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    REL Maunsell and O V Bullied Trust
    Writing a book on the artists and history of Wand Records
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  1. Excellent photo and write up.
  2. Steve G

    Luther (Vandross' group before going solo) on AVCO?

    Indeed Benji, your homework is to write a 1,000 word essay on the musical productions of Chris Hill.
  3. Steve G

    Luther (Vandross' group before going solo) on AVCO?

    Mascara produced by Chris Hill when he was at Ensign Records.
  4. Steve G

    Oh dear

    Reading this thread its a bit like a group of people who have turned up at a rural bus stop hoping to catch a bus, not realising that the service was withdrawn several years ago
  5. Steve G

    Oh dear

    That was over 40 years ago.
  6. Steve G

    Oh dear

    Yes agree, and others which are crowded and just playing boots / reissues. I just love posters that say "All played on vinyl" like that counts for anything.
  7. I've finally managed to find this….enjoy LETTERS TO THE EDITQR write to the Mag address with your soul letters Dear Blackbeat I Have just got to have a say in the 60s newie versus modern soul/played out oldies argument, as I have been on the scene since 1972, having started at the Torch through Blackpool Highland Room, Mecca, Va Vas, Wigan Casino, Yate, Catacombs. All the good clubs, with the exception of St Ives and Samanthas. l experienced the first split in 1976 -60s v New York disco, when they said what they have said since, and are saying now, that there are no quality 60a unknown black records left. It was Levine in 1976 with Sam on the opposition. It was Sam saying it in 1980 with Searling disagreeing. Now it is Searling's turn to change his colours in 1984. It seems very convenient for these DJs, after years of turning up mainly class 60s northern soul records, that when the going gets tough they tend to take the easy way out, and fall into the modern soul clone syndrome, they all sound and do the same as each other....
  8. Steve G

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    You may just find that if you re-arrange the letters of some "non de plumes," they will spell out the person's real name. You're etc., Ann O'Gram.
  9. Steve G

    supremes stoned love (long version)

    I think the Australian release is also long version.
  10. Steve G

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    Or trying to put on a Manc accent on the train up to Wigan when the carriage is full of Man U chanting "We hate cockney bastards".
  11. Steve G

    RIP Dave Forrest - Peterborough

    Very sad news.
  12. Steve G

    Rocket allnighter 2002

    Hi Julian, you must have just beaten me to "Run run run". When I went round (one of the first) I found it on the shelf. My heart sank immediately though as it was a carver with a stuck on label!! I asked him where the OV copy was and he said he'd sold it to Tim Brown.
  13. Steve G

    Rocket allnighter 2002

    I went to the first few. They were "of their time" as they say.
  14. Steve G

    Skegness Rare and Underplayed

    Thank you. Yep I thought I would slip a few lesser known / played things in, being on at 10 p.m. and it is of course a rare and underplayed weekend. Really good night I thought with tremendous variety from the DJs. All good here, and hopefully with you as well. Steve
  15. Steve G

    Skegness Rare and Underplayed

    Thanks Geoff, its been an age since I've seen you! 100 Club in November, might drop a few of them then.


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