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  1. Don and Ron SOLD

    Another genuine rarity up for grabs. Condition is pretty much M- although there is a feint ring on the label as you can see. This has always been dog rare and never turns up these days, especially in this condition £1000 (no offers thanks) Chee...
  2. Primers SOLD

    Very reluctant sale of this monster dancer and genuine mega rarity but needs must. Some XOL as you can see but it's a nice copy which I'd grade conservatively as a really strong vg+ at least (It plays Ex without any issues whatsoever) £1750 Che...
  3. Howard tate You're Lookin' Good

    Alan Good and rare-ish record but not easy to sell in my experience. I’d say 250 gives you a fighting chance if you’re looking to move it on but 200 might be more realistic. (It’s rarer than things fetching significantly more these days though) ...
  4. Grumpy Soul Deeside

    The 5 stars are for each and every one of the 97 souls who made such an effort despite the dreadful weather / forecast and who ensured that last night was well worth going ahead with. People journeyed from Scotland, Bristol and pretty much everywhere else it seems; unbelievable We finally got Rodger on at Grumpy and he didn't disappoint with his usual eclectic mix of high class tunes spun over several sets during the night, all accompanied by knowledge and enthusiasm that you'll struggle to surpass anywhere. Always a pleasure to see you mate (and the lovely Mrs B of course). Despite their best efforts, a couple of the residents couldn't make it for weather-related reasons. Simon Ingham kindly stepped-up at the 11th hour (literally). Great lad, great records; thanks so much mate! Same goes for the redoubtable Bob the Butcher who can never do enough to help you out. Good un! So, a massive thanks once again to everyone who made it worthwhile. Hope you all got home safely and we look forward to doing it all again in July, with knobs on (Weather permitting of course) Cheers
  5. Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    Take your pick from pretty much anything between 65-75. Every Christmas you’ve gotta play ‘one little Christmas tree’ repeatedly though, it’s the law. Absolute genius
  6. Grumpy Soul Deeside

    I’ve missed you Terry
  7. Grumpy Soul Deeside

    Top man Steve. You’ve been missed mate. It’s a much better venue and two mins off the motorway so definitely easier to find (the ark of the covenant would be easier to find than the Runcorn gaff though to be fair) See you Saturday
  8. Grumpy Soul Deeside

    Having been out and about these last couple of weeks with flyers it’s looking and sounding like it’s going to be another very busy, cracking night next Saturday Has it really been five months?
  9. Need to raise some funds so have to sell the following unfortunately. All very strictly graded, money back no probs of course. Paypayl F&F preferred but bank transfer also fine. I'll do SD on anything over £100 otherwise postage at cost I...
  10. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Mello Souls for me ... ... WHAT a record You can always get your ears n feet around Classics, Professionals, Prophets, Richard Caiton, Eddie Billups, Little John, John and Wierdest, Larry Clinton and plenty more like em a week on Saturday if you fancy it
  11. Damon Fox

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all Chalks.
  12. Damon Fox

    Great record, always wanted one. £3-3.5k I reckon.
  13. Mace. Birthday

    All the best you awd duffer
  14. PM if you have one for sale Cheers Phil
  15. Debonairs SORTED

    thanks for your PMs and help! cheers Phil

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