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    Blackpool Mecca 1971...all began there for me

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    Bakunin ,Shelley ,Marcus Aurelius and Napoleon
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  1. You walked in and it hit you...that know it's going to be a good night...because the tune you heard says it all...for me one such night..and tune....was Fred Hughes-Dont let me down...that was a long time ago..can't even remember where it was now..anybody else had an atmospheric tune hit them like that?
  2. Just listened to cd again and it's the track immediately after Jan Foreman and immediately before Ray Agee that I'm after Cheers ATB Rob
  3. Yep that was it Des! must have played the track after that as well then..belter!....Hope you're keeping well !ate...wish I had the track list. Best Rob Sawetz
  4. Sorry to bother again and I'm probably pushing my luck but Carl played two female vocals at beginning of set (just after Jon Tee ) if you speak to him again...introduced as first time out from Detroit...powerful backing to both...anyway here's hoping.) Will even send cd if great to get the track listing Cheers Rob
  5. Yeah thought it was different but that Ringleaders b side is a top tune as well.Two for the price of one ...thanks mate!
  6. Many thanks for that mate...much appreciated. Some great tunes on there in particular three I can't place...all at the beginning of Carl's set...The Devotions? Charles Bradley? and one called 'All my life'(I think) Anyway thanks again and pass my thanks to Carl
  7. Just dug out an old cd entitled Des Parker and Carl Fortnum Albrighton 20/11/89...Carl introduces a track as Willie Hightower We're in love...been trying to find it without success...anybody got an idea? tracklisting with the cd hence the enquiry...or was is it a c/u? Cheers Rob

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