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    sronger than me rufus lumney
  1. tim smithers

    The Triumphs - The Line up ? Okeh

    Haha, I was asking you, if it is the same group, the one on Black Artists will be by far their rarest 45 for sure
  2. tim smithers

    The Triumphs - The Line up ? Okeh

    That's a different Triumphs ?
  3. tim smithers

    Mix of Funk and Northern

    WE'VE GOT THE FUNK - Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/timsmithers73/weve-got-the-funk/
  4. tim smithers

    Soul sessions, Negrito, Valencia

    Yes, classic funky gospel, cheers
  5. tim smithers

    Soul sessions, Negrito, Valencia

    Soul Sessions , Negito, Valencia Chappells / You acting kind of strange Gennesse gospel travelers / don't blame it Edwards generation / Keep cool brother Chet Davenport / can't get over you Len Woods / I'm in love Basic black and pearl / Right on baby Klicky Robinson / when I wanna see you Bobbie Brown / I gotta have you Georgia soul twisters / look out I'm gonna blow you mind Johnny James / Tell you about my girl Bill Webb / Lord I'm getting tired Tommy and the Derbys / I saw batman Valdons / all day long Angela Davis / Take me to the bathtub Gwen Davis/ My man don't think I know Chuck Jackson / Ain't know sun Jay Griffin / lucky me Cliff Nobles / This love will last Archie Bell / Thousand wonders Judy freeman / Hold on Rose Lee brooks / Utee Rose Brooke's / moaning Voices of east Harlem / Right on be free Outfit / Use me Lucidly Mathis / I'm not a regular women Clark Bridges / Foxy Pattie Lenoir / Try it your like it Guitar Ray / Wreck my life Clarence Haddon / Who is this Johnny Hampton / Not my girl Joe Hicks / I gotta be free Bobby Patterson / Right on Jody Swan Silvertons / if you believe your God Ruby Rowe / We love each other Easy / Groovin along Mariann / Motivation O D Williams / Funky Belly Martha Bass / since you've been gone Mind Readers / bitter tears No doubt a few others I've forgotten
  6. tim smithers

    Paying The Price

    A mix of Gospel, Northern, crossover and funky soul https://www.facebook.com/tim.smithers.73/posts/10214504568061494
  7. tim smithers

    Artus Setterfield

    Yellow label being the first
  8. tim smithers

    Ljb meet and greet Southampton

    Playlist for the Ljb meet and greet, pre alldayer in Southampton 30/3/18 Roy Roberts / I'm number one Bobby Allen / Ya Ya song Frisco Singers / Ain't no sun since you been gone Guitar Slim / That's what it's all about Lonnie Brooks / let it all hang out Billy Storm and the tempests / Apologize Mel Williams / Sookie Gate Wesley / Do the batman Tommy & The Derbys / I saw batman Goodtime Charlie / Tough Competition E J Rush / Stick Tight Sensational Skylarks / Soon ah will be done Dee Irwin / Anytime Earl Bostic / Feeling Cool 5 of a kind / Please tell me Marvell / Love is a one sided fight Lil Gray / Are you fooling Lanny Hunt / Suzie Q Easy / A little bit harder Bill Webb / Lord I'm getting tired Keith Lincoln / Do you feel it
  9. tim smithers

    Ghetto, funk and soul mix

    Ghetto - Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/timsmithers73/ghetto/
  10. tim smithers

    Track ID please

    No, not a Northern oldie also lol
  11. tim smithers

    Track ID please

    I know, but of course I'm looking for it myself
  12. A little distorted near the end , my fault But hey ho
  13. Some great trades there, I'm sure that will get a few thinking


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