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    After my family, not in any particular order, Spurs, Alcohol, Rare Soul music, Warrington Wolves & stylish clothes. I have had a great time for the short time we are here on planet earth & plan to continue with that policy as it's served me pretty well up to now & we are a long time dead and there ain't no bar in the graveyard! Aid.
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    Cheshire, united kingdom
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    Little Ann, Who Are You Trying To Fool. O.C. Tolbert, I'm Shooting High.

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  1. Hi guys, not been on here for a while. Was only thinking today about the low exchange rate with the dollar. Well I won't be buying from the states or eurozone for a while unless it's a real cheapie as we're getting nothing for our money at the moment & I was wondering if we'll actually get a "reset" on generic prices from the US traders, if this low exchange rate continues? As It's got to hurt them? cheers ears Aid
  2. Well done Leicester City, the league is not won or lost on one game but over a season. All those 1-0 wins in that run they had sealed their fate. Spurs were fab too, nice to see other clubs right up there. Well done Leicester. Aid.
  3. I've made my view known earlier in this thread, but what some are not taking into consideration is not so much buying as an investment, but when long term collectors find themselves sat on a large investment with a possibility to cash in, they'll (or a lot) want to be cashing in on all that money at some stage in the autumn of life. obviously the big ticket & prestigious items will always command a premium always, don't think anyone is saying otherwise, the rest.., I'm not so sure they'll be enough incumbents on the scene to take up all that slack. Yeah? NS is in a purple patch, I predict a downward curve, let's be honest most are at least in their 50s now, gonna be shuffling of this mortal coil in droves very soon. im talking specifically about the high & sometimes ridiculousness of the prices of mid-range rare (supposedly) NS. Aid
  4. Hi mate, I'm fine pal. Just been over on FB mostly just for a change to be honest. Hope you are well & all is good with you? Be back on here soon, take care Peter.? Aid
  5. So did stuffing a handkerchief up the bottom dish that returned coins came out of. We used come back next day, to collect all the "returned" coins at once, by pulling the hanky out, out they'd all pop into the dish. Then off to the sweetshop ?
  6. Off topic so I apologise. Quick question, just watching Kojak from 1973 on itv4 right now, one of the actors is Gene Woodbury...... Is it that one of Ever Again fame...?? Did he do any acting? cheers Aid
  7. Going forward, the vinyl scene will depreciate once this generation expires. I know people have said it since year dot about the scene, but the younger generations have the technology & means to hear the sounds they want in the main. I believe they'll be a steep downward curve on prices on all but the proper rare & classics, sooner rather than later. I mean, jump forward 20 years, who's gonna be around paying these ridiculous prices?... no one left, not us mugs. Aid x
  8. Always loved the Peru strip Winn, also in subbuteo the Peru team could double up as Crystal Palace away team too, little bonus that ?? ?
  9. Bet you can hire one! You can hit most things.
  10. Just seen this on evil bay that's why I came over here. Are these people mental? No way is it worth 5k+ mint or otherwise. I know it's mint, but it's not that rare is it? What's going on?
  11. Nothing personal but I hope they go down & Sunderland stay up. That club is a circus & laughing stock. An example of how a football club should not be run. I know it's not the fans fault, but they must take some blame as they get their wish at times. There's talk of Alan Shearer. I'll laugh my head off if they get him & its a death nail if they do. Come on Sunderland, you can do at their expense lads!
  12. Surprised me that Chalks, thought he might wanna get in front of Marciano? He was 49-0.
  13. Wasn't the best fight I've ever watched. FM too much class. Although he went out not to get beat rather than go out & win it, but his class showed in the end. Two guys both at the end of their career, FM get his 50 unbeaten & retire. FM has been by far the best of his entire generation & some, no one will touch his record. I wanted Manny because he's charismatic, he tried but he could do what was needed, FM just too good. I don't think I'd pay to watch that again, I've seen better fights in Warrington town centre on a Saturday night to be honest.
  14. Yeah, well it is was it is, no other venue could or can touch it. As for Russ, he carried no influence on any right minded soul fan, it was all about Richard, and probably Soul Sam & Mr Brady, they were the torch bearers of that time, in those years. And Gods own country is the Northwest, everyone knows that ?

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