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  1. Ooh, I’d forgotten about this, nice one Dave.
  2. philb

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Current play, always been a big fan of this.
  3. Have a pleasant weekend.
  4. Arrived today, another great release from MD keep them coming. Phil
  5. philb

    Wil Collins & Willpower

    Look for an EX or better copy of; Wil Collins & Willpower- Anything I Can Do - Bareback or will consider a Derby copy. Pm with cost please, Thanks, Phil.
  6. Just in Valatone fruit of the loom printed tee shirts £15 includes postage, PayPal philb9965@blueyonder.co.uk Sizes available SMALL chest 35”- 37” MEDIUM chest 38” - 40” LARGE chest 41” - 43” X LARGE chest 44” - 46” Only available in the blue at the moment Thanks Phil
  7. Gave my spare to my brother in law today as he’d had a bad morning.
  8. philb

    The Two Killings of Sam Cooke

    Me too, excellent viewing indeed and a complete injustice in the surrounding of his death. Well worth watching.
  9. philb

    Some info on this one please.

    It was Morris Joan, he was from Thurrock I bought his Bobby Kline off of him, £25 if I remember rightly.
  10. Don't normally submit two but wanted to post this.
  11. Got it on here last year £35
  12. A bit of Oscar Perry for a Friday.
  13. philb

    related songs with sun/sunshine/california

    How about this?
  14. philb

    Anacostia NOW SORTED

    Hi, looking for an Ex or better of “What Kind Of Love” Anacostia MCA Thanks Phil
  15. philb

    Anacostia NOW SORTED

    Hi Neal, I’ll pm an offer Regards, Phil
  16. philb

    first three records to start a set

    My first three at July’s Valatone reunion will be; Nicky Newarkers- Woman - Mercury Carolyn Crawford - Just Got To Be More Careful- Philadelphia International Ronnie McNair- Good Side Of Your Love - Tortoise International
  17. philb

    Anacostia NOW SORTED

    Really looking for the 45 Steve. I’ll keep at it as it’s part of the fun. Phil
  18. Merry Clayton from me today.
  19. philb

    Video: valatone reunion teaser

    For those who never went to the original Valatone Soul Sessions this is an across the board soul night, all dj’s can play what they want on original vinyl as there is no music policy. They’re great nights as those who have been will tell you. Phil.
  20. philb

    Dynells Atco

    Hi all, looking for a DYNELLS , CALL ON ME , ATCO in EX or better, please pm with total cost and I’ll get back to you. Thanks, Phil.
  21. Would like the following; THOMAS LORD DUCKETT, OPEN UP YOUR EYES, RaZZ please. Ex or better please pm with price Thanks, Phil.
  22. philb

    Current price?

    Can anyone give me a current cost for; THOMAS LORD DUCKETT, OPEN UP YOUR EYES, RaZZ please. Thanks, Phil
  23. philb

    Burns Night

    Wishing you a happy Burns Night, will be having a dram or two this evening. Phil.


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