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  1. Crossgates Leeds Charity Soul Night

    Charity Fund Rasing Event Northern Soul and Motown Friday 20th October 2017, from 7:30 til late Crossgates Recreatioanal Club Popular Avenue, LEEDS, LS15 8EB Top DJ's including Gary 'Sam' Davison and Stephen Crawshaw Rafffle Prizes Donations to 'cash for kids' For tickets and other enquiries, contact Denise Thompson on 07947 089 224 Only £5. What better way to spend a night supporting a worthwhile charity, giving a little, dancing a little, chatting to friends and having fun. It will be lovely to see so many of you there for this one-off event. :-) Steve
  2. The One More Soul Club, Pontefract

    Brushing up my shoes and polishing my head for this one. Going to fill the dance floor this week. :-)

    I'm not too sure about the rules on this site. Is it OK to post a Youtube link to a tune?

    On Sunday, will you wake up and read the reviews of what a fab night it was at Moortown and wish you'd been there, or will you be part of what promises to be a great night?

    Plenty of comments being passed and lots of interest in this month's event. The change of venue means we now have a rather nice dance floor and an added challenge to our DJs as they play new turns and set the place alight.

    New newsletter currently in production. If you especially want one, please say so now, so that one can ne saved for you on the night. Cheers Steve

    Before the kick off, we knew we might be in for something special, but nothing had quite prepared me for what eventually happened. Do you remember the old days? Days when you used to dress up to go out rather than dress down? I’d brushed my shoes and polished my head, suited up and set off a little early so as not to be late: Soul Sam was coming. We are only a little club, an intermate club and having Soul Sam grace our decks was far more than we could ever envisage, but Soul Sam was coming. Our doors normally open at 8:00, but to fit everything in and to give DJs opportunity to play, we started a little earlier; I was first up in the main room and started at 7:30. Faul & Wad Ad vs Pnau – “Changes”, (a tune in the same vain as Bob Sinclair and Tribute) was quickly followed by Snake Davis – “Save Our Soul” and Conner Reeves – “Joy”. From the start, Soul Sam was there bobbing and watching for what was up next. From the outset, talc was being pushed around and a lone dancer contorted to the rhythms. The room was quickly filling and before I knew it, it was 8 o’clock and Andy Brads was wrestling the decks off me like prising something precious out of a dead man’s fingers. Andy was the same as me, but quickly overcame stage fright and span up the 45s. I carefully put my last records away and stored the record boxes, before smartening myself up and having Andy H introduce me to SOUL SAM. What a nice fella he turned out to be. Eager to hear new tunes, receptive to everything that was being played. That is Soul Sam. He'd brought some tunes of his own to sell and set himself up in a corner like some fisherman at the side of a lake, waiting for his float to strike. I wasn’t having any of it and quickly moved him into the circulation area and before we had him settled in, the punters were round like night-time moths to a bright light. Coins and notes were quickly exchanged for vinyl and everybody smiled. New faces rubbed shoulders with old, seating became harder to find, the buzz in the rooms grew to a crescendo. Sam did two spots for us, an hour in the underplayed room and then an hour in the main function room. He had to push his way to the decks as the first room had packed with anticipation and the crowd who had found a foothold in there were well rewarded. It was a joy to watch a maestro at work: watching the room; carefully selecting suitable tunes; queuing and mixing. Each choice was eagerly received before the next assailed the ears of the waiting audience. All too quickly, it was time to move him in the next room, but my hero, Dale Byers, let Soul Sam (Martin) over-run so as to wring out every last note of the songs being played. Dale then took over the red-hot decks. It was an unenvious follow on, how do you follow a set like that. Easy, you put Dale on! He kept the room engaged and people barely moved as the highlight of the evening was now in the function room. When watching TV, it has nearly always been the case, you could only watch one channel at a time. You might flick from one channel to another and back again, but it is never as rewarding. Some of you might have two TVs running in a room simultaneously, but can’t really focus on one for the distraction of the other. I know these days we are blessed with the ability to watch one and record another, but somehow the recording loses its intimacy when watched sometime later. It was something like that at Calverley on Saturday. So much going on, two rooms, FULL ON, where to be to get the best of the night, what was being missed in the other room? One or two realised the circulation area was the place to be and have an ear on both rooms, ha ha! By heck, didn’t we get a sweat on. Remember the old cellar clubs, dark and intimate, condensation running down the walls. The heat, the banging beats, our best friends at our sides. That was Calverley to the peal of the 12:30 church bells. Then it was over, or was it? Buzz, buzz, buzz, as people begrudgingly left. Another great night in the pocket. So many rounds of thanks to give out, Sam for coming sooooo far to see us, the other DJs who regularly, whole heartedly support the club, the Calverley Club committee and staff. THANK YOU.

    Starts early at 7:30 just because the night isn't long enough as it. Get in early to get a seat.

    Cracking afternoon in store!

    The weekend is here at last and I'm getting giddy. I've DJed at this venue before, but it's going to be so different to go solo. The club is really looking forward to having Northern Soul return. There has been a lot of interest in seeing Soul playing out again and we hope you can join us Steve
  11. Morley Sunday Soul

    Open decks sessions, playing across-the-board soul music. A great afternoon of music, banter and spinning a few of your own records for a very appreciative audience. Turn up with a box of your own records and book yourself in for a 30 min slot. Lets see what you've got Record sales welcome.

    Just putting a set together ready for tomorrow night. Newsletter written up, just need t print a few more off. Catch you tomorrow
  13. Northern Soul at The Commercial Inn Thackley

    Play box looking good!
  14. Anyone Remember The "hypnotique" In Lady Pecketts Yard York

    I went a lot in the day. Met the wife there!