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  1. Can't think of better way of spending a Sunday afternoon - spinning some tunes in memory of our old mate Ian. An absolute pleasure. Cathy C
  2. Looking forward to Saturday. Meeting and playing to the great people 'from the North'. Cathy C
    This place is a little gem in the heart of Leicestershire. You wouldn't stumble across this one, which makes it all the more special. Great venue, cheaper bar prices, friendly people and the music was awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed the night and had a good dance. It's a refreshing change to find such a great venue. Good luck with future soul nights - we'll be there! Cathy and Troy (Notts)
    Wow what a night. Brilliant crowd, brilliant atmosphere and legs that feel like lead this morning. Great night from beginning to end. Thanks for asking Pete, can't wait for the next time. Cathy C
  3. It does include those numbers, but the decimal point is in the wrong place. We'll have to rely on Mr Taylor, I think
  4. The cheque's in the post Martyn. See you all tomorrow. Cathy C
  5. Can't wait for Saturday. A pleasure as always to play at North Wings. A great crowd and people that want to hear and dance to the music. For future bookings, see MY agent, chief buyer and hubbie! Keep the faith, Cathy C
    Hey not a bad night. Plenty of dancing and enjoyed the music. Well done to our mate Casper - fabulous spot with some cracking tunes. Cathy C and Troy x
    First time at Pie hall and what a night. Didn't know what to expect but thought we would take the plunge and travel the distance to Huddersfield. Everyone was so welcoming. There were a few familiar faces, but you northerners aren't 'alf friendly. The music policy - brilliant. OVO - right up our street. A great mix of music. Some old favourites plus some not so well- known. A great night with a spot booked in the mix. Will certainly make the effort again. Thanks Jim. Cathy and Troy
    A great night. Got in early to do my spot, and stayed very close to the end. A great night with great people and the many friends we've made over the years. Thanks to our friends Cath and Martin and all others connected to Inner Soul. Thanks for some fabulous nights at Inner soul. Cathy and Troy
  6. Can't go through the review system. A sticky night, but a great night at north Wings. Despite the football being on, there was a good turn out; everyone being there for the same reason to enjoy the wonderful music being played. I for one had a fabulous time playing on a top class system for a top bloke. Thanks Pete for asking me and hope to be with you again soon, Cathy C
  7. Looking forward to 'also' being on at Wings alongside two of the scenes top DJs. Gonna have to pull out all the stops! Always a good night and a great crowd. See you in June, Cathy C
  8. Looking forward to 'my return'. Usually a great crowd at Cotgrave so fingers crossed for tonight. See you later, Cathy
  9. To a dear friend, Ian. No more suffering now. You'll always be in our thoughts. Rest in peace love. Cathy and Troy x x