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  1. That just appears to be his "shock jock" shows, all his pro Trump stuff. I spoke to Tom quite extensively when I did my book, he was working every day in that glorious period, a bit like Bacharach was in the mid - late 60s, and so like any day job, you just can't remember it all.
  2. Yes an old "Essence" spin of mine in the mid 90s, it never really took off. ATB Dave. Steve
  3. .....and the white and red socks, I think the white one was on his left foot, the red one on the right foot. A lovely man and always great to talk to. He helped a lot with Blackbeat on the art side with what he called "Crappographics" - so Ian that - when he was at Imperial College, a long time ago. I hear he has retired from the B&B business a few years ago.
  4. I still like it, but I haven't played it for over 10 years now and it is gathering dust on my acetates shelf (a lot of records like that ). It's repetitiveness is part of its charm I think - reminds me a bit of a Patrick Adams Myopic Music production. That's my take anyway.
  5. Hello sourcey people..... got an acetate of this from part of a haul off of Pat Brady c 1991 at £15 each which contained a number of good acetates. It is indeed Tom Moulton at the controls. I used to play it at Soul Essence in the 90s. It's a good record but never really garnered that much interest. Yes JM did auction one for c £400 a few years ago, I was curious as to how much it would fetch on OV. I always got the feeling this was an old group with a new name.
  6. Yes, thanks, and good luck with yours Gilly. I've got my money back on my book, not that that was ever the reason for doing it. Took over 2 years of my spare time, umpteen phone bills to the USA, umpteen record purchases I would not have otherwise got - B J Thomas etc., that awful pop on Scepter etc. and of course printing. Did 750 copies, got about 250 left. Some of those that brought it have now gone to the music library in the sky. I know promotion is a problem (getting it out there) - a bit like our old records faced back in the day - Will probably have an "Alan Partridge" moment at some point and skip what is left.
  7. At least you bought a copy Chalky for which I thank you. I'd just started a second book about forgotten Alabama soul singers which would have been a right riveting read, but I am seriously thinking of giving up on it. A diminishing number of people seem to want factual information in a written format, much easier to speculate and guess on the internet I guess, and of course it is free. A bit like the wider world right now I suppose. PS: Maybe we should call the NY Honeybees (Earl Jean etc.) The Honeybees (2) to avoid confusion with the Detroit gals.
  8. That name Stegall again....the third member was called Stegall. Yes I do. One of them was Jerry Williams barber. You really do need to buy my book before they're all gone.
  9. Yes I am sure they were on Jack Mongomery's 45; that would tie up nicely. The Fontana group were completely different as I am sure you know. Cheers.
  10. The Honey bees were from Detroit (not NY) and were spotted singing in a night club - again from my book. They comprised Barbara Ann Williams, her sister Juanita Williams and a lady who's last name was Stegall. I got that piece of info from Gilly originally.
  11. The label was not Detroit. It was owned by Pete Garris and one of the Scepter guys in NY (Sam Goff who was dating Florence's daughter) and they released tracks from NY, New Orleans, Texas and Detroit. Can't believe having documented and researched all this thoroughly in my book, there is still so little knowledge and the same erroneous myths still abound.
  12. Yes the same Tangeers group with the Jetsons (Baltimore Sounds book) - apparently the two groups performed together locally at various gigs, so guess it made sense to put out the Date 45. As to why they were called the Tangiers, no idea, they formed in 1955.

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