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  1. Loved KIT, what a guy, full of banter and stories. Gail & I spent a lot of time with him at nighters, still could nae unstand most of what he said. He vanished from the scene overnight and myself and others tried like mad to get in contact but he had obviously made his mind up. He'll be somewhere right now regaling a long gone story and talking bollox in between. He defintely was a one off and that's why we loved him. I for one will miss him and that big wide smile, R.I.P. KIT my old mate.
  2. A lot of wide eyed chomping going on.
  3. John sent you a pm on FB about that job, if your interested.
  4. Is it ticket only or can you pay on door?
  5. Spent many a happy hour with Dave & Wendy, specially at Whitby, endless stories of fun and wrong doing, some folk didn't like him but they were usually the ones that didn't know him, everytime we saw him he'd tell me some relevant details of a tune and how it related to his life, then he and Gail would chat for hours about cleaning house & vacuums. A definite one off and I'm only sorry we never saw him & Wendy as much as we should have or promised to. R.I.P. Dave.
  6. J D Bryant.
  7. Not as bad as I thought, just a handful of fame trippers stuck at the back basking in the glory of TV & the shame of the Scene but it was over in 3 minutes tops, bet some fool asks, "Do you spin on your head?", in the 70's YES, in my 60's NO.
  8. I knew that and have known them for years and their parents, yes Alex has stopped wearing fancy dress, he saw the light or Heather told him to behave and yes they can dance,we all could at 20 something, infact some of us were brilliant.
  9. That's fine then, my Mum goes line dancing so that'll make me Billy Ray Cyrus. Bit behind times if they stopped in the 90's and imho her influences now are 15 minutes of fame, an income & a YT channel.
  10. Hey up Barney, hope your well & your good lady is also. I don't think the fuss is about the show, it's about (In my case) the muppets it brings out of the undergrowth, you know like idiots with Flashing shoes, Emu costumes or Simon Cowell masks, who never actually went anywhere but their Uncle knew someone who did, maybe, Butlins types. They'll all stream onto the Oldies Scene, no doubt in fancy dress to blend in, as they think that's what it's all about. I stopped going to Oldies does after having an expensive Harrington nicked, the place was full of Tourists and pissheads, some after trouble, usually piss taking. BTW who's the 2 young Dj's, is it who I think?
  11. What like drawing your nails down a blackboard or stubbing your little toe on the corner of an open door? I feel the pain already.
  12. Belittled once again by the BBC & a Bird from Bristol plus a Boyo called Brendan. This is worse than the One Show and the Media Mugging of the 70's. Hurry up and sod off you lot, we'd like our scene back, Oh and please ban anyone who dares to go on TV or you tube to promote themselves.
  13. Same here Steve, the girls loved it.
  14. Use to love Grumpy, miss going. Good Luck you lot.

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