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  1. Another that got me was Skip Mahoney - Janice , for years had it on tape and thought it was 'Jealous' doh !!
  2. When Crusaders (Randy Crawford) Street Life came out my mate always sung 'Street Lights' lol didn't have the heart to tell him
  3. That's the Bugga !! crap lol
  4. This is the version , I'm sure mine was Black and White though , who knows ?
  5. Mr. Fingers , I had a Black and White demo a couple of years back and it's a totally different take at the begining , more sparse with handclaps, you notice straight away. Can't remember if it's all different though ? cheers Swifty
  6. Merry Christmas to a great bunch of people , knowledge , piss takes and photos ! Thanks Mike and your little helpers lol ! I hope you all have a great time this Christmas ! Swifty
  7. Mine was Mighty Lovers on Soulhawk , had it in soul pack many years ago and came across it again at home a few years ago , didn't do anything for me to be honest but it was in really good nick. Posted it for sale on here and got £60 (which I was well pleased with) until I realised it was fetching loads more DOH!! Roll on a couple of years and bugger me someone had it up for £40 with Harld Melvin - Get Out £40 EX and Velvet Hammer - Happy £20 EX , so I got them for a ton and ended up putting Mighty Lovers on ebay and was bombarded with messages and offers, in the end sold it to a guy who ran a record store in Texas for about $550 I reckon , happy days eh lol Cheers Swifty
  8. I had the same but both the Stiffener 45's were shite lol ! Well done mate
  9. Cheers mate , might put it on evilbay as boots are fetching silly money lol Swifty
  10. He'll not get arrow far , no bloody string !
  11. I thought it may be a letraset job to be honest but sadly I have an eyeglass (work in repro/print) and it defintely isn't , strange one. I also had a Skiing in the snow on a British label and after a few years the Vinyl started to come apart at the edges (a bit like a scab lol) so I ended up peeling it all off and underneath was a record called 'Bad News Rising' by Canned Heat I think , strange eh
  12. I know this is a boot and I've had it longer than I can remember to be honest , It's just I haven't seen another like it any ideas where these would've come from, just interested . Cheers Swifty

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