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  1. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    At £550 now with 2hrs to go
  2. Originally it was the Moments for me but it's a little flat compared to Chuck's version imho , don't like Spooky & Sue version though. So it's Chuck for me
  3. Doris Willingham on Jay Boy.

    Doris Duke is an American gospel and soul singer, best known for her 1969 album I'm A Loser. Wikipedia Born: 1945, Sandersville, Georgia, United States Also known as: Doris Willingham; Doris Logan Albums...
  4. Yes I believe it translates as below ? It refers to an outdated legal property regulation and like with much of the German language you can work it all out logically. Grundstück: plot of land Verkehr: traffic Genehmigung: approval Zuständigkeit: res...
  5. It's Thee...

    Thick as F...! lol
  6. Very nice too

    For years I thought they were Brians Faggots !
  7. Jackie Lee - Darkest Days - Boot Or Genuine

    I'm no expert Roy but it looks to have had the deletion Gold ink stamp that a lot of ABC stuff had so they couldn't be sold as new looks like the Gold ink has been felt tipped over ? I would've thought it was an original mate but as I say I'm no expert ...
  8. Forgot about this little bugga until the other day Soul Crusaders - Those Memories - LuTall reckon I had this in the Cleethorpes days , haven't heard it since to be honest , sounds great loud ! Swifty
  9. Linda Perry demo in sales

    How dare you Kegsy yes it was a W/D, I've just found the link , bought it off Sammy Seaman on here mate. Cheers Swifty
  10. Linda Perry demo in sales

    I had a demo , nice thick Vinyl copy , got it off SS a couple of years back Kegsy
  11. Anyone got a decent copy for sale ? pm please , Ta ! Swifty
  12. Rita Dacosta

    Not sure mate , would think so , knew Mary & Colin well enough , great times then Rick !
  13. Rita Dacosta

    My only claim to Soul Fame (lol) was being interviewed by Frank Elson at Cleethorpes Pier in the 70's , where he asked me what my current favourite tunes were. My reply was Rita Dacosta and the Ideals , still have the Blues & Soul it's in. Happy Days
  14. Thanks mate but I'm now sorted
  15. Anyone got a copy for sale please ? At a fair price PM please No Offers please as I may offend lol Cheers Swifty