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  1. Peter99. Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mucker
  2. Johnny Bristol

    Guess what Stu , sold mine about a year ago lol , see you Saturday night matey
  3. Johnny Bristol

    He's come over to the Dark Side Pierre Lol
  4. Munich. Never forget


    just the 4 today P&P is £2.50 , please PM if interested AL SUPERSONIC & THE TEENAGERS - I DON'T KNOW (WHERE IS MY GIRL) - ROCK ON - EX - £25.00 SAM DEES - FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE - JAMAICAN ATLANTIC - EX - £45.00 ROZETTA JOHNSON - MI...
  6. January Sales, reductions etc. !!!!!

    PMd you Steve
  7. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    Kin 'ell ! lol
  8. Thought that Modern Soul collection $1925.45 was a lot of dosh for what there was or maybe I'm missing something
  9. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    I think it could be this one Chalky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_White
  10. Happy New Year to you Pierre It's sods law mate , got a few quid to spend on some new tunes and am struggling to find anything, see loads when I'm skint though lol ! take care matey Swifty
  11. After a decent copy of this , no silly prices please PM's with price no offers ta ! cheers Swifty
  12. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this thread and the amount of brilliant pictures that have been shown well done you lot ! Swifty
  13. Happy Days And Looking Back Regrets

    Sold a box full off stuff to Mary Chapman when she had a shop in Lincoln , was out of work , skint and it was a bank holiday weekend. I thought I may get £20-£40 if I was lucky, went in and Mary wasn't there, shed gone to the Bank to get the staff wages....
  14. Lets clean up the ghetto promo's

    Mine's AE7 1140 Houston Edit , don't know if some are harder than others to be honest , never really looked. I can understand people would like the set though

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