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Everything posted by philb

  1. philb

    The Empires

    Looking for the Empires on Candi, cash waiting. Phil
  2. Is Curtis still available? regards phil
  3. philb


    Hi do you still have the Exportations, Satin & Bill. Regards phil
  4. philb

    Best current whisky offers

    That’s not a bad drop either, kind of like a refined bourbon.
  5. philb

    Best current whisky offers

    We went to Dalwhinnie distillery in September and was very surprised at how calm it was, we tried the 15 year old and Winters Gold, when you order a flight of whisky in the bars you get dark chocolate to eat between tasting as it intensifies the taste
  6. philb

    Best current whisky offers

    Bought a nice Aberfeldy 12 yr old tonight, good peaty malt.
  7. philb

    Best current whisky offers And this is stunning and a great price.
  8. philb

    Best current whisky offers I know its blended but it tastes lovely, give it a try you won't be disappointed.
  9. philb

    Sides with a spoken part

    Ideals - Mighty Lover.
  10. philb

    Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    Place a cloche on a small table outside your front door then when the attractive postwoman brings your next recorded delivery look rejected, upset and kind of relieved like they do on dinner date, you never know?
  11. philb

    A few nice one for sale + Post

    Condition of each?
  12. philb

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Watched Denial at the weekend, its about the liable case David Irvin brought on Deborah Lipstadt who accused him of denying the holocaust happend. I won't give much away it's well worth a watch.
  13. philb

    [SOLD] Bobby Hebb ON HOLD

    Found this in the cupboard it's in EX cond, looking for £20 inc p&p PayPal as friends and family pm if interested. Thanks. Phil
  14. philb

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    Few from me
  15. Bobby Powell - Thank You - Excello Ex £20 plus £3 postage. Contains the LP only track "Childhood Days" YouTube excerpt not the copy for sale reference only. PayPal as friends and family please pm if interested. Thanks,
  16. philb

    New York Clothes Shops

    Hi, Looking at a trip to New York in a couple of weeks and would like to know if there are any good or unusual clothing stores to visit, not looking for the run of the mill department stores. Thanks, Phil
  17. philb

    Chet Poison Ivey For Sale

    Keep on keeping on/ Do I have to live this way EX cond £25 post free. Phil
  18. philb

    Two for £25

    £28 for the two PayPal as friends & family please both in ex condition post included. Thanks Phil
  19. philb

    A Few Cheap LP's

    A couple of LP's for sale, all are US originals in Ex condition, PayPal as friends & family if interest, post is £3.00 I'm waiting on mailers. Thanks, Bobby Powell - Thank You - Excello (Great crossover "Childhood Days") cut out £20 Sidney Joe Qualls - So Sexy - 20th Century ("I Don't Do This") Original cut out £15 SOLD Righteous Bros - Souled Out - Verve (Excellent original version "I Don't Believe In L..
  20. philb


    I have for sale some unpublished negatives of Barbara McNair from 1964, she appeared at a campaign for Hubert Humphrey, Lyndens Vice President, not sure what to ask so up for offers, pm me if interested.
  21. philb

    [SOLD] Job Lot Bargain

    Hi all, I've decided to sell the remnants of my collection as a job lot, all are original release in EX or better condition, PM me if interested payment via PayPal (family and friends) or bank transfer. I'm asking £400 for the lot that's £5 per record a bargain if you ask me, postage on me Thanks, Phil. Jackie Wilson - Whispers / The Fairest Of Them All - Brunswick issue Lou Johnson - Unsatisfied / A Ti..
  22. philb

    [SOLD] Two for sale

    A couple up for grabs usual deal PayPal as family and friends £2.00 postage for 45's £3.00 for all others, U.K. Only. Honey Cone featuring Sharon Cash - Somebody is Always Messing Up A Good Thing - Hot Wax w/d £15 ex Bobby Powel - Thank You - LP features LP only track Childhood Days - Excello ex £20
  23. philb

    Poppies Do it with soul promo

    Is the promo white, I have a yellow one but I think it's stamped promo.
  24. Early 80's Wirrina Peterborough, walked through the doors into a hot hall full of dancers the Formations "Top Of The Stairs" blaring out, clapping, spinning, my first all nighter and from that moment on I thought "this is for me"