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  1. philb

    Ad-Libs Wanted

    Hi , looking for for an original of Fortune Teller- Ad-Libs on Passion. Please state total cost. Phil
  2. philb

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    A lizard on the way up Vesuvius and a chariot racing arena in Rome.
  3. philb

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Frescoes on the ceiling of baths in Pompeii. The Vatican through the fountain.
  4. Put on Don’t Tell The Bride channel 4
  5. philb

    Strange request I know

    Our washing machine is nearing the end of its life so needs replacing, due to space issues we are considering a washer dryer so has anyone recently bought one or have any recommendations. Thanks Phil.
  6. philb

    RIP Aretha

    The queen of soul has sadly passed, a true loss.
  7. First one I heard “Hand It Over”
  8. philb

    Dont tell the bride, cringefest!

    Now, you can’t unwatch that!!!!
  9. philb

    Lil Major Williams

    Would like a copy of Lil Major Williams - Girl You’re So Sweet To Me - Either Label in VG++ or above Thanks Phil
  10. philb

    Question about Nigella Lawson

    I’m more savoury so it’s marmite for me.
  11. philb

    Ike Strong

    Looking for Ike Strong - Your Love Keeps Me Dancing- Mable in EX or above. Thanks Phil
  12. philb

    Jay Player

    Looking for The following; Jay Player - Love is The Answer - Bevnik 7” only, EX or above. Thanks, Phil
  13. philb

    RIP Aretha

    My favourite from the great lady of soul.
  14. philb

    RIP Aretha

    The queen of soul has sadly passed, a true loss.
  15. philb

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    More from Paris, Joan of arc The main window in Notre-Dame And the Venus de Milo
  16. philb

    Vanesse & Carolyn Polydor

    Hi, I’m after a Vaneese & Carolyn - Goodbye Song - Polydor in EX or above please, Thanks, Phil
  17. philb

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    A couple from our weekend in Paris.
  18. philb

    Jay Player

    Hi, looking for an ex or better copy of the following; JAY PLAYER - LOVE IS THE ANSWER- BEVNIK 7” Thanks Phil
  19. philb

    Maureen Bailey

    Maureen Bailey Takin' My Time With You EMBEE how much does it go for now, if you can find one? Thanks, Phil.
  20. philb

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    This always gets me smiling.
  21. philb

    BBC 2 'Back In Time For Tea'

    Words fail me.
  22. philb

    A Few Wants

    Hi all, looking for the following in EX or more condition; Must be originals Cloudburst - I’m Loving You - Stormy Monday Connie Laverne - Can’t Live Without You- GSF Ronnie McNeir - Good Side Of Your Love - Tortoise Please state cost, Thanks, Phil.
  23. philb


    Hi Andy, i don’t suppose Eugene S or Freddie L are still around? Regards Phil
  24. philb

    The Empires

    Looking for the Empires on Candi, cash waiting. Phil
  25. Is Curtis still available? regards phil


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