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    cant say realy as it changes so regulary,i might hear something i havent heard for years or it could be something i have just heard for the first time

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  1. moddy


    Thought u was Karen's brother.. what's with the whoops bill ??
  2. moddy


    Yeah lovely couple sent they
  3. moddy


    Great pic of my Bessie mates with me and my Mr... love them to bits great couple ❤❤❤
  4. moddy


  5. Some friends of mine are into rock n roll, wear full circle skirts and suade shoes, and i laugh at them but i have to say they are no diff from some people i know, the baggy trouser full circle skirt brigade, been there done that 30+ years ago. I had my kids who are in ther 30's watching, they phoned me up and laughed saying '' no way did u wear that'' did say it was years ago but they pissed then selves laughing '' why do people still wear it then ?'' and to be honest i laughed too but to be honest , how come the ones who dress in normal fashion dont get a look in on the film they were nearly all wearing fashions from back in the casino days I think it has something to do with the amount of time you took out while having familys n such, but as i never did leave mabe thats why my fashion changed not having to relive my past youth ............ JMHO
  6. Dixieland Morecambe was a brilliant dayer
  7. moddy

    Re-Listed 45's Due To Error

    Thanks Guy's, Steve's at work so iv put it on hold till he gets chance to look at it tonight ......... Sue
  8. moddy

    Re-Listed 45's Due To Error

    Ah you worked it out then lol
  9. moddy

    Benny Troy Available For Gigs

    When and where in Rotherham is the gig date for Benny ? Malc [/quote It's on the 26th march will put more info shortly Thanks ]
  10. moddy

    Benny Troy Available For Gigs

    When and where in Rotherham is the gig date for Benny ? Malc [/quote It's on the 26th march will put more info shortly Thanks ]
  11. As you may all be aware, Benny Troy will be appearing at the Prestatyn weekender in March. Unfortunately, for those aware of his repertoire, Benny has been given two songs to sing in the set. His talents extend way beyond just two songs. Consider the album "Two Ships In The Night"... there are at least three other tracks on the album other than "I Wanna Give You Tomorrow" that fit very nicely into the northern and modern scene. There's also the track he recorded with Maze "I Don't Know You Anymore" along with many others.................. Benny will be available. for about a month post Prestatyn for more intimate gigs where he will be able to perform a more extensive catalogue of his songs. He is already booked in Rotherham with other potential gigs in Nottingham and Cambridge. Are there any other promoters out there who would like to put him on for a soul night or all-nighter? Alternatively, is anyone able to offer a mid-week gig on a meet and greet basis where he could possibly do a question and answer session along with a meal and maybe a track thrown in on PA for good measure? Time is of the essence as they say and I would like to really get things under way. Thanks for your time and please PM me if you have any interest. Thanks
  12. Just bought a copy from Morrison's as a late Xmas pressi for my brother, £7-99 if anyone els is interested in getting a copy x


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