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  1. I am bumping this one because I found another title I am after: Turbo 015 Optimistics - Should I let myself go / Say it baby (Say you Care) All the previous ones are still sought. Cheers.
  2. I am trying to complete my collection of All Platinum related labels. A bit of a minefield with quite a few rarities scattered about, these are the ones I don’t have and any help in sourcing a copy would be appreciated. If you have any of the below that you'd be prepared to part with please PM me with details. Thanks. All Platinum AP 2311 Willie & West?? AP 2319 Willie & Mighty Magnificents - Think Funky Pt 1 and 2 AP 2328 Susan Phillips - Just how long (does this actually exist?) AP 2347 Dave Baby Cortez - Soul Walking Astroscope Astrosco
  3. Has to be "Depends" I would have thought. One venue I DJed at for years had a second room for "downbeat" sounds, it was very successful and attracted a different set of people who would come because the 2nd room was there. Alternatively, I heard of one second room with about 10-20 people in (8 DJs and occasional "walk ins" where DJs weren't paid at all, on the basis it was some sort of "vocational" thing.
  4. Worse when the second room is just another "tired oldies" room but a different "genre" of "tired oldies".
  5. Got the large majority of my collection pre internet, helped not just by lists, visits, listening and digging but also by regular trips to the USA for my employer which took me to the uSA and Canada over 50 times. I would say post internet has opened up more sources for records. Things that were never really seen before. Part of that is, I suspect, due to old record guys retiring and clearing their old stock etc. On balance I prefer the internet world, if there is something I want I can spend some time trying to source a copy. Saves writing loads of letters etc. Just stay awa
  6. Yes it is a publishers acetate (Flo-Mar) and yes it is almost certainly Jo Armstead who worked there with Ed Silvers, Artie Wayne and Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson. As it is a female vocal the only other possibility within Flo Mar is Val Simpson, and although she did do imitations of how she imagined songs being sung, this sounds lime Armstead.
  7. I might have a spare couple of later Backbeats in the loft, possibly 20 and 21, if you don't get them Chalky.
  8. Am after the following UK Demos to complete collection for these artists. Many thanks if you can help. Howard Tate - Baby I love you / How blue can you get Howard Tate - Stop / Shoot 'em all down Garnet Mimms - it was easier to hurt her.
  9. Looking for two Garnet Mimms UK R&W demos "it was easier to hurt her" UA 1090 and "My baby" UA 1153. Thanks Steve
  10. Much as we support our teams through thick and thin, I would not pay PPV fees. Partly because I don't like the way my team is playing (tactics). Boring as hell to watch, I can make do with MOTD highlights.
  11. Looking for one of these if anyone has one to sell? Steve
  12. Very true Chalky, needs new and younger blood.
  13. Alex Scott still tipped, big shoes to fill with SB who made the show her own, but sounds a good replacement to me if true.
  14. The reality is clubs would go bust if parachute payments were done away with for teams relegated from the EPL. They wouldn't be able to afford the wages and infrastructure costs of a PL team, with the massive drop in TV £££. Basically the Sky model is leveraged for there to be an elite league, and everything else doesn't really matter.
  15. Nialations sorted. Still after Richard Parker, Eliminators and Exit 9 issue copies. Also Total Eclipse LP (77007). Thanks.

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