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  1. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    ^ ^ ^ This.
  2. Leslie Uggams Original or Boot

    The face is of Dionne Warwick son.....
  3. Unlikely record finds...

    Great fun in London in the late 70s / early 80s....Wil Collins & Willpower, Brand New, Alfie Davison, Bill Brandon (Streets got my lady), and heaps more all for 10p or thereabouts.
  4. Jimmy Jones on Deke

    Lets not forget he was also the man behind the Kaldirons on Twilight too. I also have a great acetate, which although on a west coast press, is I believe also the Chicago man. I need to play it out more.
  5. Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    Brighton for us, just down the road these days.
  6. Gene Townsel 45

    I got the Balance Town 45 in the 90s, maybe 97-98 that kind of time. Never heard of the Ah-La-vi one until this decade. I don't believe a Dobre single exists, since Dobre was a label for putting out self made albums. No idea on who put the Balance Town 45 out...
  7. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Yep very atmospheric. Who'd have ever thought we'd hear Aggression as part of a TV series soundtrack.
  8. Question

    Haven't we all !!!!
  9. Question

    Except the other punter's wife it seems. But I am sure she can be persuaded
  10. Question

    This is quite common at venues in the south mate. Especially if you're not playing bog standard 500 oldies. One venue I went to had three non DJ people, and being one of the three I spoke to the other couple and turns out the husband was a DJ too. So technica...
  11. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Am giving Babylon Berlin a go, quite dark, it draws you in, but bloody sub titles.
  12. Slaven Bilic sacked

    West Ham? David Moyes? Bring it on!
  13. A few records I am looking for my collection….any help with these appreciated via PM. Thank you. 1) Althea Spencer - Bitter tears (AV) (her second one) 2) Billy Stewart - Tell it like it is / My sweet Senorita (Chess) 3) Imperial Wonders - T...
  14. Felice Taylor

    Florian Taylor too (Chess / Cadet).
  15. One last year c £150 -200 I think. Its a pretty rare Stan Watson label and one that doesn't show up often. Odd ball but at the same time is sort of charming Philly.