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    Bakunin ,Shelley ,Marcus Aurelius and Napoleon
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    Johnny Gilliam-Find yourself another

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  1. The Magnificent Seven...Knife v pistol fight.
  2. 1.Withnail and I 2.Shawshank Redemption 3.The Day of The Jackal 4.Strangers on a train 5.The Outlaw Josey Wales
  3. The Triumphs...Walking the duck
  4. 'Time,that subtle thief of youth'.....Milton.
  5. Scariest moment I ever had was trying to find Les Cockells house in the middle of kin nowhere after a niter...Mecca I think or maybe Torch...4 of us in Mini all coming down...had already crashed a carpark barrier in Manchester...and we still had to get back to Newbury......that was some journey..had the horrors all the way....other than that saw the odd scrap here and there but perhaps we we were lucky....
  6. Colony Club...Newbury....home of Newbury Soul Club.
  7. 'All things we love and cherish Like ourselves must fade and perish' Shelley Packed it in about 7 years ago (second time round)...can't say I miss it...happy days from the Mecca 1971 right through though.
  8. Enough of the bitchin methinks....perhaps it is 'a youth culture left in the hands of old women'.....time to move on....close my thread.
  9. For me it wasn't just about the music....There was 'something else' ...something in the air... and it's gone....but perhaps that's the way it always is.
  10. Well I've just received re- read the whole thread which I started and have concluded the Northern soul scene as it now appears is no longer for me ...just a distant memory now..good one though.
  11. I have been unable to find the original source of the quote which is the subject of this thread . I apologize for that since I seemed to have stirred up a hornets nest which was not my intention. So in the interests of peace and harmony I would suggest the thread be closed. I started my own journey at The Mecca in 1971 left it in 80 and returned again in 2003 only to leave again in 2009 I think it was.I enjoyed it all but it like me had 'aged'...it certainly had lost something but then perhaps so had I.
  12. .I have already been asked this by Chalky .I wish I could remember but it was a few months ago but I kept mulling it over in my head hence posting the thread to get some feedback.I will try and find the source...sorry to have started such a controversy...not my intention. Best Rob

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