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  1. Still looking for a decent play copy if anyone can assist Cheers Phil
  2. One or two nice things up for grabs. All strictly graded, money back etc ... Can send scans etc. PM to reserve. Paypal f&f preferred, Spec Del + £8 James Taylor - love with hope (Ovide) vg++ / Ex £275 (Lovely clean copy of a great record!) Big Maybelle - quittin' time / I can't wait (Rojac) NM £90 (WHAT a double sider!) Anna King - mama's got a bag of her own (End) vg++ / Ex £75 (really tidy copy) FOLLOWING NOW SOLD Montclairs - hung up on your love (Paula w/demo) vg++ / Ex £140 (Minor bit of dirt and slight bubble on label but nothing
  3. Another 45 I'm looking to get back One sold on here recently for £200 which I think was pretty cheap in all honesty.
  4. I’ve got to love her vg+ or better Drop me a PM if you can assist cheers Phil
  5. Aah, happy birthday dear gal. Hope you're both okay and staying half sane x
  6. It's a very mixed bag Ken I reckon and everyone will have a slightly different take on it, inevitably. Personally, I buy them because I love them; not to DJ with or because anyone else will swoon over em - Ed's spot on: why would anyone / who can afford to buy records they don't really rate? Fair play to anyone who has managed to hang on to all their top stuff for 30+ years, wish I'd been able to! I've sold two collections over the years and have always needed to sell records to fund expensive wants, still do. I absolutely regret selling loads of stuff and have also had to accept things i
  7. I reckon most serious collectors are willing to stretch themselves a wee bit for something dog rare as that sorta comes with the disease. Thing is though, as Baz points out, records continue to fetch 33-50% more than you think they would or should on a very regular basis these days, everything is auctioned etc etc I don't doubt the influences of simple market forces - supply / demand - and age i.e. most folk have more disposable income simply because they're older, certainly way more than we did as kids trying to build collections. Moreover, at one time things were (or at least appeared
  8. Looking for decent play copy vg+ or better PM if you can assist Cheers Phil
  9. Many thanks Phil
  10. All the very best Dean. cheers Phil
  11. I've still got mine, came via Barry Wadd for about a tenner as I recall
  12. That's such sad news. R.I.P. mate Phil x
  13. Few for sale. All strictly graded, money back if you're at all unhappy. Clips for reference only. Postage at cost. Frank Foster - Harlem rumble (Triode) vg++ £650 ON HOLD Toni Washington - good things (Kon-Ti) vg++ £300 Absolute stormer and really good price I think for what remains a pretty rare record https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeWDK1TpjJ4&list=RDCMUC4wgQ6WQRdIC8aCiruNlf-A&start_radio=1&t=5 Jimmy 'Preacher' Ellie - I'm gonna do it by myself / go head on (Jewel) vg++£150 Fabulous double header in nice nick! https
  14. Two quality records up for grabs. No offers on these thanks. Frank Foster - Harlem rumble (Triode) vg++ £800 One 'mark' which dnap. Labels clean. Nice, tidy copy of what remains a HUGE all-nighter tune, right up there with the best instrumentals IMHO and it's never been the eaisest to get hold of. JD Abram & the Handicappers Band - doctor of love / let me tell you what I want (Reena) vg+ £350 Stafford outing for Keb. Plenty of very light, superficial marks but nothing too dramatic at all. Really solid play copy of a rare record. (Plus you get two great sides for the

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