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  1. Really looking forward to this one, a venue full of great memories for me. See you there. Cathy C
    Well what a night! Some great music from a whole range of genres. A pleasure to DJ with the great John Parker in a wonderful venue. Thanks Simon and Stu for inviting me (despite Simon missing Mikki Farrow)! Cathy C x
  2. Trust you Graham
  3. I'll stick that on the list too,I wouldn't want to be accused of favoritism. See you tomorrow
  4. Consider it done Stu. Great choice,one of my faves too
  5. Looking forward to this one. Already got Kip tapping me up to play some of his favourite tunes. Better get sorting some 'dancers' out!! See you Friday, Cathy C
  6. Looking forward to this,,remember every penny counts. Crank the air con up, i think we're gonna need it!
  7. What a fab night last night at Cotgrave. Great turn out with a crowd wanting to dance. Really enjoyed it behind the decks and of course listening and dancing to the tunes played by Mick and John. See you in August Trev, Cathy C x x
  8. Looking forward as always, to playing a set at DBSC. Top crowd,warm welcome and great music guaranteed. Can't wait for Saturday Cathy C
  9. Hi Patto, thought it unusual that you weren't there, but I suppose you had a good excuse. Hope you enjoyed it there as much as I did at Wings. See you somewhere soon
  10. In trouble from the other half Pete for not mentioning you in my previous posting. Goes without saying - thanks to you and Val and look forward to arranging another date with you … or dates lol!!! Cathy C
  11. A great night at Wings AGAIN! Always love it on the decks there. People there to dance to some great tunes; a fantastic crowd last night. A pleasure to work alongside you again Andy; top bloke! Cathy C x
  12. I'll be playing one for you Andy. Possibly a bit of Danny Monday …. maybe!!! Cathy
  13. Hey Northernsoul5353, you could always come to see me???? Anyway looking forward to playing on Saturday. Some new tunes to share (Graham). Bring your dancing shoes! Regards, Cathy C
  14. If you could only spell my name right Graham!!!! Hope to make you proud anyway - ready to go too Betty, we'll be groovin' at the Grosvenor. Cathy C x x

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