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  1. Following 45s for sale. All are strictly graded and play without issues; money back of course if you're unhappy. Postage at UK rates. Prefer payment via Paypal f&f if possible: PM to reserve. Cheers Phil Checkmates Ltd NM £200 SOLD De Vons £50 NMSOLD Don and Juan vg++ £200 Flaming Emeralds vg++ £80 Gerri Taylor NM £125 Icemen - time you knew vg++ (slt label wear as shown) £260 Icemen - what does it take / my girl NM £80 Malibus vg++ £175
  2. SOLD A genuinely rare record, and an absolutely fantastic dancer too of course, it has just never turned up and resides in very, very few collections. Condition-wise, this is not a mint record. I grade pretty harshly as a rule and I'd say it's a nice, strong vg+ visually (see pics below); there are plenty of very light surface marks but these have a minimal effect on sound and it plays absolutely great. As you can see, the label has the inevitable four Xs and a bit of wear but nothing substantial. The pictures below the clip are of the record for sale. Phil
  3. PhilT

    spencer wigginns-lets talk it over

    Fantastic record, right from the off. Marriott at his peak was quite something
  4. PhilT


    We run 3 times a year max, have a solid set of residents who’ve all been at it for donkeys years and who can play pretty much anything you want. We try and book quality guests, have invested thousands in sound gear and just about break even each time. The reality these days is that you can try to do it right and advertise as far in advance as you like but there are still those who seem not to give a monkeys as long as they’re doing their thing. Makes you wonder wether it’s worth bothering your arse and, to be honest, I’m increasingly less inclined to these days. I rarely venture out as a punter anymore. Used to go out at least once and often twice every week and had done for years. Most of what’s on seems to add absolutely nothing to what I’ve always thought of as the ‘proper’scene. Sometimes less is so much more.
  5. Artistics. A much better record on every level.
  6. PhilT


    Many thanks Kev n Chalks, appreciate it
  7. PhilT


    For a number of reasons we've decided, very reluctantly, to CANCEL TOMORROW NIGHT'S GRUMPY SOUL First, Andy Rix is unable to join us now and that's a real blow, obviously. Secondly, we've received a significant number of PMs and messages from folk who we think of as 'regulars' saying they can't make it tomorrow, for various reasons. As disappointing as it is (an non one is more disappointed than us!), we think it's the right thing to do. Put simply, we don't want to run a night which is anything other than fantastic and the omens for tomorrow have become less and less good over the last day or so. We appreciate of course that it's very late in the day and apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused to anyone!!! However, having weighed it up long and hard again this morning, we're confident that this is the right decision going forward. We'll keep our powder dry for October, which'll go ahead come hell or high water; after that we'll see ... IF SOMEONE COULD POSSIBLY POST THIS ON FACEBOOK AND IF ANYONE WHO WAS PLANNING TO ATTEND COULD LET OTHER FOLK KNOW TOO WE'D BE REALLY GRATEFUL. Phil & Joan
  8. PhilT


    Be good to see you Chalks, as ever. Never mind snow, it’ll be red hot mate! High quality soul, £5-5000, right from the off.
  9. PhilT

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    Always liked a bit on the QT
  10. PhilT


    No cake Dave, just the usual liquorice laxatives. Hopefully no snow to contend with either this time. Be great to see you two as always; missed you last time
  11. I need some cash so the following records are for sale. All are very strictly graded, money back if you need to return etc, you pay postage. I'm happy to send pics if that helps. CLIPS ARE NOT MY RECORDS, FOR REFERENCE ONLY Postage at cost in UK and all of these will need to be Spec Del @£7.50 Paypal f&f preferred but transfer etc ok too. Three reduced and one removed (Volumes) as I've decided to keep it Young Mods - who you going to run, where you going to hide (Everblack) VG+ OFFERS OVER £900 SOLD Lots of very fine marks but nothing significant. Plays great with the merest hint of very light crackle but nothing untoward at all. Best copy I've seen and dog rare of course! Robert Parker - I caught you in a lie (Nola) Ex+ £70 Big demand again on this one it seems Kris Peterson - just as much (Top Dog) Ex+ £150 Stafford magic! Great record in great condition Toni Washington - good things (Kon-Ti) Ex £375 Absolute stormer and an old c/u. I think this is a rare record but still not that widely known and priced reasonably I think Kavetts - I've got a story to tell you (Lendre) vg- £200 Absolutely thumping Chicago dancer and genuinely hard to come by. Unfortunately, this copy has a couple of small but fairly deep marks which do click for maybe half the record but it plays through absolutely fine and I've played it out with no issues. I'd be looking for £500 mint and would probably pay that for it myself to be honest. Great record and rarely comes up for sale at all. Cheers Phil
  12. PhilT


    Flyers are now out and about Really chuffed to have Andy back guesting alongside Carl and Maria. All three have done it for us before of course; they know exactly what's required and will deliver in spades. It's safe to say there'll be some stuff played that night! I'd bloody go even if I didn't have to, why wouldn't ya? It'll be hot, sweaty and rockin' Look forward to seeing a few of you down there
  13. The circumstances which drove its establishment and evolution are long gone aren’t they, e.g. youth, exclusivity and genuine excitement - the unavailability of good enough and largely affordable new ‘discoveries’ is a killer but how could that not happen? When I venture out these days I see old people in the main who, for the most part anyway, are enjoying a bit of a social and / or re-living former ‘glories’. There’s an inevitability about it all and, tbh, we’ve eked it out for far longer than we might reasonably have expected. We’re not what we were though and it’s not what it was, not even in the same ballpark. Hasn’t been for thirty years. Personally, it feels like those who really grew up on the 80s scene have the least affinity with most of what’s out there now. Sad, but just how it is. You’ve just gotta take what you can out of what’s on offer I suppose - there are elements of pure comedy gold for sure, while some of it makes you wanna weep because it still REALLY matters to you. Just try not to get too hung up about it too often. Cheers Phil
  14. PhilT


    Clutch of old TOTW spins might get an airing in the back room
  15. PhilT


    HOW lost did you get with that sat nav Len? See you Sat mate


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