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  1. PhilT

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    Gets plays at Grumpy Soul periodically. I prefer ‘too much’ but have played the flip out too Tough record to find these days
  2. PM if you can assist Cheers Phil
  3. PhilT

    Paul Shirley. Birthday

    Atb mate
  4. I hear you. The point I was trying to make was that it can be a ball ache selling records these days too. The whole 'grading' thing is inherently subjective of course so you're always going to find variations; they shouldn't be miles apart though should they - hence the emergence of the SS system. All that's required really is a bit of integrity and half an idea. Takes seconds to send someone a couple of pics or whatever but I'm always very clear when I'm selling stuff that anyone can send a 45 back if they're not happy, at my expense. It's tough to legislate for idiots though, buyers or sellers. Personally, I just don't deal with them again, respond to 'wants' posts or whatever. Life's too short.
  5. Works both ways of course. The world is at least as full of chancers looking for rare records in pristine condition for bugger all. Life was easier in some respects when you had to resort to going to venues.
  6. Following 45s for sale. All strictly graded; money back if you're unhappy of course. Postage at UK rates. Paypal F&F preferred. Clips of everything can be found on Youtube. PM if you're interested Cheers Phil RECORDS FOR SALE 1) N/A 2) Wilbur Reynolds - who'll cry (Resist) M- £200 Thumping old Keb cover-up. Immaculate condition. (I've had more copies of Hayes Cotton over the years) 3) Embers - you can lump it (Act IV) strong vg+£200 Fantastic group dancer and a veritable snip. 4) Betty Wright - circle of Heartbreaks (Alston w/d) M- £40 Really tidy demo copy 5) Servicemen - I need a helping hand (Patheway (cartoon) Ex £200 Reversed labels as so many are. Real quality oldie and cheap I reckon 6) Valentines - breakaway (SS7 w/demo) M- £125 SOLD Immaculate in every respect! MC stamped 7) Gerri Taylor - empty arms and bitter tears (Constellation w/demo) M- £100 Cheap as chips. Uptempo, underplayed Chicago Riff Ruffin - peepin' and hidin' (Duke promo) M- £50 Banger! Really nice demo too 9) Topics - have your fun (Dream w/demo) vg+ £750 SOLD Ooooo errr. Plays great! Proper, rare northern. 10) Roy Hamilton - crackin' up (RCA issue) very strong vg+ £200 Very slight label wear and a few v light marks but nothing affecting play in any way. Nice copy! 11) Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds - too good to be true (Magic Touch) Ex £100 Couple of tiny 'bubbles on edge of playing service dnap in anyway. Uptempo stormer that you don't see around anymore.
  7. PhilT

    Sad News Grant Rankin

    That’s terrible news
  8. PhilT

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Walter and the Ads is one of about four records I’d pay heavily to own Pete. Hope you’re well mate
  9. PhilT

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Paid plenty for my two all-time top wants: Combinations on Kellmac and Prophets on Shrine; sold other, v good stuff to buy both and look at or play them as often as poss. What I paid and what they might sell for now or in future is an absolute irrelevance tbh. I own my two favourite records and never thought I would, not for a second. Loads of 45s come and go but some never will. Comes down to how much they mean to you I guess, that and whether you’re starving (I’d choose starvation though). I’ve done without all sorts to buy my records and would absolutely do so again to keep the ones that mean the most. Really big part of my life for forty years and certainly not an investment, fad or exercise in showing off. Anyone fitting those bills deserves everything they get.
  10. PhilT

    promoters - event reviews?

    Yeah, we just like to say thanks to folk Steve so not a review at all really. (Good to see you mate, as always).
  11. PhilT

    promoters - event reviews?

    Makes sense Mike. (Always feels a bit uncomfortable giving our own do a star rating)
  12. PhilT

    Chalky. Birthday

    arvb Chalks
  13. PhilT


    Packed to the rafters with faces old and new from all over the oche. Thanks so much to everyone for making the effort and for creating a proper buzz. Makes all the stress worthwhile. Loved it!
  14. PhilT


    Be great to see you Paul, as always mate


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