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  1. PhilT


    Be great to see you Paul, as always mate
  2. PhilT


    For clarity, no 'uniform' required on Saturday. You won't be able to buy Constable's hay wain with a fist in the corner or NS yacht varnish either; not this time anyway. (There may be liquorice on the door: we accept no responsibility if you over indulge and shit yourself) It'll just be seven hours of dead good rare soul records, many of which you will struggle to hear anywhere else and certainly all in one night - apart from when I'm on, obviously - accompanied by a load of balm pots jumping about to em and generally having a nice time.
  3. PhilT


    I'm conscious that I haven't really contributed to the thread thus far; had some difficult times recently due to a family bereavement so it's all been a bit tricky. It has been touch and go as to whether I'd be able to make it next weekend but I'm really looking forward to filling my head with some positive stuff for a change and will be there with knobs on - and record box; I can only apologise Andrew It's been waaay too long since we last got 'our lot' together, plus its Chalky's 80th and Andy D's on; why wouldn't you? Allied to all of that, my best friend's running it with me, plus I've missed Carl's all round mental stability, Dave's unbridled optimism and Lou's even temper. Given recent events, I'm gonna be a bit bolder in life from here on in I think. So, hope to see loads of you next Saturday at our rare soul do which is usually quite a bit better than ok. Phil
  4. PhilT

    Burscough Legion, Phil T, Brian Phillips, Bob H

    Really enjoyable night at Burscough last night. Great crowd in and a good mix of music I thought. Running a successful monthly night for so long takes some doing! Always a real pleasure to play some records down there.
  5. PhilT

    Burscough Legion, Phil T, Brian Phillips, Bob H

    Really looking forward to playing some records at T’Legion and a rare opportunity to play right across the board
  6. PhilT

    Happy Birthday Way Out Girl

    All the very best Sandy Phil x
  7. Following for sale, first come first served. All strictly graded, money back if you're unhappy etc. Postage at UK rates. Paypal (F&F) or transfer preferred. Other than on the BT album, which I'm not 100% sure how to price, no offers on these as all are priced pretty sensibly already I think. PM if you want anything. Bobby Thurston - sweetest piece of the pie (Mainline 12747) vg+ / Ex- Offers £200+ SOLD Some wear to sleeve and couple of places where it's worn through on the bottom edge but still intact. Vinyl is clean (Pics below) Ted Ford - you're gonna need me (SS7 w/demo) M- £160 Stamped, immaculate Valentines - breakaway (SS7 w/demo) M- £160 Stamped immaculate Malibus - gee baby I love you (Sure Shot promo) Ex £170 Couple of v light marks dnap. Clean copy and a good price I reckon for this great underplayed oldie. Vince Apollo - I bear witness / can't turn my back (Pentagon) Ex £250 Banging, both sides. Great copy. Richard Caiton - I see love girl in your eyes (Caiburt) Ex £325 Absolutely wonderful crossover and an absolute dog of a record to find these days. Couple of minor, very feint marks but a really nice copy overall. Sharon McMann - got to find another guy (Karen) Vinyl is Ex £550 SOLD Magnificent, rare Detroit at a really good price! Bit of wear to label near centre but nothing to fall out over. (Pic below) Betti Lou & Bobby Adams - dr truelove Ex- £650 SOLD Couple of feint scuffs which dnap at all. Great price for this rare, RnB monster!!!!! (Pic below) Embers - first time (JCP) £250 sticker residue and some biro wol. Vinyl is a solid Ex-. (I'd want 300 mint) Recent reactivation in some quarters and rightly so! Servicemen - I need a helping hand (Patheway (cartoon)) Ex £300 Labels are reversed like so many are. Playing surface is the cleanest copy I've seen Cheers Phil
  8. PhilT

    Poll: Version Battle - Run For Your Life

    Luther at +2 has always floated my boat
  9. PhilT

    Happy Birthday Len

    Late as usual, sorry Len All the very best pal Phil
  10. PhilT

    Terrifics (Diamond Jim) wanted

    Wee bump I have a vg copy but looking for a cleaner one if at all poss Cheers
  11. Following 45s for sale. All are strictly graded and play without issues; money back of course if you're unhappy. Postage at UK rates. Prefer payment via Paypal f&f if possible: PM to reserve. Cheers Phil Checkmates Ltd NM £200 SOLD De Vons £50 NMSOLD Don and Juan vg++ £200 Flaming Emeralds vg++ £80 Gerri Taylor NM £125 Icemen - time you knew vg++ (slt label wear as shown) £260 Icemen - what does it take / my girl NM £80 Malibus vg++ £175
  12. SOLD A genuinely rare record, and an absolutely fantastic dancer too of course, it has just never turned up and resides in very, very few collections. Condition-wise, this is not a mint record. I grade pretty harshly as a rule and I'd say it's a nice, strong vg+ visually (see pics below); there are plenty of very light surface marks but these have a minimal effect on sound and it plays absolutely great. As you can see, the label has the inevitable four Xs and a bit of wear but nothing substantial. The pictures below the clip are of the record for sale. Phil
  13. PhilT

    spencer wigginns-lets talk it over

    Fantastic record, right from the off. Marriott at his peak was quite something
  14. PhilT


    We run 3 times a year max, have a solid set of residents who’ve all been at it for donkeys years and who can play pretty much anything you want. We try and book quality guests, have invested thousands in sound gear and just about break even each time. The reality these days is that you can try to do it right and advertise as far in advance as you like but there are still those who seem not to give a monkeys as long as they’re doing their thing. Makes you wonder wether it’s worth bothering your arse and, to be honest, I’m increasingly less inclined to these days. I rarely venture out as a punter anymore. Used to go out at least once and often twice every week and had done for years. Most of what’s on seems to add absolutely nothing to what I’ve always thought of as the ‘proper’scene. Sometimes less is so much more.
  15. Artistics. A much better record on every level.


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