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  1. The original has a different matrix number but the easiest way to tell is that the spindle hole on the first issue has a raised ring around it
  2. thanks mark, obviously these are only some of the tunes, really hard to remember everything they took, it comes back in waves really, the Mirrwood collection really pissed me off, been collecting them for years was trying to get everything on a white demo and almost succeeded, had my best year this year for finding the elusive ones and I had one left to go!!!!! hope you are well mate, you may not remember but we used to verbal for hours at Stafford lol
  3. having a great response from everyone on this and I am a bit overwhelmed by support from friends and people I don't know thank you all it really is very kind and shows that the good people on this scene outway the bad by miles and miles love and respect to you all Gary and Karen
  4. nice idea simsy but I suspect they are tucked away somewhere for now, whoever had them will probably sit on them for a while then drip them out
  5. Thanks Ivor long time no see, hope you're both well
  6. Right here is the second list of stolen records, sorry to bother you all again but I would like to find them. Jive Five - if I had a chance to love you -decca 3 Pieces - I need you girl - fantasy Freddie Scott - I guess god wants it this way - vanguard Timothy Wilson - loving you - buddah Pete Warner - I just want to spend my life with you - polydor Checkmates ltd - all alone by the telephone - polydor (demo) Big Dee Irwin - you satisfy my needs - rotate Bill Harris - am i cold am I hot - rca Crystal Motion - you're my main squeeze - sound gems Chuck Cissel - don't tell me
  7. yeah was thinking that mate, that's why I added it, thanks for that

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