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  1. Scroll down on the link and there is the latest on what they call "Furloughed workers" published this morning. Clear as mud then. 80% notice for employers
  2. Interesting graph there MF. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I agree Mick. I suppose the writing was on the wall a few years ago when KFC ran out of chicken and the country went into meltdown, calling the police etc. I don't think it's 5-10% selfish people, more like 50-75%. We as a nation have lost the plot unfortunately.
  4. We don't know. I understand that there are at least two more strains of the virus which have started up. It is likely to mutate like most viruses, so this immunity once infected is guesswork at this point. Make your own minds up, but it was Katie Hopkins suggesting "chickenpox parties".
  5. They are saying the virus can live on surfaces for up to a week. So stair rails, doors, tables, chairs, walls, toilets etc. in all venues need to be clean. Can you be sure they have been cleaned?
  6. That isn't actually correct. Perhaps I should have been a bit clearer, you would need all risks / all cause coverage, not limited perils. And of course no exclusion for communicable diseases. There are many such policies, though I will concede that coverage will now be getting considerably harder to find.
  7. Large promotors should consider purchasing event cancellation insurance if they haven't already done so. Probably too expensive for the 100-200 events, but certainly for large weekenders etc. May be too late, I haven't checked but I suspect premium rates have gone right up in the last month and as it is a known subject there may already be exclusions in place for new purchasers of the product.
  8. Suspected that some DJs are at this. Changeover times, first DJ is facing the crowd or cueing up record, second is opening box and pulling stuff out, faffing about with his back to the audience, very easy to lift at that time if the second DJ is dodgy. There is no other explanation and the idea of random punters wandering up, and doing it in full view of everyone in the room seems somehow less plausible. Maybe need two tables, one for DJ1 and one for DJ2. I am convinced, unpleasant as it sounds, they walk amongst us.
  9. Voted best disco in the world by Billboard magazine in 1978
  10. If you take a backing track and put new words over it, 9 times out of 10 the original writers / producers will be gone in my experience looking at other independent records where that has happened. Maybe he wasn't told those details by whoever he got the tracks from, we just don't know 52 years later. He is certainly a larger than life character but as to it all being about "him", yes I agree on that but it is hardly unique in this business. The sueing of Lennon was just one of a number of episodes in his life.
  11. It is of course more than entirely possible that McGregor resold the backing track to Sam Coplin. Wouldn't be the first time that type of thing happened and he was a bit of a wheeler dealer character. I did speak to Sam a few years ago and he couldn't remember much about the origins of the track, but he could remember the group and how the record got to Wand.
  12. Actually Coplin told me he had recorded the group but they didn't have a name at the time. He played the track down the phone to Florence Greenberg and she said "great, what is the group's name?". Coplin, needing an answer, looked out of his window and saw the freeway and that is how he came up with the name. That was obviously before it came out on Karma, and also before it came out on Wand. Soon after the record came out (within weeks) the lead singer of Stemmons Express died.

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