there met my mate hippy dick cramped up and the sounds next week somebody had a gun???was there
  6. was there cramped in behind perspex with noreen and ethna bedford /luton
  7. Just paid for an item got value in it this is the invoice never trust the tories $31.00 Shipping$14.75 VAT$9.15
  8. manship has one green... mine a yellow
  9. funny old world down at st ives all nighter when manny was dj' had the drifter up 1111 and paula parfit of him long before they were big, said hold on i'm still playing had to wait for the subway riders to finish £6 the lot>>> still got the chubby checker british parkway £25 good old days
  10. gutted but im only HUMAN ,One copy here in Biggleswade........
  11. Hi Phil get the message on september Jones save it could do pay pal now? best Paaul
  12. Hi Ill have the September Jones on kent let me know the pay pal details, Best Paul Aisbett
  13. ill take the jason knight need a few days to sell a few piece totally reliable Sold mine in a week moment Paul Aisbett

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