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  1. Linda Perry demo in sales

    How dare you Kegsy yes it was a W/D, I've just found the link , bought it off Sammy Seaman on here mate. Cheers Swifty
  2. Linda Perry demo in sales

    I had a demo , nice thick Vinyl copy , got it off SS a couple of years back Kegsy
  3. Anyone got a decent copy for sale ? pm please , Ta ! Swifty
  4. Rita Dacosta

    Not sure mate , would think so , knew Mary & Colin well enough , great times then Rick !
  5. Rita Dacosta

    My only claim to Soul Fame (lol) was being interviewed by Frank Elson at Cleethorpes Pier in the 70's , where he asked me what my current favourite tunes were. My reply was Rita Dacosta and the Ideals , still have the Blues & Soul it's in. Happy Days
  6. Thanks mate but I'm now sorted
  7. Anyone got a copy for sale please ? At a fair price PM please No Offers please as I may offend lol Cheers Swifty
  8. How you got into northern soul

    Remember Corrigans mate
  9. Steve, do you know if Mr. Soussan used to supply Richard or was this before that , if you know what I mean ? Swifty
  10. I bet whoever put a needle to it first thought 'kin 'ell !! lol as you say nearly tailor made for the scene back then
  11. Loving this version at the minute , tin hat on ! Swifty
  12. Was just wandering actually how many label variants (including boots) there is of this record ? Out of interest just googled and looked on images and gave up counting after 25 lol ! I know there's no way of knowing how many were sold of each but if ...
  13. Another underplayed tune by Charles Mann - I Can Feel It - ABC
  14. Bloody 'ell Martyn you'll be wearing plastic sandals soon lol ! trust you're well matey