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    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Mine was Mighty Lovers on Soulhawk , had it in soul pack many years ago and came across it again at home a few years ago , didn't do anything for me to be honest but it was in really good nick. Posted it for sale on here and got £60 (which I was well pleased with) until I realised it was fetching loads more DOH!! Roll on a couple of years and bugger me someone had it up for £40 with Harld Melvin - Get Out £40 EX and Velvet Hammer - Happy £20 EX , so I got them for a ton and ended up putting Mighty Lovers on ebay and was bombarded with messages and offers, in the end sold it to a guy who ran a record store in Texas for about $550 I reckon , happy days eh lol Cheers Swifty

    70's, Modern & Crossover For Sale

    Bugga ! x

    45s used as stiffeners instead of cardboard

    I had the same but both the Stiffener 45's were shite lol ! Well done mate

    Unusual Invitations Boot ?

    Cheers mate , might put it on evilbay as boots are fetching silly money lol Swifty

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    He'll not get arrow far , no bloody string !

    Unusual Invitations Boot ?

    I thought it may be a letraset job to be honest but sadly I have an eyeglass (work in repro/print) and it defintely isn't , strange one. I also had a Skiing in the snow on a British label and after a few years the Vinyl started to come apart at the edges (a bit like a scab lol) so I ended up peeling it all off and underneath was a record called 'Bad News Rising' by Canned Heat I think , strange eh
  7. I know this is a boot and I've had it longer than I can remember to be honest , It's just I haven't seen another like it any ideas where these would've come from, just interested . Cheers Swifty
  8. Ordered a copy Sunday arrived this morning , great service Andy , thanks mate cheers Swifty

    Northern For A Wednesday

    No worries mate , I panicked when I saw it though , as I should be elsewhere Thursday lol
  10. SWIFTY

    Northern For A Wednesday

    Morning Des , it's Wednesday matey
  11. SWIFTY

    Happy Birthday Swifty

    Bloody hell he's grown 6" lol , sorry you had to be there under sad circumstances mate , take care Pierre ! Swifty
  12. SWIFTY

    Happy Birthday Swifty

    ha ha ! that would maybe have been a little cheaper though mate and the weather probably as hot !
  13. SWIFTY

    Happy Birthday Swifty

    Thanks you lot , had a great 4 nights in Manhattan with ' her who must be obeyed ' lol , Top people !! Cheers Swifty
  14. SWIFTY

    Happy Birthday Swifty

    Thanks mate much appreciated Lol !


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