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  1. franc I usually get one pdq or even at the event, but couldn't do anything this time. So I've left it late and no doubt I'll get spanked on the price? If you know what the most recent sale £ has been, I'll match that, unless it's totally bonkers. Either way, I'll give you an immediate yes or no, and won't dick about. plyster123@btinternet.com if you'd prefer to do this privately [ I would ] best regards Pete
  2. Would like to get a copy if anyone wants to sell? Cheers
  3. ricticman


    Can't wait for this one!. We
  4. until

    First time for Cathy and I, we can't wait; only ever heard good things about this event. Bring it on! Pete Lyster
  5. Anyone help me with a guide price for all of them ? Assume all in extremely tidy condition, many minty looking. If there's any previous threads you know of please point me there. Many thanks
  6. ricticman


    Putting last few 7's into the box ready for tomorrow, now I just need to get Cathy to take at least some of the handbags and shoes out of the car, otherwise she'll never get the kitchen sink in Tony / Pete Looking forward to your event big time, looks a great dj line up, and I'm a sucker for deck-cams....nice one ! See you tomorrow Pete Lyster ps Is that the place with the big screen next door where they'll have the F.A. Cup semi on ?
  7. 7 days and counting ! Looking forward sooooo much to playing at the Twisted Wheel Sunday Soul Session. A big day for a lad from Stretford. Hoping there's going to be a lot of old friends and faces out in force. Bring it on. Pete Lyster
  8. Still need a copy - if anyone can help - please could you PM me many thanks Pete
  9. This has been a fantastic ' wind down / warm up ' for the Xmas and NY stuff for the last 2 years. Great atmosphere, everyone chilled and ready to party / holiday. Great dancefloor and ovo ATB stonking vinyl. Looking forward to seeing all the South + West + South West Faces there. If anyone's got any requests, anything at all, send 'em straight to Dave Weir !! See you Sunday Pete Lyster
  10. now sold - many thanks Vestax PDX 2000 turntables x 2 Vestax VMC - 002XLu mixer Rotel RB 03 Pre Amp Mission 702e speakers x 2 Sony RCD W100 cd player / cd recorder £250 or best offer Will need to be picked up, although I might be able to meet and transfer . Please pm here. Happy Xmas !
  11. until

    Well done on the sell-out crowd Russ and Pete This is one atmospheric venue ! Have a great time pete lyster
  12. It's beginning to look a lot like ........a cracking Soul weekend. Brighouse on the Friday night and York on Saturday. Only heard great things about this venue, and what a great cause to support at this event. Cathy and I looking forward to it - and as big Sis Suzy lives in York [ ex - T.Wheel / Sloopys / Top of the Town / Rowntrees etc etc back in her mod days in Manc in the 60's ] I'll be bringing the family along too ! See you Sat week. pete lyster
  13. until

    Nice one Kev + Gloria [ again ] Looking forward to seeing the gang again next week. Any requests - just shout. pete lyster
  14. ricticman

    Summer In The Park

    setting off from Taunton anytime soon, see you all later this afternoon pete lyster

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