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  1. Like that Mike. Will keep an eye out for the 45. Thx for posting.
  2. I thought Ep one was good and will defo continue watching. I think the trio are fictional but guess mostly based on Shalamar.
  3. https://thevinylfactory.com/news/supremes-rarities-third-man-motown/ Pre-orders (USD80 incl P&P to the UK) here: https://thirdmanstore.com/supreme-rarities-motown-lost-and-found-4x-box-set
  4. Great to see IL's feeling well enough to get that podcast together.....
  5. There's nowt on Marvin's own FB page and no news reports.
  6. Great event...let's hope Warren finds a new venue soon.
  7. Neil Marsh

    Liquid Soul 02

    Start/finish times? Door tax? Cheers.
  8. Well, they are possibly the biggest rock band in the world, and his name is recognised by just about everyone. Like TV execs and distributors. Like I said, it's about money, not taste or relevance.
  9. Obviously Bono had nowt to do with Muscle Shoals but he's there to make the doc saleable to the kind of clowns for whom "I've never heard of them/it" is a reason not to watch rather than the best reason in the world to widen your horizons. Tiresome but understandable.....it's all about the Benjamins, baby!
  10. Anyone willing to sell their patch - please let me know how much you're looking for. Cheers
  11. Neil Marsh

    World's No.1 All Nighter

    Kev/Sam Hi. How much is it in advance and OTD please? Looking forward to renewing old acquaintances galore.
  12. I'll be driving from Kent to Cleethorpes on my tod. Could use some company (if only to stop me nodding off on the way home!!!!). If you are close to the M2/Dartford Crossing/M11 let me know and see if we can work something out. I might also be tempted to go via Blackwall Tunnel, so could pick up at Bromley-By-Bow tube. Cheers Neil (neilsmarsh at aol dot co dot uk) ========================= Now got a lift sorted. cheers. NM 15 May
  13. Looking forward to Saturday. It couldn't possibly be as good as the last one, could it............?
  14. Me and the missus are hoping to get up to Boogaloo but could use a lift. We're in Chatham (Brompton) but can get to any spot in Medway if it helps. Please PM me if you can help. More than happy to pay for petrol! Cheers Neil Marsh
  15. Tip top night - great mix of sounds, everyone seemed up for it, a few non-soulies in the mob seemed to enjoy themselves so hopefully a few converts, Warren and Paul McKay played great sets.....a credit to Magoo & Co! More of the same please! Disco Dave has a lot to live up to next month! :-)

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