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  1. until

  2. until

    Happy new year to all BVAN ers Les H and Sue
  3. Booth great tracks but GDLM for me me on this one
  4. until

    Really great night of mixed sets last night a bit for every taste. a big thanks to all the team for there efforts of the last six months ATB Les H
  5. Above photos sent to me by Peter and family for posting here so soul friends can see the order of service
  6. Hi folks Pete here, Today at 11am was my dear wife Susan's (Skippy Sue's) funeral. Her body was cremated at Howe Bridge crematorium. In my eulogy I gave another mention about my gratitude to the many soulies (and others) who have supported us through this difficult period. A few days ago we had the unexpected permission and bonus of allowing a few extra guests. I took this opportunity to ask a few of Susan's closest friends to be present. A few pictures were taken. When we have the memorial hopefully sooner rather than later There will be some recollection of the funeral service etc.
  7. By kind permission of peter and family
  8. Years of watching Darling of the floor . Skipping around . In her bubble with the music . Her photos will remain for the love she felt for the Soul Music and all those attending ! If snap didn't do justice. Would take another . So brave fought the illness to the last . Never allowing it to take away her joy . Angel of Dance Floor Gone R.I.P Skippy Sue . Never forgotten ❤ Hutchy !
  9. If anyone would like to have minutes silence or spare thought for Skippy Sue the private family funeral will take place today at 11am. Any comments could be left here for Peter and sons Robert and Kevin Regards Les & Sue
  10. RIP Skippy Sue Sue will be sadly missed on the soul scene. Missed by the DJs as you could be sure the second she walked into the room, she was on the floor dancing her unique dance all night long, keeping the atmosphere going. Missed by promotors and soulies alike for the thousands of photos she took over the years keeping all our precious memories alive. A stalwart of our Scene, Sue will be sorely missed by many far and wide. A great, great loss. Thank you Sue for your friendship and all you have done for the Scene - you will never, ever be forgotten. Les and Sue X

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