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  1. ’60s One-Hit Wonders The Masqueraders Wow America’s Got Talent Judges Peter Helman @_peterhelman | June 27, 2017 - 10:57 pm EMAIL SHARE TWEET PIN IT REDDIT The Masqueraders, a soul group who scored a minor hit way back in 1968 with “I Ain’t Got To Love Nobody Else,” auditioned on America’s Got Talent tonight. The trio wowed the audience with their rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” earning four yeses from
  2. steadysoul


    Was a pleasure to be awarded the guest spot at this totally new venue, can only see it going from strength to strength so be part of THE NEW D-TOWN SOUL MOVEMENT and tell others you were there when it all started . Underplayed / rare 6ts 7ts soul with 7ts bar prices, great acoustic sound, great dance floor and assume 200 people capacity? Already looking forward to next event. Steady. Ps // great tunes on cd, already some on wants list!!
  3. was so looking forward to attending soul nite ,any one passing derby for a cheeky lift !!!
  4. what a great soul club not to sure bout grumpy the tunes made me happy quality all the way. looking forward to seeing henning b play list few 45s ive not heard before, all djs give yourselfs a pat on the back. steady.
  5. keep up the good work cobbles looks like there's green eyed monster on here . wish I had some of the things your offering for sale , also its called wants and wouldn't work if no one didn't reply to wants !!!
  6. really looking forward to this event ,and to hear simon hunt play has he always has something for the dancer and collector. steadysoul
  7. enjoyed a great night all djs did the black bull proud .
  8. looking forward to hearing some quality 7ts tracks and rare 45s . steady
  9. we meet him frank the night we went with dave raymer to see his one leg dj mate playing doo wop at the bar.
  10. when myself and frank meet chuck in pittsburg he told me that he got his name corby from a bourbon or whiskey he was fond off drinking. steadysoul
  11. Wow fantastic brilliant great blackhearts give yourself a pat on your back had a fantastic time with kicking off the night whilst passing on the raines to two great guess djs .Kyp getting the place bouncing with a great selection of classic soul dancers, whilst Ted kept too his flawless supply of rarities and quality soul 45s (lady in green did it for me SUPREB).Casper and Mitch last but not least giving black hearts the sounds that’s made the club one of my favourites in the midlands Keep it going guys my play list 8-9pm mickey woods they call me cupid tamla wilbur walton
  12. hi blackhearts crew ,looking forward to your 1st year anniversary,in past year youve had some great nights and soul sundays there playing classic northern with a progressive soul. sure ted will have a warm welcome ,also looking foward to your all nighter. keep up good work steady soul
  13. looking forward to catching up with all the blackhearts team great to see mr motown revill will be spinning some unheard tunes and dancers and gaz too . see you sunday cant wait
  14. hi blackhearts looking forward to this friday and hearing rob smith play, been a while since i seen him dj,sure the blackheart guys will be playing great stuff as always

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