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  1. philb

    A couple of VG+

    A couple found in an old box that I’d rate as VG+ pm if interested, p&p £3.50 Pat & Pam £25 Derek Martin £10 stamped original
  2. philb

    Dave Clegg

    Sad news indeed, shared some great moments with him at Cleethorpes.
  3. philb

    Luckey Davis - It’s not where you start.

    Seems like all the ones on youtube that are not yellow are being commented on by Luckey Davis and he's saying they are all bootlegs.
  4. philb

    Stan Lee

    Legendary comic supremo Stan Lee has died, I loved the marvel comics as a kid.
  5. philb

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Was in the Lord Mayors Show today and took this at the briefing, the staircase is in St Barts great hall and the painting is by Hogarth.
  6. philb

    Virgin Media

    All services off today, no fix till 16:00 at least and keep getting fobbed off with textbook answers.
  7. philb

    Raresoul45s - Rarities To Go

    Just received two from Darren and they are flawless, one of the best out there, no offence to others, but all set sale so if you don’t like the price don’t pay.
  8. philb

    The Pretenders

    Hi, After a nice clean copy of THE PRETENDERS “ITS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU I LOVE” CARNIVAL Please pm with total cost, Thanks, Phil
  9. philb

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Now that’s a hard quiz.
  10. philb

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Sunset in Venice and Innsbruck moonlight.
  11. Have to agree I received mine yesterday great quality. Thanks to all.
  12. philb

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    No problem Len, that was taken last year at the tercentenary celebrations in the Royal Albert Hall, I think it got a bad reputation years ago and it stuck, today is a different matter, it’s all about building yourself in to being a better person through the three degrees in craft masonry through learning and it’s not easy trying to memorise large amounts of text especially at my age. Phil.
  13. philb

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    Hi Len, some may think it’s an automatic lift up in society if they join but believe me they are severely disappointed when it doesn’t happen, it’s against the bylaws to join for personal gain, for me it’s about learning ritual (this is no secret as it’s all over the internet) meeting new people and raising money for good causes, Worldwide and regional so all London Freemasons will have a main charity pot which last year helped towards a new air ambulance and new emergency vehicles, this year we are raising money for two extended height access vehicles for the London fire service, places like Middlesex , Essex, Kent etc will have similar the social side is great my wife loves it lots of dinner dances, we have sports and social clubs, golf, shooting, crown green bowls etc. Hope this helps, ATB Phil
  14. philb

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    I as a Freemason would like to say that we raise over £33 million a year that is distributed over various charities worldwide so we’re not a joke outfit and the opening quote was quoted by Groucho Marx which was aimed at the Frairs Club Of Beverly Hills which was a private show business club. I’ve never experienced any networking or backslapping and I’m an 18th degree mason.
  15. philb

    Limited Edition Record Bags

    https://www.endclothing.com/gb/carhartt-x-trojan-soundsystem-x-udg-7-record-bag-i026916-brw.html just ordered one as they look neat.
  16. philb

    Frederick Hymes- Time Ain’t Gonna - M-

    Hi Steve is this still around? phil
  17. philb

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Really enjoying Sky’s The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair at the moment.
  18. philb

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    The National Lottery ad, the one where the lads been working away, he comes home and the house is completely empty, there’s a note on the fireplace then he goes to a fancy house by the sea and he’s wife says I’ve bought it. Now if we’d won the lottery and my wife had the time to empty the house moved in to another place and not told me while I was working I’d be pretty pissed off.
  19. philb

    Glenda McLeod

    Hi, would like an original copy of; No Stranger To Love. Please state total cost. Thanks, Phil.
  20. philb

    Gloria Scott

    Anyone want to sell me Gloria Scott - A Case Of Too Much - Casablanca 7” in EX or better??? Thanks Phil.
  21. philb

    Strange request I know

    Our washing machine is nearing the end of its life so needs replacing, due to space issues we are considering a washer dryer so has anyone recently bought one or have any recommendations. Thanks Phil.
  22. philb

    Strange request I know

    Finally settled on a Sharp washer dryer seems ok but need a degree in computer programming to control it.
  23. philb

    The Exportations SORTED

    Morning all, looking for an EX or better copy or The Exportations-I Want You-Vir-ro thanks phil


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