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  1. Thanks for that, could`nt have put it better my self.
  2. Import duty?

    Happend to me 2 months ago paid in total around £35 postage from the states, asked the seller to take of global shipping he would`nt, got the record for a bargain but was still annoyed. Bought one 2 weeks ago same thing asked the seller to take off globa...
  3. RECORD CASE IS NOW SOLD. Very strong & sturdy 7" vinyl record case by swan flight. http://www.swanflight.com/dj-flightcases/dj-record-boxes-flightcases/7-500-record-box.html Retails at £115.50 holds 500+ singles detatchable lid ...

    See you all Saturday night. Denise & Steve
  5. Still looking for this.Thanks.
  6. Looking for a copy of this one must be m- I know there is one on discogs, to much. please pm me Thanks Steve
  7. Totally agree Mark especally on the GSZ 7 Deffinately the rarer one.
  8. Nolan Porter- If I could only be sure.

    one on fb Ben £100 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1414054722210939/
  9. Thanks guys, mine has none of the above so legit. selling a load of 70s pressing so dont want to get mixed up. Thanks. Steve
  10. Anyone know the correct matrix for the original or how you tell the boot from the original. Thanks in advance. Steve
  11. The Wooden Nickels (bbot)

    Thanks, good job i checked. Steve
  12. Hi can you tell me was this booted on this exact same label mine is styrene dead way 63114 427 seen the same one go anywhere between £150/300 in the past Thanks Steve
  13. 70s Reissues to go

    Just Updated a few left.