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  1. First aired on the fine wine show many years back by a guest collector, sure he would probably know as he has pretty much everything on the label , forgot to ask him, was more interested in finding the 45
  2. Haha, I was asking you, if it is the same group, the one on Black Artists will be by far their rarest 45 for sure
  3. WE'VE GOT THE FUNK - Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/timsmithers73/weve-got-the-funk/
  4. Soul Sessions , Negito, Valencia Chappells / You acting kind of strange Gennesse gospel travelers / don't blame it Edwards generation / Keep cool brother Chet Davenport / can't get over you Len Woods / I'm in love Basic black and pearl / Right on baby Klicky Robinson / when I wanna see you Bobbie Brown / I gotta have you Georgia soul twisters / look out I'm gonna blow you mind Johnny James / Tell you about my girl Bill Webb / Lord I'm getting tired Tommy and the Derbys / I saw batman Valdons / all day long Angela Davis / Take me to the bathtub Gwen Davis/ My
  5. A mix of Gospel, Northern, crossover and funky soul https://www.facebook.com/tim.smithers.73/posts/10214504568061494
  6. Playlist for the Ljb meet and greet, pre alldayer in Southampton 30/3/18 Roy Roberts / I'm number one Bobby Allen / Ya Ya song Frisco Singers / Ain't no sun since you been gone Guitar Slim / That's what it's all about Lonnie Brooks / let it all hang out Billy Storm and the tempests / Apologize Mel Williams / Sookie Gate Wesley / Do the batman Tommy & The Derbys / I saw batman Goodtime Charlie / Tough Competition E J Rush / Stick Tight Sensational Skylarks / Soon ah will be done Dee Irwin / Anytime Earl Bostic / Feeling Cool 5 of a kind / Please tell m
  7. Ghetto - Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/timsmithers73/ghetto/
  8. I know, but of course I'm looking for it myself
  9. A little distorted near the end , my fault But hey ho
  10. I would say tunes like your avatar which were the type of tune played at the start of the funky edge era back in the early days
  11. Anyone who has a mind of there own and thinks outside of the box and not from a playlist from 45 years ago
  12. And there's still loads of tunes that are not on YouTube , so the only way to here them is to listen to a DJ who has them
  13. Or Rugby 10th Feb, freestyle room , where me and Sal and a few others will be playing all sorts of obscure soul and funk lol
  14. My old you tube channel , done off an old iPhone ,,,,,and it shows lol
  15. A selection of a few lesser played garage , funk and soul tunes https://www.mixcloud.com/timsmithers73/a-cluster-of-rare-garage-funk-and-northern-soul/
  16. Also on a French 2 track 45, sound quality is much better
  17. Well I think it's quite cool ( apart from the choice of tune ) to be honest I would much prefer to be in a club with people dressed like this, rather than 40" baggies ( waist and width ) mind you any one who watches this and say's to themselfs " I'm gonna have a piece of this " is in for a shock when they walk through the doors of the local northern night at the British legion

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