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  1. Having a bit of a tidy up. A real mix here inc some harder to find things. PM to buy, if you want a pic etc All strictly graded as follows: M- practically an untouched record that plays as if it were brand new store stock VG++the odd barely discernible surface mark or minor blemish, nothing that will affect play in any way VG+ few more marks or light scuffs than a VG++ record but still sounds fine for listening and/or DJing. No scratches. Light surface wear. A used but far from abused copy, i.e. not shagged out! VG scuffs and light scratches throughout, most can't be felt. Expect some surface wear throughout the record with light surface noise and possibly a few pops in places. Should still serve as a suitable player copy for listening & DJing, i.e. still not shagged out! Payment: PayPal F&F preferred (or add 4%) : Postage: £3.50 first class signed for, Special delivery £7.50. Overseas buyers please ask for postage rates RECORDS FOR SALE - some reduced Three Shades of Soul - Being in love (Enjoy) Vg++ £100 (Class!) Commands - I've got love for my baby (Dynamic w/demo) Vg++ £200 (Absolutely magic group sound and plenty cheap IMHO! Single sided demo. Mottling on label) Harold Burrage - Fifty fifty (M'Pac) Vg+/+ £150 (These all play with some light 'background' in my experience but nothing too dramatic. Monster Chicago) Willie Parker - I've got to fight it (M'Pac) Vg++ £125 (Sits very, very nicely next to Harold) Soul Twins - Quick change artist / give the man a chance (Karen) Vg++ £150 Lee Rogers - Love and war (Wheelsville) Vg £150 (Worn for sure but NOT battered by any means. Name on LW side) Jimmy Preacher Ellie - Gonna do it by myself (Jewel) M- £175 (Monster of a record in lovely condition) Kim Weston - Go on without me (Jobete 7" acetate) Vg+ £400 (Really nice thing to own!) Bill Griffin - Try to run a game on me (Naptown) Vg+ £125 (Could do with playing again but I don't get out enough) Larry Chubby Reynolds - Sweet tooth (Tri-Spin) Vg £70 (Worn but not awful by any means. Some biro wol and ringwear) Big Maybelle - Quittin'time / I can't wait (Rojac) vg++ £90 (One of the all-time great double headers in lovely condition) Harvey Scales - Too good to be true (Magic Touch) Vg++ £50 (Absolute stormer outta Wisconsin. Usual pimples in vinyl nap) Sharon Jones - Tell me (Daptone w/demo) VG++ £40 (nearly 12 years old now, crikey!) Little Ben & Cheers - Baby you're mine (Bell promo) M- £25 (Old Roger Banks spin. Stormer and nice on promo) Rosebuds - Tell me you're mine (Tower) Vg+ £45 (Old Keb spin. Reactivated last couple years. Bargain!) Out-Of-Sights - My woman's love (Saru) Vg+ £40 (Old Pat Brady c/u. Great record and cheap as chips! Bit worn but nowt dramatic) Riff Ruffin - Peepin' and hidin' (Duke promo) Vg++ £45 (And another ... Nice promo too) Anna King - Mam's got a bag of her own (End) Vg++ £70 (Cleanest copy I've had) Betty Everett - Too hot to hold (Vee Jay) Vg++ £50 (Absolutely storming oldie. Great record!) Johnny Sayles - I can't get enough (St Lawrence) Vg £75 (Bit worn but not bad at all really. Cheap as ...) Mamie Galore - It ain't necessary (St Lawrence w/demo) Vg+ £60 (Nice, rare w/d. X and a bit of faded writing + small sticker removal tear on label. Not horrific by any means, still a pretty nice copy) Roy Hamilton - Crackin' up (RCA blk issue) Vg+ £120 (nice issue and don't think it's too heavy on price) Vontastics - I'll never say goodbye (Satellite w/demo) Vg+ £90 (Chicago's Temps ... awesome) Capitols - Don't say maybe (Karen) Vg+ £80 (never been the clearest cut this but it's a pretty nice copy) SOLD ITEMS SOLD Castle's Royal Band - The little floridy (Castle) Vg++ £50 (Old Guy spin. Excellent uptempo semi-known instrumental. Seen listed for 75-100 elsewhere) SOLD Del Chontays - Baby I need you (Steeltown) Vg+ £225 (Old Jimmy W Stafford spin which you never see anymore. Couple marks nap) SOLD Tommy Neal - Goin' to a happening (Vocalion UK) Vg++ £50 SOLD Ted Ford - You're gonna need me (SS7 w/demo) Vg++ £75 SOLD Kavetts - I've got a story to tell you (Lendre) Vg £150 (Rare record and an absolute banger! Has a couple of feel-able marks which cause a tick for much of it unfortunately. I've played it out over the years without any dramas. Never seen a minter; I'd buy the blighter if I did) SOLD Lee Bates - Why don't you write (Instant) Vg++ £130 (Magic record and a nice copy!) SOLD Roscoe Gordon - You got my bait (Jomada) Vg++ £45 (Fantastic gritty dancer) SOLD Gene Anderson - Do you love me baby (Nu-Tone) M- £200 (always rated this and here is a copy in lovely condition) Cheers Phil
  2. Happy birthday Dave. Take it easy me old fruit
  3. Philt

    Rare Revolution @ Rylands Rec

    Looking forward to it. Really liked the venue first time I went, plus there’s the added bonus of Joan’s 64th birthday Fancy playing a Stafford / 80s set, with a couple of more recent things mixed in.
  4. Looking forward to Friday. A really great cause which is close to my heart, plus a couple of awd duffers are celebrating too
  5. Really saddened by Roddy’s passing. A funny, passionate lad with a good heart. RIP mate x
  6. Looking forward to a rare excursion out of the house and dusting a few 45s off I ain't had out in a while
  7. Philt


    Belated thanks to all who attended last Saturday, inc the Scottish mob and others from Skeggy and beyond who made their usual unbelievable effort; we really do appreciate your continued support I thought it was top drawer musically, with Carl n Dave their usual impeccable selves and our two guests, Gaz n Col, doing us and themselves absolutely proud, just as we knew they would. cheers PnJ
  8. Philt


    PLEASE READ POLITE NOTICE re DANCEFLOOR We appreciate that the clubs dancefloor can be a bit ‘sticky’ at times and that it isn’t a ballroom floor. As ever, we’ll ensure it’s cleaned for Saturday and the club’s owners are fine with folk using a bit of talc here n there, in moderation, to ease things along. It is absolutely NOT ok to put slipperine or similar down however. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to hurt themselves and / or anyone else. That stuff + sweat is absolutely lethal so PLEASE don’t use it. All that aside, absolutely buzzing for Saturday and looking forward to a right rave up. Come on down
  9. Philt


    Been too long. Bring it on
  10. Really looking forward to it Lenny and absolutely delighted you've invited us up pal. Game on. Ps. Ain't had a cricket bat in my hand (not officially, anyway) for 30 years. Dreadful bloody game.
  11. Philt


    Great to have the NE lads back, quality all the way guaranteed!
  12. Be great to see you Kev, as always mate. Looking forward to getting together to celebrate your gradual slide towards the old bus pass. Be really nice to catch up with a few mutual friends I haven't seen for ages too and, myself aside, obviously, the music should be spot on.

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