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  1. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Use to love Grumpy, miss going. Good Luck you lot.
  2. Your always getting abused & I'm just Howlin'.
  3. The Younghearts On Canterbury

    So it's a better production, good. Put it on the decks and see who comes running up saying it's lost it's "Buzz". At least you won't have to buy all 6 mixes and pressings so you can compare. Oh and don't forget the Zea press.
  4. The Younghearts On Canterbury

    Just biuy the New Younghearts, no worries then.

    We'll be there hopefully with Mr Rivers & Steph plus John, Kerry, Mick H & Co. Time to see peoples true colours or both sides of their faces. Spot.
  6. Spirit Allnighter

    It wer reet grand. The aircon was a blessing, the music excellent & the secret room a sauna, a lot of faces you know in passing & others your glad you passed on, a lot of faces even we don't know but plenty we do, you know nice polite, lovely people. We'll deffo be back and keeping ourselves to ourselves and enjoying it. Well done Dave.
  7. BOOMERANG Soul Sam's 75th

    We'll be there, can't miss Sams birthday bash
  8. New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter

    We'll be there in force as usual, will be trying to get Mr Rivers out as well. Always liked this Venue, should be top night. Spot & Crew.
  9. Think we'll give this a go, so we'll see you there Geoff, hopefully Big Fella & Kev H also attending but 4 of us in the new beast. Spot.
  10. Soul in Selby

    It says 7.45pm until 1am.
  11. crown jewel rare soul weekend


    Just back from SkegVegas Rare & underplayed weekender at the Crown. A Hotel tucked away well down Drummond Road with your room a mere shuffle away plus a decent breakfast & bar food, stir in people of the same mind, exceptional music, beer, dancing & laughter and as they say you have the start of something beautiful. This first one was like a trial pack to see if we the paying public would like the new product & be making repeat purchases, well my verdict is to place my repeat prescription. The room is ideal for 100+ with dancefloor at one end & tables ideally placed between it & small record dealer's plus it's intimate enough to wander table to table chatting, Friday was quiet, no doubt due to work commitments, Saturday saw the afternoon & night before beer fest take its toll but the room & floor was fuller and buzzing, another 20 bodies or so would have just topped it off but I'm sure word of mouth will rectify that. So thank you Dave & Donna Raistrick and heres to the 2nd & all future gatherings, well be at the fun front.
  12. Spirit

    Cheers Dave, looking forward to it, even without Butch and only 2 hours away.
  13. Spirit

    Dave what's the parking situation, I've looked at Pedley Street but it doesn't say if you have to pay after 6pm Saturday. Spot.
  14. Soul at the Spread Eagle York

    Details to follow? When 2017. People wonder why no one turn sup.
  15. The Keystone State Northern Soul Weekend - Lancaster PA, USA.


    Noticed it's within easy reach of the Lancaster Surgical Supply shop, very considerate of you Dave. Spot.