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  1. Sam was the only DJ I heard play the Ruth Christie. He did play it for a while but it was never going to be a monster sound without the Casino getting behind it. I liked it and still do but had completely forgotten it ‘til l saw the list.
  2. ‘Miracle Love’ was actually Ruth Christie, ‘Mystery of a Miracle’ on Tide.
  3. That brings back memories. Had one just like it in the 70's, long since gone. Nice one.
  4. Not the best quality photo but an original yellow and green copy:
  5. Motown special to celebrate the launch of Keith Rylatt's new book 'Hitsville! The Birth of Tamla Motown'. Saturday 12 November 2016 at The Old Kings Head, Days Lane, Belper, Derbyshire from 7.30 until 12.00. Admission £4.00 Please click on link for full details Modus Motown Special.pdf
  6. Yes. Mine's the same. Looking at it l doubted the Marvin Gaye was playable but it plays fine.
  7. Such sad news. Sincere condolences to his family and those closest to him. RIP
  8. I can't scan it but I've still got the copy I bought at the time. It's on Patches.
  9. Give over. Good as gold, the pair of 'em! Tim (Hope you're well Tony )
  10. The man's a legend! Give him my best please Tony.
  11. Records arrived safe and sound and even better than described. Buy with confidence - Rod's the only person I know whose own collection is all mint plus! Thanks Rod.
  12. Guy doesn't come on here and although he's tried to contact as many folk as he can he's asked me to say how much he appreciated the turn out on Saturday and to say thanks for the all the kind words, good wishes and presents. There was one low of course - he's naturally concerned about Phil and he's keeping up with his progress. Just another thing he wanted to say - on a night like that when you're surrounded by so many good friends who've all made the effort to come and celebrate YOUR night, it was always going to be difficult for him to get round and spend as much time as he wanted to wi
  13. Tim Finch


    PM on the way, youth! Tim

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