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  1. Great information as always. Re: the Toppiks, I had a note on my copy to say they were an early incarnation of Blue Magic. The above notes correct that note as it was just one singer from the Toppiks who joined the group who became Blue Magic. Thank you for t...
  2. SOUL Session 13

    Looking forward to this. Should be a great night!
  3. Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    Hi Marco, you really don't need to justify yourself to a couple of bitter old "keyboard warriors" with their half baked theories and obscured memories of "how it was" for them. Hope all is well with you and E.
  4. Ryanair - No way to run an airline.

    There is more to it than holiday rostering, including loss of over 100 pilots to Norwegian due to better pay / conditions I understand. But I agree another PR disaster for this company and a disaster for anyone stuck. PS: I'll never forget the time one ...
  5. Car Insurance

    Motor insurance prices have been increasing for some time. This is primarily due to: 1) increased costs of repairs, these have been increasing at about 9% p.a for 2-3 years now. Reason is predominantly down to factors such as increasing sophistication in...
  6. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    "Killer Joe" Ady? Someone is having a giraffe.
  7. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    Ten of the best you say? At least three of them were candidates for ten of the worst.
  8. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    The Fascinations released on Mayfield in 1971? Does that make my UK Stateside and Sue copies rare then, since they were released here before the record actually came out? Sorry thought it was just another poor write up, how anyone can cite "Afternoon o...
  9. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Villain of the year for me , but I think he's had his chips.
  10. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    Records appear to just disappear.
  11. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    You are right there, or at least there were. I remember John A telling me he filled his holdall with as many copies as he could from the warehouse when he saw the stock in there.
  12. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    Dekka you are reading way too much into the second sentence. I wouldn't go to a venue if I didn't enjoy it.
  13. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    Used to post playlists, stopped doing it a few years ago, agree with Dave's sentiments above. These days the venues I do DJ at, just turn up, play records, and go home at the end of the evening.
  14. Gatur label listing

    Its an acquired taste Paul. The disjointed-ness is part of the charm. Great New Orleans, but if we all liked the same thing it would be boring.
  15. Gatur label listing

    Yup 507 a boot. "I peeped your hole card" here Paul Capon, got it from Soul Sam in the 90s.